Dec 19, 2010

Peace Dudes! A few Chrissie cards from down under.

Oh I've been quite again. Hard at work,- looking for a quote that means something like - blessed are those that give.
Or it's better to give than to receive.
Or the giver is always better off than the getter
Something like that.

Well why a quote on being blessed?

Well this year I've been blessed with not only a lot of well wishing comments, but also with a few beautiful gifts from fellow bloggers.

The first was a small Nuttish masterpiece that arrived one sunny afternoon from the beautiful Ces. A nut it was. And though, when I say the word 'nut' I might hear some twitters in the back row (people even smile when I say 'Nutcracker' for some reason. And even when I say Nussknacker)..... Everyday  I stare at that work with envy. I have it hanging above my work space to remind me to try harder.

And then, blessing on blessing,  the wonderfully talented Janne from Norway sent me a wonderous sketch book that wreaks of beauty and the essence of hand made. I'll post a picture of it in the New Year. At the moment I am staring at it's vestal beauty, shaking at the knees as I contemplate scarring it with my clumsy drawings.

And ... even as we speak I believe a small parcel is whipping it's way from Argentina - from the Marvelous Don Roberto esq. And boy I am looking forward to that one.... :) The joy is in the anticipation I always say but I think the joy will also be after the anticipation.

And lastly but not leastly recently I have connived and cunningly won my way through a riddling contest to take first place over at the amazingly insightful Pásztohy Lili at the World According to Lili. Yippee!!!!!

So I'd like to thankyou all for your kindness. I really am blessed.
Not like these little rick-shaw boys.

These are some of the Christmas Cards (and details of such) I've come up with this week. One I did for my wife's work. Another for a good friend whose skull I do intend to return. (Not Yorik). Stupidly I've spent so much time  making them that I ran out of time to send them.

And of course Chrissie wouldn't be complete without John Lennon to remind us our how our lives are slipping past so quickly. I got a bit carried away with those - sorry about that - my tongue was stuck in my cheek for a while. Those images are mainly at the bottom. (If you are wondering what happened to Yoko... well, Michael Jackson made a guest apparence that day. He was a little stiff but I made the best of him.)

Oh nearly I forgot to mention Illustration Friday's topic "Mail." For that at first I was tempted to do Meg Ryan's orgasm scene in "You've got Mail."
Then I realised that was actually in "When Harry Met Sally." How dissappointed was I? (Just kidding)
Anyhow, I'll have whatever she's having, thankyou.
I'm sorry I haven't been to many blogs. I'm snowed under at the moment.

A very very very Merry Christmas to yourselves and your families.

So this is Christmas
And what have you done?
Another year over
And a new one just begun.
And so this is Christmas
I hope you have fun
The near and the dear one
The old and the young

                                 John Lennon.

Okay I needed a little play with those last ones :) Sorry about that. I was a hippy once myself. Then my mum caught me and made me take her wig off. It was hot anyway and made my scalp itch.


  1. Hi Andrew!! Merry christmas to you too!!!

    Amazing ilos! Your technique still surprise me!

    I was also a "hippie"... (Or still am?;)), so i love that one with Lennon-Ono-Santa! ;)


  2. Hello my friend! Boy, you´ve been busy, all those cards! I feel like I´m not getting anything done at all, and that feeling becomes stronger when I see all that you´ve produced!
    Question: if kangaroos are dragging the sled, won´t it be a rather bumpy ride?
    And I´d really like to hear the story of Hamlet-wannabe-santa with the little boy. There is a whole, big, surreal story just lurking about there, I can feel it. Do share! Please? :-)
    And regarding John and Yoko, she´s still alive, and Michael has passed, so I think it´s very natural that he is in the picture, and not Yoko.
    Have a wonderful Christmas-holiday, with lots of time for fun and creating!
    And I almost forgot: I really, really like your images! As always! :-)

  3. Ha, ha, ha... we´ve all been hippies haven´t we!? Even though I wasn´t born until the solid year of -68, I´ve starred in the musical Hair, and got to sing the lead vocal on Aquarius as the role of Sheila. I wore tie-dyed clothes and long skirts for a couple of years around -96. Oh, those were the days....

  4. What a wonderful post! I love your cards. Your imagination is still whirling around like it was the 60"s. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

  5. I don't know why, my previews comment have gone! What happened? I don't know! Well, I wrote:

    this is the best santa claus ever!
    Happy Holidays Andrew!

  6. Great post Andrew - as always, wonderful work

  7. A few cards????? Wow. These are marvelous. I especially like the peace-out santas and his exuberant elves, and a zoned out Lennon. There are hippies alive and well today, in Lawrence, Kansas, but I'm sure they don't make as wonderful Christmas cards. Best wishes to you for the season!

  8. Ah, Christmas in the "hand" of Andrew! What wonderful gifts you share throughout the year! Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones in Oz! :o)

  9. Wow, look at all this; no wonder you have been quiet. I really do love the sleigh being pulled by Kangaroos, that has to be my favorite. Merry Christmas Andrew!

  10. Andrew, Merry Christmas to you too.
    you know. I once had to dress in Santa (Papá Noel, is called here). when my children were small children. And I got all that bright red dress and black leather boots and a big white beard, and hat so nice. And the big bag with all the gifts.
    But you know, in Australia and Argentina are in summer!!
    Then I said to my children. "My children, my dear children, Santa is your dad...
    The gifts are in the bag!"
    and quickly pulling me all this bother and warm clothes threw me headlong into the swimming pool.
    How we had fun that night!
    Bah, you should not have over sized my name. what I sent you is a small insignificance.
    Which is better giving or receiving?
    MMMMnmnmnm ... It depends, when we are children, the nurse who gives an injection is always a horrible evil woman .!!!!
    Ah. I like the last card, it reminds me of Imagine in Central Park!
    PS: MMmmm I don't like Jockson (a mix between Joko & Jackson, you know)

  11. Wow, sounds like you've had quite a year and received some lovely, arty gifts! You seem to have produced a whole lot of artwork while you've been gone too, I'm not surprised you've been quiet!

  12. Awesome. What a powerful images!
    Merry Christmas Andrew!

  13. EWE are phabulously phun!!

    Love your Lennon. Have a LOVELY.

  14. Ho ho ho! Your sense of play is infectious! You have me giggling and jiggling. Oh my, MJ and John! Now that's a conversation I'd love to eavesdrop on. Add an Elvis and it would be a trifecta. Thanks for the pseudo acid trip with the kaleidoscopic images! It's hard to pic a favorite, but it may just be the sleigh-pulling roos with the teddies that look quite stunned.

    Merry Christmas, Mr. Funnie! HO HO HO!

  15. Oh, Mr. Hippie, I mean Funnie, I mean Finnie -- I meant to ask.... Do you put your postage stamps on the left side of the envelope Down Under?

  16. Ah! Hair piece, indeed! Well, in my case hairy pleece?? But, no. Not the kind you're thinking. Bweheheheee...

    Anyway, besides pointing out the obvious how your jolly fun head is still working magnificently (even after several knocks by the waves), I also came with a little surprise for you... Click here if you're interested:

    Be sure to bring Uncle Arthur and Doink if you did!

    Oh, and I LURRVVVEE the sleigh pulling kangaroos!! Makes me wonder if Santa would have one heck of a night with all the jumping ups and downs... his belly would shake like a bowl full of jelly, no doubt on that!

    Have a jolly good holiday, my friend! If you're still having one...


  17. Andrew,
    this post made me laugh several times!
    everything you say has a good mood ...
    is very good!

    Christmas illustrations are beautiful!
    that the room full of children, and Santa Claus by the fireplace is I wanted the scene to witness as a child ...

    yes we are blessed, for all we can in the year,
    the wonderful people we know around here;
    by this exchange of ideas, thoughts, art ...
    that energy makes the world keep turning
    and urges us to continue this great 'circus'
    Living one day after another, and another, and more ...
    This chorus of John, says a lot!

    ... I loved the psychedelic abstractions delusional'Hair/peace' - the end of the post ;))))
    as that group of elves dancing crazy!
    ahhh and Yoko!

    thank you for everything!


    a hug!

  18. I was actually able to follow along with this post. Yey!

    But I kinda lost it there at the end with the hair piece. Too much visual inputting required on my part, while failing my much needed sanity roll. :)

    Is it normal for my blood pressure to rise after simply reading a story of yours here? What could go wrong I ask before clicking on your blog each week.

    You never fail to shock me with horrors of some kind from your detailed and precise rendering habits.

    One day I will finally not be scared by what I witnees here. Then I can say I'm a grownup. But a grownup what though? Oh, the things I seen...

    Keep the renders coming.

  19. Oh, and Merry Christmas. Unless you Aussies wait until your winter to do such things. Heck, have two Christmas' while you're down-under.

  20. Hello Andrew.
    i love John Lennon, i love your John Lennon.

    you know what you are very very VERY kind to me i dont know why i want to cry some people just want to hurt me even if they didnt mean to but eventually they did they say they love me but they dont they just want to discriminate and judge me just because im not like them it hurts me alot but im just a fool on the hill so i fall again because it looks like real thing and tastes like real thing this fake plastic tree and i cant help the feeling.

    please excuse me.
    there are tears in my eyes.

  21. ps thank you for returning the skull i hope youve been well see you in a hundred years.

  22. oh i forgot, hippy Christmas to you and your lover bye.

  23. Hello fellow ex-hippie! Another emarkable post. You have been a very busy dude! You must have been a good boy with all the wonderful gifts you received. I'm with Karen... Thos kangaroos ROCK! On Hoppy! On Jumper! On Bouncer and Pogo! Merry Christmas my friend. Blessing to you and all your loved ones and may you receive many more gifts and be blessed much more in 2011!

  24. All charming :) I especially love the kangaroos pulling the sled, but I've got to say Santa graverobbing with the boy makes me wonder with kind of an anti-holiday cynicism. I agree with what someone above said that there's a story there I'd like to know more about. Best of holidays to you!

  25. Andrew, you're stepping on my heels!
    I was writing on Jack's Blog. and before I finished, your comment appeared!
    I'll be back!

  26. I can't decide which is my favorite I love them all. They really warm the cockles of heart! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas! :)

  27. Estimado Andrew espero tengas una hermosa navidad y un año 2011 prometedor, cariñoso y generoso.

    Un abrazo

  28. I love kangaroos are taking Santa this year... and I think it's really cool he's giving those trains, I'm a girl but I've always found those toy trains so fun, my brother and I had one when we were children and used to communicate from one room to the other with it :D
    Great to have Lennon in the picture, it's important to remember there's a very important message behind these holidays.
    Merry Christmas to you and all the people you love, Andrew ♥

  29. Wonderful

  30. Well Andrew, I must be honest with you, at first, when I started coming to your blog. You did not like me. It seemed to me that you were a person, as we say, "a person who was above the horse" (this means that he thinks he is above others) This is probably due to my lack of English. and my wrong interpretation of what you said.
    Fortunately, soon after, I realized that I was wrong. I realized how iteligente and good artist you are!!!!.
    And the good person and friend you are. This I should thank some God, because if I had not noticed in time I would have lost the opportunity to have learned so much from you this year. And I would like to apologize for my mistake.
    So now I come to wish you a Merry Christmas. Happy New Year and I hope that 2011 continues having us floating on the sky blogger. (with a parachute on our back, just in case).
    Greetings, Kisses and Hugs from the land of endless Pampas. and the most beautiful women in the world!! (that no one will believe me but I swear it's true.)☺☺☺☺☺

  31. Whoa! My head is spinning like those kaleidoscopes! Amazing (as usual!) I should like to get that kangaroo sleigh card in the mail. Then I could officially have peace on Christmas.

    Merry Christmas!

  32. hi andrew you know that you are a very strange minded drawer and you know i like it a lot despite of the fact that 7 and a half times out of ten it's hard to catch you and your dolls but i like tricky things and you definitely are tricky and confusing like your santas here and now i choose the australian christmas card with snow and santa showing victory and all of your animals even poor kangaroos though it feels like torture for them i mean it's just not natural and i dont know if it's funny or weird but i like and merry christmas too and i will snail mail your goodies from me some time next year and january is the time but i have to ask your address first bye andrew and now i go and check your drawing of last week i wanna see how you finished the story bye bye see you later bye

  33. Wow, Andrew you've been very busy creating so many fabulous holiday cards! You've got such a great sense of humour that really comes across so well in your artwork! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! And I look forward to seeing what greatness you create next year too :)

  34. By Oz standards, then, I should loathe you. And I will, as soon as my eyes stop being dazzled and I stop laughing from your tales.

    No lumps of coal for you this year!

  35. OH my goodness, Andrew. I am blown away. Peace, dude! These Chrissy cards are wicked!! They are awesome and I just can't stand it. Thank you so much for the grand treat for my eyes..I have missed my visits here. Wishing you and yours a fantastic holiday and grand New Year ahead. Congratulations on your are a master of words, as well as art. And thank you, my friend for your ever so kind visits - it has made my year awesome. Thank you!!

  36. Unbelievable stuff, Andrew! I think we should forget those reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh, kangaroos just make so much more sense!

    Have a wonderful Christmas-I'm looking forward to more of your amazing work in the coming year. Piece out...

  37. Hehe! Love the kangaroos instead of reindeer! Great Christmas designs Andrew...
    Hope you have a fantastic Christmas :)

  38. Strewth Andrew mate! Looks as though you've had a ball with all the Santa stuff... very good work... great to see your stroytelling is as strong as ever...

    Have a Merry Christmas (whilst ideally still remaining within the bounds of acceptable behaviour). Chin up old chap, good day to you, sir.

  39. lieber Andrew, ich möchte sagen wie schön diese Arbeiten bis in den kleinsten Punkt sensibel und fein, es ist wirklich eine Freude hinein zudenken...
    viele gute Wünsche, ein Weihnachtsfest wie man es sich selbst wünscht, mit Freude und Licht,
    herzliche Grüße von Jasmin

  40. Merry Christmas and a Happy, Unforgetable New Year,Andrew! Love, laugh, luck, new challenges and inspiration to fill your days! Cheers!:0)
    I'll comment later during the holidays...

  41. hello im back and stopping by to wish you a HIPPY New Year i'll disappear again later bye

  42. Hello Andrew! Here I am in time to wish you a very merrygreatfabulous very near new year! Happy everything!
    A big hug,

  43. Feliz Año Nuevo, Andrew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. The time, it will fly by like a bird with seven wings! (Andrew Finnie's words)

    Hi Andrew,
    I do not leave time signals, or smoke ....,

    well today besides going to see Christmas on your worlds, I also come to wish you a 2011 filled with more Andrew Finnie, you are actually necessary for the world ....
    It was great to find your blog in 2010, and meet all these wonderful characters in the world of Oz
    Thanks for lending me the bird that flies with seven wings, you see, I used it from time to time.
    Kiss and big hug to you and all yours.

    A prosperous year in Oz, too.

  45. Hey Andrew! I was just watching the news and they showed the New Year’s celebration in Australia. Fireworks on the bridge. Just thought I’d stop by and wish you a Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing all your talent and wit and wisdom and humor with us last year!

  46. Hello Andrew, I hope you're having a good time in 2011 so far. I just came to let you know that I gave you the 'stylish blogger award' on my blog since I enjoy visiting here and seeing your artwork :)

  47. Andrew!!
    Welcome torero!
    Welcome to the arena!
    Well, this morning I looked at my shoes, but unfortunately, there was nothing in them.
    Into my shoes, the three Kings, left only to pay tax bills!
    But I do not care. I found some good comments on my blog. (exaggerated, as always)
    Well let's start 2011 with many projects. (find a woman dressed in red, for example)

    Too bad so much rain on Oz. Please, an umbrella for cats and old ladies, now!

  48. Please forgive me. I have not been by here to wish you a Merry Christmas. I hope your Christmas was happy as in Happy New year to you, my dearest Mr. Andrew Finnie.

  49. Oh, No!!
    I drank too much last night! I see all the wrong!
    it from left to right and from right to left!
    I better go to sleep!

  50. Wow, what a delightful take on christmas....very refreshing....

    Check out my shoe designing blogspot also? All my designs are hand-drawn too! Take care and keep up the great work x

    Love your blog banner also...

  51. Mr. Finnie, it's the new year. Where are you? I have not been blogging much except posting collections on my Sunday Painter blog but if I were to blog, I'd blog with you. I hope you are well. Happy New Year to you.

  52. Oh Mr. Finnie, 'tis you who happifies me. Your visits are like jelly beans or pop tarts. I love both of them. They are sweet and they brighten my day! Thank you for being so wonderful!

  53. Andrew, I must go have a glass of wine (not in the biblical sense, of course) then I will come. and write something (if I can, obviously)
    (I will study to Morandi, the binoculars that interested me (obviously, my neighbor across the street, that sunbathing in bikini, not be happy with my painting)

  54. Andrew :D

    i read all your comments thank you you made me laugh i just got back from my holiday too and i've got a proper hangover how are things with you?

  55. Hello, Andrew!!
    I'm glad you're so happy.
    You know, when you make someone happy with something that is worth very little, one feels that one has made a big deal.

    You know,
    A week in Ibiza 10000 Euros.
    A Rolex 8000 Dollars .
    A paper with a tiny scrawl, is priceless. JaJa.

    Well I've discovered that water is very good for our body. I'm drinking two liters of water per day.
    And if, as they say, the human body is 70% water. Now my body has a 120% water.
    I'm feeling a fish swimming inside me!!!!!.
    Don Roberto

  56. Oh, really sorry, Andrew, I made a joke about the water, and recently I heard about the floods in your country. Sorry.

  57. Le ha pegado usted una encachadita a su su blog... pero con tanta agua corriendo por ahi me gustaría saber cual es su suerte.

    Grandes saludos

  58. Happy new year friend on the other side of the planet! Haven't seen you in these parts lately. Hope you are not under water...

  59. I hear it is not only raining, but flooding in Australia. I hope you are managing to stay dry!

  60. 'Tis dead out here without Finnie. I wish you the best with your project. Mine starts on Saturday.

  61. Hi Andrew, thanks so much for your kind words on my blog....made me chuckle...

    Keep checking back and please follow me if you are liking what you have seen so far, and want to keep updated with all my latest uploaded designs...

    Take care

  62. I like wet cheese.

    Here, I brought a brolly for you. And a dinghy - that's what people call me, anyway. Good luck with your project, Mr. Finnie. I hope you finish soon!

  63. hellooo
    I hope you have a great 2011 :)
    And thanks a lot about the comment in the post I made for my brother ♥

  64. Hello, Andrew! Just wondering whether you are O.K.... I saw on TV some dreadful moments of the flood in Australia! I hope you, your family, relatives and friends don't live in that region of the country! Take care!:-)

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