Dec 13, 2010


Oh dear, just got back, the surf was rotten, the sand is stuck in my right ear, I am brown as brown toad and have lost so much weight that my head reminds me of Iggy Pop (on a bad hair day).

Anyway, thank you for all those great comments on that last one. You are very patient to read my ramblings.
Checking out  everyone's blogs now and I see I have missed some zingers  whilst I have been away.

You know, the thing that gets me about blogging is how I see all the artists improving so much. It's like : "hey, there is an audience, some one is looking, so I better pull something out of the hat."

And so hats off to you.
You know who you are. I bet you can feel it in your bones.
Gee I'm getting a  warm fuzzy feeling in my left ankle. 
Better quit  while I'm a head. (What image does that last sentence make in your mind?)

Oh, this is my image for Illustration Friday "Phenomenon".
Originally I had a bunch of kids playing with a Ouijie Board summoning up Uncle Arthur wrapped in a sheet and looking like a primal Ectoplasm. The file I was working with was about 2.5 Gig - and takes about fifteen minutes plus to save. So, of course, being a boy, I only saved it once in the course of the morning.

Ugh. No need to tell you what happened.
Thanks so much for looking.

See you at your blogs.


PS: yes the image has something to do with Phenomenon. I had to make, let' see, one two three four five ... ten new kids for it. 

Should have been eleven eh? :)


  1. It's the Lord of the Flies! We are reading that this week for school. And look I'm first! I hope you had great fun though it sounds a little disappointing what with no surf and no food. I have a surprise for you. Maybe it will help to fatten you back up. No, it's not food. No more hints though. Drop me a note and I'll give you the details. Awesome illustration, so sorry your computer ate your previous work. I really, really hate it when that happens.

  2. So it's true.

    I didn't have an impostor impersonating my long lost friend pirate friend, leaving traces of silly faces on my blog.

    Well, apa kabar? It's nice to know Iggy has someone to pass down his inheritance at last...although I honestly can't picture you as a brown toad with big hair. Heheh, all the more reason for me to extend that department, eh?

    Anyway, welcome back. Good to know that you've returned with a souvenir (not the kind I asked, mind you!). These cool kids are a different sort of bunch, I see? Aaah...I feel trouble brewing henceforth, it's best to put on my brain armor just for safety. (^_^)

    Hope I'd bump into you soon!

  3. hey, i'm happy to see you finally escaped from room 13...I've heard you've also been busy in some kind of Iggy Pop look-alike contest...did you win? :D
    I have to go for a while now but I'll be back to read your post and leave a comment later.

  4. Hey Andrew! Thanks for stopping by, I needed a kick in the pants. Been a little out of the loop lately, or maybe just a little loopy.
    This one's a beaut! Love all the animals, children climbing trees, all so innocent, right? Hmm.. must be something sinister going on here..

  5. Léo est ravi de voir un de ses compagnons... cet autre bel oiseau aussi l'interpelle et ma foi, l'ensemble de ces amis à plume plaît également à moi-même!
    Je m'aperçois que pendant que je m'octroyais de longues balades sur les plages bretonnes vous vous en profitiez également pour sillonner celles de votre région mais avec des températures beaucoup plus élevées que les miennes...
    Bisous à très vite,

  6. ok, I'm back. Kids alone in nature. Yes, I got that Lord of the flies feeling in it. I find very interesting how some of them are climbing the trees and there is one with the face of a makes me wonder if they are only playing or if they have already began to lose the rational human aspect to become more primitive, setting free their animal insticts...if that's the case nature is going to win. It always does in the end.
    You lost a file? sorry to hear that, I know how annoying computers can be sometimes, once mine died and I lost everything I had. Horrible experience, now I save everything like crazy :)
    I got to go now sorry if I made some writing mistakes I'm writing in english thinking in spanish right now, I can't help it.

  7. I pulled two rabbits out of my hat while you were gone. I'm learning new magic tricks :D

  8. wow,this illustration is quite phenomenon! enjoy looking at your blog, amazing work!

  9. Welcome back! I missed you. I shall return when I wake up from my sleep. It is now 2:37AM. Goodnight! Good morning!

  10. Good to have you back, Andrew! You must of had a great vacation, being able to stay away for so long! Ha, ha, ha... And I´m not envious of your warm summer at all! Not at all!
    So tell me... is Australia a difficult land to seek asylum to as a climate-refugee? just asking...

  11. Hello, Andrew! I'm so glad to see you here again safe and sound! I hope your hurting ankle, ear and all other aches will pass over quickly! The point is what will remain in you as emotions and memories. I suppose not all of them were bad... I'm sorry about your surf! Has it happened before? You must have been mad at the weather!
    Do you know what - in my oppinion your absence from the blogging world was rather tangible (am I using the right word?) So I'm waiting eagerly to read your sometimes whimsical comments and to see your art works. (You will not forget to save, save, save them, won't you?):)))
    What about these boys... Well, it's a strange company. They look a little bit scary to me - I mean if I meet them, I'll be cautious. But... there's no conflict between them and that fact, as well as the tea-drinking, smooths down the situation. Yes, obviously they're having a picnic or a tea-party. I'm amazed by the great number of tea-pots - thirsty boys!:-)

  12. Hello.
    Time passed quickly?
    Gain weight?
    had jellyfish?
    You spent a lot of money?
    Discuss with your wife? ... No, really?
    Finally, one becomes exhausted from the holidays.
    Eh .... subtle detail of the letter O.

  13. hi andrew being toad brown sounds a bit grrrr to me hope you'll get well soon and hope you can finish this drawing cos something's missing for me though it reminds me of the bank of the danube here by szentendre by the road under the city limits where the rabbish and the ducks are gathering round the trees but it's not a good place to play and there is a man living there somewhere and it's scary like your foggy surrandings especially after the sun goes down. to be honest with you i can't see your place as a phenomenon and i think the real phenomenon here is the boy talking to that skull while drinking tea and the other kids seemingly don't understund why he's lying in the mud but don't really give thing except maybe the punkish boy in the neon blue tshirt but the place is too dirty even for him to take part in the teaparty down there anyway i'll check back to see the finished story bye

  14. All those kids and a skull...And you say you've been surfing...suspicions tell me to stay tuned! :o)
    Hope you're enjoying the holiday season!

  15. It's 15 degrees Farenheit in Ohio, so it's a little hard to feel sympathetic to bad surf when I'm looking at snow, but the idea of sunshine on the other side of the world makes me feel hopeful that I'll see the sun again someday too. Really liking the trees in this piece, and really liking the boy with the skull contemplating mortality. So sorry you lost the other file. That sucks. Save! Save often!! And back up your files to disk too!

  16. Phenomenally mad tea party you've got going on there! Welcome back to the maddening computer universe. I have the same impatience about saving files (despite being the opposite of a boy) & have been burned many a time by Photoshop crashes. Have to set a timer to force myself to stop work & save. But it's SO HARD to stop when you're really in the flow! Which means you're more likely to lose your best work rather than the quotidian fill-in drudgery. How cruel is that? Another reason I prefer paint!

  17. lieber Andrew, schön wie immer, ich denke es sind Kinder mit einem Erwachsenen-Leben, weit entfernt von dem Ursprünglichen, was Kinder, Kindheit in das Leben hinein wachsen bedeutet, es ist der Einfluß der grauen und kalten Umwelt, Einflüsse und Zeit verbiegen, verändern.....
    viele herzliche Grüße von Jasmin

  18. hi Andrew,
    love the mohawk on the one little guy! I blew up and spent some time checking out all of the details - great stuff....frightening, and kiddish! love that about you! enjoy the day, xxoo

  19. I think the one drinking tea is my favourite, looking rather cocky leaning against the tree there, haha. It's amazing how much you manage to fit in an illustration, I can't imagine being able to draw so many people in such a complex way! Ah I just noticed the letters on the shirts spell out phenomenon, how clever! It's nice to see you back here and see more of your work!

  20. AHHH! You are BACK, you are BACK! Oh yay, you've been greatly missed! Miserable surf and ill-deposited sand certainly have not affected your crazy good skillz. Love these kiddos! That mohawk is AWESOME! Painful, perhaps, but worth it. I think they should rearrange themselves to read OH NO, PEN MEN! Welcome back!

  21. Thanks for the visit to my blog - it has introduced me to yours! How very interesting - I'm off to explore. Hope to see you around on Illo Fri.

  22. Great work Andrew! Excellent!!!

  23. Haha I am back yippee ! Oh it's a bliss to be back at work :)

    Karen, oh I read my post it sounds negative sorry. The joy of sand in the ear is it reminds you of holidays. Well I'm excited about the news thankyou.

    the computer eating my work - that will teach me :)

  24. Hey Amalia

    Oh I often impersonate myself actually. Me and what's his name go a long way back - you know ever since I was with Johhny Depp in that wizard of Oz movie.... Oh I do go on.

    These kids, well they are making an awful rucous in the fridge where I keep them....

  25. Ana, well I am learning - two rabbits out of one hat :) The pig mask - well I am interested in mummers I think they are called. Well worth researching I think as an illustration incentive. thanks for the tip on the computer :)

  26. heidi oh I enjoy to give a kick in the pants when artists like yourself starve us of their work :)

    oh sinster? me? heh. I try to do cute sometimes to balance - yet I fail miserably because my tongue will not fit in my cheek

  27. Bonjour Martine, oh j'adore vos fleurs! Très bien. Les oiseaux ici tout s'assemble, parce qu'il fait si chaud. Même les chiens de porter des chaussures sur leurs pieds quand ils dansent sur le sable à la plage.

  28. Hey Sunny , thankyou so much and I just adore your header on your blog!

  29. Hi Ces :) well my friend, your last two works have me hissing in envy. You and La Bella - what an awesome twosome you are.

    here is a bad story I read in the paper

    Our ice cream man was found lying on the floor of his van covered with hundreds and thousands. Police say that he topped himself.

    it's my new favourite joke

  30. Janne! Oh if you ever want to come to Oz I'm sure I can write you a reference. Multitalented, kind, artist, teacher, viking, self sufficient with GSOH and a wonderful knowledge of ships - it should be easy to write!

    Oh it's so hot here. Even the kangaroos are wearing swimmers ;) and Santa is down to his board shorts.

  31. hey Rossi la chicka :) Sorry to be gone so long. My psychaitrist tells me I must go surfing evrey few days otherwise I will be unhappy :) :) and be a bad speller. Heh.

    Heh you are right there is no conflict. I was tempted to have the second from the left pouring tea on the long haired one near the pig boy, but I forgot :) :)

    Oh I shouldn't be honest it doesn't suit me. Thankyou for the kind wors of your comment too !!

    I decided your work was cutting edge today but in Oz you can be hung for a bad pun - so don't tell anyone.

  32. Heya Roberto Oh the letter "o' is subtle. Heh :) Well I was running out of steam for making characters. Hence the pig headed boy who is hiding his identity eh? I think he is me.

    So their is the boy top left a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, the pig headed boy, the boy contemplating is own mortality, the fat boy, and some more archetypes who are shy and cannot be named.

    You know, now I am skinnified people stare . I think they think I am Iggy Pop with a suntan. :)

  33. Aha Pásztohy Lili, well Pásztohy Lili, what can I say but that your observance soars above the number of your years?

    Oh ys the work is unbalanced (like me) in that there is something lacking on the right hand side about two thirds of the way up. It needs a balancing colour perhaps. and from memory there is a void in the middle that i tries desperatly to plug.

    Stay away from that section you described. Good for a horro story yes,? But bad to walk in in true life perhaps.

    Ön csodálatos angol. Gratulálunk.

  34. Michele, oh when you are my age you have a few kids in the closet --- err I mean fridge -- that you can dustofdefrost when necessary :)

  35. Linda, well last time I went skiing was 1996 so the envy goes both ways. :) Thanks for the tip on saving! Oh I am bad. And thankyou for your kind comment on bogglesnatcher too !!!

  36. Hey Leah, well I am so glad you are a painter because it means you are making real things that get sent into the real world. I'm watching your work closely because of the way you get your digital work out there as well.

    I've been speaking with a local paint manufacturer about a clear UV stabilsier so hopefully when they get i on the market i can work up some laser printed collages that will last longer than me. Thanks for the inspiration!

  37. Grüße von Oz Jasmine! Ach ja Kinder Potenzial für Künstler haben, sind sie einfach zu bedienen wie porträtieren Böse und so unschuldig und so gut. Wenn sie böse sind es macht uns Erwachsene umso unbequem. Es ist gut, eine emotionale Reaktion eh eleicit?

  38. Heather, oh the mohawke was fun. You know its hard work getting different hair, will I be curly, will I be straight, will I be red, will I be mohawke?

    Ahh mohawk it is :)

    see you

  39. Hey thanks Vanilla, oh the letters were a stretch. Thanks for noticing. I was going to have them as an all boy's group called, yes you guessed it, but it was turning out twee I think.

    Hmm I should look up twee hey?


  40. Hahah Bella well you make me laugh thankyou. Did I tell you I have invented a a new language. It is called google gargle speak. It consists of words generated by google to make sure you are a real person when commenting. Here is an example of a speech by Abe Lincoln... "Flootofoot ag eeerhhhh wherdna bettelbroth heebeyjeebey camelear nosebig grmpyfarth. "

    I am envious of your dragon!

  41. Juan Orígen de las Tortugas? Who would have thought. What a great idea hey?

    cheers :)

  42. hey andrew you answered my tricky question so you gonna get the bonus goodies as i promised but not until 2010 will have changed to 2011 and don't be sad for googling it cos everybody was allowed to do so and i must confess i heard this in the icarly show you know that right? it's on nickelodeon and i think it's quite a tricky riddle.

    to cut back to your drawing. what a shame i haven't realized your letters stick together i mean first for me it wasn't that obvious maybe cos it's too foggy and some of the letters just hard to read i mean you know there's the fog and the dirt and some of the clothes are shabby okay not shabby faded might be the right word or oh i got it! that's the trick right i mean it got to be hard to read and not to be that obvious at the first sight oh maybe that's the point in your drawings right your drawing is a riddle right? and now i gotta go and happy to have you answering my riddle for now you are given my thumbs up bye

  43. "The file I was working with was about 2.5 Gig - and takes about fifteen minutes plus to save."

    That is a phenomenom, also.

  44. Man, I can't even type the word that you're so amazingly amazing about. :)

    Is this in Carrara still? That's Crazy!

  45. Hey! I wondered where my favorite teapot had gotten to... it's out in the woods with the boys and the birds! I think they have some of my pants, too...

  46. ANDREW!!!

    welcome back.
    i dont like it when you leave me for 2 years.
    it's so you (which i like!!!!).
    boys catching flies.
    i see a skull there.
    and a raven.

    heheh... nice.

  47. TOTALLY Lord of the Flies, and I don't want to even think about what you being "a head" looks like. You put enough creep images in my head as it is.

    I know what you mean about watching people improve. It's one of those absolutely miraculous things. One of those, whoa, wait a minute, ADULTS can actually learn something and get better at it, and it's not too late if you weren't a child prodigy? I'm a musician too, and have been astounded at how much people I know (including myself) have improved in the past five years. So encouraging! And thank YOU for your encouraging comments!

  48. Andrew. You discovered me.
    my secret to your astute eye has no reason to exist!
    Yes, Yes, Yes and a thousand million times YES!!
    I can not hide!
    My eyes opened only to feel the breath of his pale face
    my feet tangled in the sheets found thousand stars not shining
    and my body floated on a black foam
    as the waves dragged me to the edge of that abyss.
    And here's the secret that you discovered:
    Yes! The man is looking for contact lenses.
    Death will come before he can find them?
    Only the cunning minds will know.
    Wine and milk are mixed in a bloody sunset!

  49. Ah. the scene has music by Georg Philipp Telemann

  50. Hey Andrew! Welcome back from the surf! Nothing worse than sand in your ear... well maybe in your eye... or in your underwear... well anyway... sand in your ear is bad. I really like your new kids. I know that kid in the red pants! His name is Seth! He is in my Sunday school class! Looks just like him. If he comes to church Sunday wearing red pants and an “o” on his shirt.... that will totally freak me out! I was trying to find the other kid with the other “o” on his shirt... Then I saw the kid holding up the brass ring! You are very sneaky Mr. Finnie! Another brilliant work my friend! I love the eerie background! Hey thanks for stopping by! What a phenomenal surprise!

  51. Hey Pásztohy Lili! Oh I am very happy thankyou for letting my wandering from the strriaght and narrow pass by! I will be getting excited when 2010 turns into a 2011.

    You are quite right about being a riddle. The viwere needs a reward if they are kind enough to look at a work, wouldn't you say?

  52. Haha Shawn, you think your typing is bad? I can't even say Phenomenon. I always leave out the 'm'. :) Oh yes it is Carrara. 64 bit is a blessing .

  53. Laura, thankyou. Sorry to have missed so much stuff on your blog

  54. Heh Krista, I will have a word with them, stealing teapots is one thing.....

  55. Mita, well I am such a boy :) Never will I change I think. In fact at the studio last night my pants were dragging on the ground... but I shouldn't tell you about that.

    I'm afraid the contest is yet to be won. Did I tell you I like your nose? :)

  56. Oh that didn't come out right :( My pants cuffs were too long that's all!

  57. Theresa, oh the dark depths of the human mind .... :) I'm typing this absolutely soaked - just nicked out to get my fruit and vegies and got hailed on :) Lucky I have a hard head !

    Oh it's just great watching the diversity of images coming out of people's blogs. It's never too late for us to learn. Synapses growing everywhere!

  58. hha Roberto, once again I am laughing aloud at your mastery of both verbal imagery and imagery imagery. Sadness mixed with poignancy mixed with joy makes each emotion more razor sharp.

    Oh the contact lens. I was being silly. Hope you don't mind. Making fun of myself.

  59. Hello Jack, your kindness is only surpassed by your astuteness, wit and ability to make me giggle at your work. ... well hurrumph grown men don't giggle - we laugh in a masculine way at the bottom of our chests .... ho ho ho ho. Heh :)

    Thanks for looking for the 'o'.!

    cheese from oz

  60. No no I do not mind, Andrew.
    The observer is always the bird is up in the top of the sky!
    The observaror intelligent, with good humor

    only sometimes
    No one I think is in my tree

    But I turn off my computer and everything is fixed immediately!
    Dr. Ro Beer
    1.05-RAM Memory

  61. would you please give my skull back?


  62. Hey Andrew. You're already on a Saturday, no? Oh, What a pity ...
    I wanted to wish you good weekend, but Friday.
    Now that you already started the weekend, I can only wish you good wee! (This joke is not censored, right?:))
    I have a question, you see the rings of Saturn in Australia?
    I used to see them from my house, but since taking the telescope because I did not pay the last 10 installments, I could not see.:((((

  63. Saludos estimado, se te ve bien en conversaciones con un emplumado amigo...

    Cariñosos saludos

  64. hi Andrew, i ran into your mum this morning and as all good mums, she was singing your praise and suggested that i take a look at your art.
    i absolutely love it, god your clever
    cheers big ears
    Helen Condie

  65. Fantastic and pervasively creepy as always Andrew! Alas, I've been busy lately and neglecting to keep up on my favorite blogs (i.e. you). Iggy Pop may have exclusively bad hair days, but he looks fantastic never (apparently!) wearing a shirt, even though he's what, sixty now? Doesn't sound all bad...


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