Dec 18, 2011

The Last Stand of Captain Pugwart

Oh dear, Christmas almost, tinsel and lights and cake and cake and cake and cake and cake, and... err ..... tinsel.

Did I tell  you that I wear vinyl belts now? Unlike leather belts, they stretch - which is good.

Of course, like the pianist Liberace, they go the other way as well .... ie they don't just stretch, but shrink.

To be honest, so far I have not investigated their shrinking properties - though I once read in the Norwegian Adventurer's Handy Hints Guide (April 2009)  that if you leave them  in the freezer for three months they shrink two sizes.

With that tit-bit of information we can conclude (well,  it goes without saying, really)  that, if you go to the North Pole as a Santa Volunteer and happen to have a penchant for vinyl belts, there is small but calculable chance that you will need abdominal amputation if the temperature drops too far - courtesy of the tourniquet effect.

Hmm. Did you ever notice that I type rubbish in my posts? :)

I'm just trying to keep up with my friend Linda - who as a wordsmith has no equal - and types anything but rubbish!

Thank you so much to all my friends for your kind visits this year. It means very much to me. I count myself blessed to have met such a talented, friendly, encouraging, good looking and intelligent bunch of artists with superb taste and style. :)

I sincerely hope you had a WONDERFUL year - and that next year is double good.

I'll be round later and give you all a hug :) Let me know if you have sore ribs or anything like that.

PS: this is for IF's "Sink" - and yes, Elves always wear their pants (and coifs for that matter) in the bath.

Don't you? :)

Thank you so much for looking.

Merci beaucoup à tous mes amis de votre aimable visite cette année (even Leo the Toucan) Cela signifie beaucoup pour moi. Je compte myslelf béni d'avoir rencontré un tel talent, chaleureux, encourageant, tas beau et intelligent des artistes avec un goût superbe et le style. :) J'espère sincèrement que vous avez eu une année formidable - et que l'année prochaine est le double de bon.
Je vais être ronde plus tard et vous donner tous un câlin:) Laissez-moi savoir si vous avez les côtes endoloris ou quelque chose comme ça.

Muchas gracias a todos mis amigos por su amable visita este año. Significa mucho para mí. Cuento myslelf bendecido de haber conocido a un talentoso y agradable, fomentando grupo, guapo e inteligente de los artistas con excelente sabor y estilo. :) Espero sinceramente que usted ha tenido un año maravilloso - y que el próximo año es el doble de bueno. Voy a estar todo más adelante y darle un abrazo a todos:) Quisiera saber si usted tiene dolor en las costillas ni nada de eso.

Tusen takk til alle mine venner for typen din besøk dette året. Det betyr veldig mye for meg. Jeg teller myslelf velsignet med å ha møtt en så talentfull, vennlig, oppmuntrende, gode jakt og intelligent gjeng av kunstnere med ypperlig smak og stil. :) Jeg håper du har hatt en strålende år - og at neste år er dobbelt bra.
Jeg skal være runde senere, og gi dere alle en klem:) La meg vite om du har såre ribbein eller noe sånt.

Vielen Dank an alle meine Freunde für Ihre Besuche in diesem Jahr. Es bedeutet mir sehr viel. Ich zähle myslelf gesegnet, erfüllt eine so talentierte, freundliche, ermunternde, gut aussehende und intelligente Horde von Künstlern mit herrlichem Geschmack und Stil haben. :)
Ich hoffe, Sie hatten ein wunderbares Jahr - und das nächste Jahr ist doppelt gut.

(Oh if you are reading this before the 19th go here if you would like a free taste of Poser - a program originally designed for artists to pose models without having to talk to real humans.... it comes with a stack of 'models')


  1. I fear for those passengers! I love that this drama takes place in the tub:)

    You are incredibly good at this.

  3. Ah thanks for translating into Castilian :)
    this guy looks like me, that belly is like mine, and I take my bath with.... toys!

    maybe next year I will have a belly double sized,
    you know, stollen, Alicante nougat, beer, wine, champagne, stollen, and more, stollen STOLLENNNNNN!!!!
    OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thank you Elena :) Ah yes, there s a good reason no to go to sea in a tub, or get in a boat that goes to a sea in a tub :)

    I searched for y our blog, but found only that you have great taste in art - evidenced by who(m?) you follow. :)

  5. Dori! Hey, I have light bulbs for teeth now, thanks to you :) I was getting sick of the wooden ones - they were giving me lip splinters :)

  6. Hah hah Roberto, ahh your toys ? I would guess a Series 7, Winsor and Newton Kolinsky Sable in a selection of sizes would be your chosen toys :)

    Mine? Ahh a keyboard, mouse and 12 gig a' ram, plus a small pirate ship to burn in the bath occasionally, not to mention the occasional surfboard or 12 :)

    Stollen. I just googles it and you know - it looks wonderous. Is it crisp? Or soft like cake. Wine. I have given up for two months - but the other night I had half a bottle of superb shiraz. And sometime durimg the night grew a superb headache. I should have gone into training a few weeks ago, eh? :)

  7. That is ONE super cool tub avec Elf! I must say, I want HIS collection of goodness you are amazing Andrew! And, vinyl just crack me up you know. I am SO glad you are here with your gibberish (which I often believe, mind you) and such gorgeously illustrated images that have me boggled by the DO you do it, Andrew? I am off to check out the are such a generous soul. Happiest of holidays to you and yours and I am SO privileged to call you my friend!

  8. I am giggling right now over your post and your illustration. I want his bath toys, no actually my son would have really wanted his bath toys. He might never have left the bath though. You did a wonderful job with this Andrew. I love the glowing, steaming water. Very nice. Merry Christmas Mr. Finnie. I hope that you and your wife have a wonderful holiday. Oh, and I love your gibberish, it makes me smile.

  9. Fantastic illustration and a very funny read! ;)

  10. I wonder, are there any kind and genuinely nice gnomes? They always look a bit evil. Like in a cunning, sly way. they can smile at you, and you just know that when you turn your back on them... mischief!
    Did it say anything in your Norwegian Adventurer´s guide book about gaining weight before going to countries cold-as-hell? It´s the easiest, and cheapest life-insurance, you know. A layer or two of extra fat nicely tucked under the skin, keeps you from freezing to death quite so fast.
    Me, I simply don´t belong here... I belong somewhere warm. Like in a jaquzi with old sailing ships. Your gnome on the other hand can probably stand the cold a lot better than me, so I simply suggest we should swop places!

  11. Aw, thanks for the mention! I write my little things every week, but I'll never manage to be as funny and whimsical as you! I accept my limitations, so I'm glad you're out there to do what I can't :) You always make me smile. I have a strong urge to play with boats in my tub now too. I especially love the boats and water in this piece. I hope you have the happiest of holidays!!

  12. BEAUTIFUL!This is a bath:)Merry Xmas to you:)

  13. I am also looking to NZ but in front of me is the Cordillera de los Andes. I can not see anything! only mountains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'll be back soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Well, I'm back
    Ok. I'm trying not to fall into the usual,you know: "I hope that next year all your wishes are fulfilled"... or "That, this Christmas you find the peace you need"... or, "Not eat or drink much".

    Well, I do not know you, so I suppose that if I wish for you, Good surf it's OK, but I want to wish you Good times with your family, your wife (if you have), or your children (if you have them ) or friends (sure you have them).
    I think you have a sister who is a good artist, well I wish you good times with her.

    Ah. my daughter is talented, thank you very much, she's a great girl, whom I'll miss again this year.
    Too melancholy for today.
    Merry Christmas to you!!!!!!!!!!!.

  15. I like this one! it reminds me of the War of the Gods.

  16. Heeeyy...this guy doesn't have green nipples like the dolls! I would've thought they were related considering the small size, but this fellow has large feet, so maybe not. You know what they say about men with large feet? Large feet, large...sandals??? Heheh. :D

    Besides the fact that you always blow people's mind with your art, I suppose we'd agree that I type too much rubbish for comments. :)

    Peace, bratha! OXX

  17. Oh la la!!! j'espère que pour les fêtes je ne verrai pas tanguer comme sur l'un de tes bateaux!... car je ne refuse jamais un verre de champagne ou de bon vin!!!
    Je te fais de gros bisous et te souhaite des fêtes remplie de joie et de partage...

  18. Ooooh--most delightful. A grown-up, fearsome kid, still playing with his ships. Only I suspect that they're not toys, but real-life ships, with real people in them, subject to his whims. Such a wonderful contrast--the luminous light and his delighted expression with his beard and sagging physique.

  19. Hi Andrew,
    started this year with all the best expectations,by the way, did not happen ...
    then, I intend to look to 2012, leaving the wave take me, but ... well away from the 'Last Stand of Captain Pugwart'!

    I still have not updated with your excellent blogs / portfolios ..
    [and they are items on my list]

    I thank you also for your participation, visit and comments on my blog, are of great importance to me, are precious contributions!

    that 2012 is truly fulfilling and rewarding ...
    [I think I'm asking for too much .......
    look at the wave]

    Hugs of Brazilian summer!

  20. btw your ship is always good, i like it alot.

  21. Merry Xmas from Murwillumbah... and this is another fabulous illustration. I love the stuffed toy in the bath tub.. I can imagine you chuckling to yourself while illustrating this......

  22. Wow! This is awesome. He looks like a giant elf to me... or would that be an oxymoron? Fantastic imagination betwixt those ears of your's Mr. Finnie!
    We are the blessed ones to know you, you amazingly talented, sweet, generous, supportive, caring, hysterically funny person you!
    Have a Merry Christmas my friend! :)

  23. No, no sore ribs or anything like that :)
    I love the ships in this illustration, they are amazing. I believe your old girlfriend was indeed a pirate. That's the reason she probably wore a premium moustache and now you know how to draw these wonderful ships.

  24. I don't think your typing is rubbish, it's fun and it also helps me a lot with my english reading.I always find new words to add to my vocabulary :)
    That coif looks like a chullo (a hat people wear in the mountains here)...I wonder if this elf has been to southamerica.

  25. Thanks for your comment Andrew and welcome to my merry band (of followers that is)!
    Re chooks: for everyone who doesn't live in Oz, 'chook' (rhymes with book) is Australian for chicken.
    Re chardonay: I'm a one glass bubbly girl myself. Can't drink to save my life basically... Cheers!
    Re Loreena McKennitt: love this music too - used to listen to it continously which drove my husband up the wall (payback for the annoying overly upbeat music he listens to).
    Cheers and have a great Christmas!

  26. Andrew,
    thanks for the kind words! :)
    Yes, I want this year contains all the good words,
    always in the highest degree of quality, they express!
    and shared with much red wine!
    a toast, from here!

  27. Oh, no, no I do not need to move the mountain, could be a tunnel, only?
    I would need a budget to know how much I should pay, could you send it before the end of the year, please?

    Eh .... he will return. Fame does not leave you easily
    I hear far off the stands singing OOO-O-O-O-OOOO (as Woodstock) claiming that he returns to the scene.
    he has not gone away, he's been going around there, I tell you, he likes to be mysterious

  28. Ha! I'm sure that at this time of year all elves would appreciate a nice, relaxing bath. If a few miniature passengers must meet Davy Jones' stopper in the process, so be it. At least they're going down in a glorious Finnie glow!

    Merry everything!

  29. Aaaaahhhcccckkk!

    Oh no. People who speak ESL think your words are true? Ack!!!!

    Poor English language, at the mercy of syntax vandals, word fiends, vocabulary hacks, slang whores, lexicon murderers, semantic criminals... And they all justify it as inevitable growth... Living language. Now we haVe words like bezoar, zedonk, flibbergidget, loolaoalooza and my pet prevent " like" as in "like, you know." Or "like, okay." So southern California (word due respect to my SoCal friends), so Gidget.

  30. There's my smart phone spell check for you. Go decipher!!! Hehehe.

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  34. WARNING: Long comment to follow:

    Mr Andrew.

    Your art, like that of several others I see and read in the blogs, is awesome. I completely enjoy the visuals, and the bantering which goes on between you, Ces and Bella and others.

    But this note is to say how truly sorry I am that Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. Thankfully, much yoke wasn't spilled, and no shell broken. "But Daddy, it still hurts!" Yeah, yeah, like, right! (little language lesson?) For your speedy recovery I'll say prayers. I recall a couple head-meets-concrete happenings. And it always seemed like muscles and ligaments theretofore unused, began to hurt. The whole-body-universe pays a price of some sort.

    Anyway, Peep...GET WELL SOON.

    Merry Christmas, and 'see you soon' in this space-place....
    Steve E

  35. Andrew!!!! So sorry to hear about your fall. I hope you are okay now. Thankfully, you did not break your nose and preserved your handsome profile is preserved!!!

    I am also sorry for the repetition. I did not know that my comments were posted not twice or thrice but fries. I mean four times!!! I tried to delete them but you may have to clean up after me.

  36. Oh hello Steve. You found Andrew! He is awesome and handsome.

  37. Not that a handsome man would matter to another handsome man but I think men do notice that too. Right? I hear them say that a man is good looking.

  38. I have to think of bored Zeus when I look at this guy....but why?

    Hi Andrew , just a few suggestions:
    next time use this one

    or this one
    ( a bit faster)


    ha ,;) sometimes you write quite intelligent words :)
    thanks a lot!!

  39. HA! He could stay all day depending on the battle! He may have to re-heat the water! Merry Christmas, Andrew!

  40. Estimado y apreciado Andrew espero tengas un gratificante año 2012 y sobretodo lleno de cariño.

    Un beso cariñoso

  41. YOU! I didn't know about the tourniquet effect! I think its in effect, here. Did you have a lovely? We did. Thank you for being wonderful!


    p.s. I don't take baths.

  42. Hi! Just want to wish you a wonderfull 2012 full of inspirations and beautifull works

  43. Hey Andrew! Well I must say...”That is the longest period of time I ever spent looking at a guy in a bathtub!” Your wit and humor is only surpassed by your amazing work. (You call it rubbish... but I call it wit and humor).
    Glad I could stop by for the famous Finnie Christmas Artistic Smorgasborg. Thanks for always stopping by and making sure I was still breathing. Man hugs from the land of Zo. Hope you had a slendid Christmas. Happy New Year my fiend :o)

  44. happppppy neeeeeew yearrrrrr Andrrrrrrrrrrrrew !!!!!

    (with Xtmas I had wonderful australian Syrah !!! Actually to good, next day , however, it wasn't too good..........:( )

    Enjoy it !!!!!!

  45. Dear Andrew, thank YOU for your clever, ironic, sincere, funny, thoughtful, warm words and beautiful, whymsical, deep, enlighted art!
    It was and is a pleasure for me to follow your blog and to feel your friendship and support!
    Surprised, enchanted or confused, I'm always impressed by what you tell us with your posts and I hope that it will continue during 2012, too!
    Be healthy, don't lose inspiration and your great sense of humour and be happy in the way you imagine it!xx

    This is the most funny taking of bath that I've seen for a long, long time!:0)

  46. Happy, happy new year Andrew! Where is your whip? I got one for Christmas so you'd better get to work ;) Now if I could only whip myself into shape! :o

  47. Hello Andrew!
    how are you?
    2012 is already fulfilling its role of 'Happy New Year' straight?
    I hope so ...... after all, it's been 12 days, and this is a large sample...

    well ... I wish courage to face whatever comes!

    thanks and a big hug!

  48. Oooh, this is really cool. Looks like gads of fun! Next time I take a bath, I will have to bring my teddy. Oh, and the lights! I saw these bath toys in Japan that float in the water and give off soft colored lights. For people who like to take baths in the dark.

  49. I live for your rubbish.

    Oh, I must tell you how fantastic your book is! You are ridiculously talented. I cannot stand to leave your book on my coffee table, so it lives by my art table so that I may perhaps absorb some of that talent through osmosis.

  50. My daughter learned to surf and LOVED it.

    Okay. That's it for now. I am going to go buy a vinyl belt and sit in my fridge for a while. I need to be a figure eight.

    Happy New Year!

  51. hi andrew happy 2012! and this one you posted is really a funny one with this childish dwarflike giant well oka elf but i can feel sorry for those tinny little sailers trapped in that deadly bath and i think brown background fits it better and hey long time and i've been missing you oh and i like the best that slideshow on the left i mean the part where this boy's reaching out for those bubbles and those butterflies flying out of your book. Bye andrew have a nice day and i will check you out on google earth too it was installed yesterday and it is a great fun. Is it any streetview of your town. okay i go and will see bye bye

  52. And I have a sticker that says, "Live in Earnest." That's just.......ew.

  53. Thanks for stopping by.
    yes, the mountains have shifted a bit
    (you know that about the faith)

  54. I miss your illustrations,
    and the "rubbish" typing of course :)
    Hope you are ok.

  55. Hello, Andrew! Where did you disappear? It's snowing here for a second day, the wind is strong and we already have high snowdrifts, so it's better to stay inside, but over there, in the sunny land of Oz, what is happening?:))) I hope you are busy with lovely things and you are in a good mood! Hoping to hear from you soon!

  56. A new book is great news :)

  57. an artichoke a day keeps doctor away.....

    happy weekend

  58. Helloooooooooo, can Andrew come out to play? You must be busy, busy, busy...

  59. The Summer cooked your computer? What have you been up to, Andrew?

  60. Hey big guy! Thank you for the sweet word. Take care.

  61. Hi,I have an award for you on my blog:)

  62. Ah Andrew. You are a kind and good man. I love you for you. Thank you very much. Thank you. Tsup! Tears are good but I have been crying everyday since April of last year. I lost a much beloved and loving sister. There is a big hole in my heart and it will never be filled again. Thank you.

  63. He is right you know. The only thing that is real in this world is death. Everything else is a futile attempt at being and appearing to be.

  64. Andrew!!! You're back! I'm happy to see your wonderful visit and generous always know how to make a lass smile. Thank you. I will round on over to the other blog as well..hope you had a wonderful wonderful time off!

  65. Hello out there! I miss your posts-- I hope all is well & you're just very busy doing other wonderful things.

  66. I'm missing your posts too! Your public demands your attentions! Hoping all is well with you and you're busy making wonderful art.

  67. HEYYYYYY!!! Welcome back, Big Kahuna!

    I bet you have a kick ass tan.

  68. Welcome back Mr. Finnie! Thanks for stopping by and giving me a chuckle and for waking me up :o) I have missed your wit and your posts. Take care and blessings.


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