Jul 30, 2010

Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water.
Jack fell down and broke his crown
And Jill came tumbling after.

Then up Jack got and home did trot
As fast as he could caper;
To Old Dame Dob who patched his nob
With vinegar and brown paper.

Jill came in and she did grin
To see his paper plaster;
Mother vexed did whip her next
For laughing at Jack's disaster.

Now Jack did laugh and Jill did cry
But her tears did soon abate;
Then Jill did say that they should play
At see-saw across the gate.

Well who am I to say? I never knew that about old Dame Dob. This work is a WIP for the Imaginary Mother Goose. I'm also playing with bird sign, the harbingers of doom by the feel of it.

You might also be interested in this poem called Fragment of a didactic poem on the Latin grammar by A.E. Housman. It's tongue in cheeck and ribald in parts, so I'll just give you a clean bit or two. You can find the rest here.

The hero first the strong compulsion feels,
And finds his head supplanted by his heels;
In circles whirled he thunders to the plain,
Vain all his efforts, all his language vain,
Vain his stout boots and vain his eyebrows dark,
And vain, oh vain, his vaccination-mark.
The inverted pail his flying form pursues,
With humid tribute and sequacious dews
(So, through affrighted skies, o'er nations pale,
Behind the comet streams the comet's tail).
The prudent fair, of equilibrium vain,
Views, as he falls, the rotatory swain.
Exhilaration heaves her bosom young,
Tilts the fine nose, protrudes the vermeil tongue,
Bids from her throat the silvery laughters roll
And cachinnations strike the starry pole.
Gnomes! her light foot your envious fingers trip
And freeze the titter on the ruby lip.
The massy earth with strong attraction draws,
And Venus yields to gravitation's laws;
From rock to rock the charms of Beauty bump,
And shrieks of anguish chill the conscious pump.

Thanks for looking again. :)


  1. Hhmph. I dropped by a few hours ago to find a bearded pirate with a plastic dagger. Definitely up to no good.

    So now I can't leave a few words about him?? Ackh! You are not playing fair, Monsieur.

  2. Now Jack and Jill is one rhyme that teaches a lot about life...all the climbing and stumbling down. I suppose kids would appreciate that lesson in later life? :)

    But then to link it with A.E.Housman? Now, that brings a whole new lesson altogether. But of course, despite the mischievous tendencies you bring about in your blog, I think it would still be improper to say too much about that particular poem. Don't you think? :)

    I will, however, wish Jack and Jill lots of fun and luck on their 'adventure'. Pump or no pump.

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D.. (damn!! cramps!!!)

  3. Anywhooooo.... You've outdone yourself again (and again), my friend. I stared at that second image for a while and got chills. And the others were just as powerful, of course. Now are those cherry blossoms? Still linked to A.E.H's poem, are they?

    Well, they are beautiful. :)

  4. Oh I knew people would say how beautiful and serene and kind I look, and that flash of light in my remaining eye was really a twinkle rather than a sparkle. So I just did it to save ink. But you are right :) I'll turn the comments on, who cares about rainforest timber anyway.

    If you would still like to comment, that would be very kind and you are very welcome thank you.

    At least you can't see my wooden leg (I call him woody after Pinocchio) , nor my wooden teeth... :)

    You know, I was too scared to post a pic of my real face, but now Ces is on holidays it's safe.

    Sob, heh,

  5. Hahah!! Sorry Amalia
    Was posting at the same time as yourself.
    Oh the Didactic Latin poem? It was the least of the lesser evils, believe me.

    I think it would be a great poem to learn off heart, to recite around the 17th century pasnt fireaplace.

    Trouble was, it hadn't yet been written.!!

  6. Aha! The comment is back on for the "kind, serene looking" pirate???? Well, well, well, I think I'll leave a word or two about him...

    Don't worry, I'm still the lesser evil.

    Believe me. Heheh.

  7. well I never imagined the well to be in a graveyard up on the hill, that would certainly be a good reason to stumble and run back home. Creatively done Andrew, the birds seem pretty ominous too.

  8. Andrew!!! OMG!! You have done it again! This amazing and awesome and just plain fantastic. You never disappoint!! YOU ROCK DUDE!!! You really do. I will never look at Jack and Jill the same again.

  9. I'm always impressed with your work and how you make it so fast and perfect at the same time.
    Love the sky of every image with those birds (some Hitchcock memories there) and those tree leaves, just fantastic.
    I really like the charcters movement in the last picture. The fall looks very real.
    ...But I wouldn't drink that water :D

  10. Ah, yes, the birds show the eyes where they should go.
    It's something rare move the birds in the illustration is after the first poem (a sort of shadow) reminds me of some futuristic paintings.
    I also noticed a strange treatment in the fourth illustration (In Photshp I would say that it has applied a filter.)
    Bah ... What I can say ... . it's a great job!

  11. Karen hello :) Thankyou. The graveyard... :)
    Up a hill. Yes the problem I had with the whole poem is that the well is up a hill as 'well'. But at least they get a chance to tumble down!

  12. Vanessa thanks! Oh yes m y job is to spoil all nursery rhymes as much as I can :)

    Did I really say that? :)

    Hmm I just realised that my head has a beard!

  13. Hello Ana. Thanks very m uch. Yes it was hard to make them look falling correctly. So thankyou for noticing that!


  14. Hola Roberto, sorry for writing in Catalan before!!!!!! Hmm shows you how multicultural I are not. :)

    Ah yes I am learning from you thankyou in leading the eye. The birds in these ones are different because they are in the depth of the picture plane rather than flying across the image.

    Thankyou for your kind comment about my beard too!

    see you sunny but cold today, the wind is offshore which means it comes down from the mountains



  15. Heheh. Yeah, you definitely need a new icon. :)

    It was pretty scary to begin with, and now the twisted smile would probably give me nightmares!

    :D :D

    Hope you are surfing today! Careful not the get tangled in seaweeds..

  16. Hi Andrew, thanks for the cheese, olives and wine (this will be my food for a while, because my wife took a plane to Buenos Aires and back for 5 days, ha ha, I can pinch a dog bone, also I tried the balanced diet but I do not like).
    I have heard that in Australia there are small jellyfish dangerous. Beware of the table. It would not be better to practice in the pool? (Or stay in the jacuzzi)
    Chin chin

  17. Andrew, I enlarged the picture and I noticed you have very bad your good eye (the other I think is lost forever) I know an a good ophthalmologist can prescribe some drops. (Some witches who can also heal you for half the price, you decide).
    kisses, (there is a new club in the neighborhood)

  18. loooooove the graveyard.
    always love graveyards and tombstones.

    i hope Jack and Jill will wait at the edges for some ghosts to rise.
    i hope they will make their own heaven.
    Walking in places they used to walk until death, dies.

  19. i see you guys now kiss.

    im soooo joining this new club.

  20. Andrew, these scenes are so true!
    you can feel the fright and uncertainty that feeling horrific when we realize we're falling to the ground, without controlling the situation!
    very well done! congrats!
    Greetings :D

  21. Amalia heh. I am working on a hole new face. I still have to wait for the wax to dry though :) Make that whole as in wholesome!! Still I hear that the beard got me seats in busses. Even the LOL's stood up for me. (Little ole ladies)

    Ah Roberto, thankyou for the recomendation for the opthalmologist. I fear alas that it is too late. One eye is gone and the other is glass :)
    That is why my typos are so good err bad. Ahh the kisses? Thankyou. I can see that we will get into trouble!! In Ausytralia we are pudes and the men shake hands. I even shake hands with females. Otherwise we air kiss and that hurts my ears (the sudden vacuum). Ahh those jellyfish? Last time I went up north in the jungle I was too scared to go near the rivers becasue of the crcadiles, too scared to go near the ocean because of the jellyfish, too scared to go into the jungle because of the cassowarys (giant birds that wrip out your entrails) ... I stayed in the car and read the paper :)

    Mita, hey you are forever the romantic. Death :) Graveyards, witches Ravens. The stuff of legends. You'd never guess where I get my ideas from would you? Club? Hey! If you put in your application I will put it in front of the board ;)!

    Denise!!! Thank you very much. I'm very pleased that the message came across. I never know whether to be cute or scary with these things !!!

    For my next one I am working on constable cute. Hmm :)


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