Jul 5, 2010

Vellapulla - the Witch's House

Hello. Just getting over the flu.
Firstly apologies for not getting back to the comments section yet.
Thankyou to everyone who commented.
Secondly" apologies for not getting to your blogs - yet.
Been taking those wonderfull cold and flu t ablets that send you off the planet. :)
Hehehehehehe -errgh.
You want to know what Mars looks like from close? I can tell you.....!
But seriously in Oz we call it "sickasadog." I think I have been hallucinating for two days - and when I woke up this morn' these images were on my hard-drive.

So what's this about? Hmm.
Did you know there is a style of architecture called Storybook Architecture?
No, either did I. But whoever has been on my machine for the last two days has been looking it up.

About the images above this text  - the top image is rendered at 30 cm by something at 360 DPi and ended up being 1.8 gigs after all the layering. The boy is composited in.
The third image is made by playing with the threshold filter.
The images are alll  basically experiments in style.
The last three images are the bare 3d renders without post processing showing the overview of the model -which is made from several commercial models I ransacked and distorted to my own evil desires.
There's and old well and a celtic cross that I need to take advantage of------ the devil on my left shoulder tells me it could be an uncomfortable experience.

And the boy? (see below this text) He could be any of five Jacks* - or one Hansell.
One thing is for sure - he is "uptonogood." Those rabbits should watch out.
And the witch who owns the house - that could be Fuamnach?

thankyou again for your time

be back again tommorow


PS: have you seen Denise Scaramai's work? Stylisticaly very interesting and worth a look. 500 plus followers can't be wrong :)

And good to see Daniel Powers posting again.

*Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack Be Nimble, Jack the Giant Killer, Jack and Jill, Jack Sprat could at no fat.....


  1. Wow! That looks almost like my house! Except mine is midnight blue and has a huge tree in front with blood colored leaves. (Don´t know the English name for it)
    The worst thing is, I´m not even kidding.
    I don´t have a tower though, but it is on my wish-list.
    So I guess the conclusion is that I´m a witch?!
    Hope you´re feeling better, and are now just sickasahamster :-)

  2. I am glad you are feeling better. Now that you are back, I will be gone.

    I love storybook architecture. The houses defy gravity, the roofs have holes, the faucets leak, the floors creak, the stairs are huge, the lighting bad - yet people don't seem to mind, in fact only two things may happen - they either die or live happily ever after.

    Storybook people don't pay taxes and worry about mercury in the fish.

    So where is the red-headed witch?

    Hmn, FLU!!!

  3. I think this guy needs a little push in the back for daring to enter, no?

  4. hello Andrew, im sorry to hear that.
    you know i wish this was my house...

  5. and i wish the boy was Mike ;) heheh...
    very nice images, i LOVE the third image!!!!!

    see you in two years?

  6. This is really amazing Andrew. I love all the details in the house. I am sorry to hear that you have been sick and hope you are feeling much better now. That tree thingy in the last image is very cool.

  7. Is this the type of work you do while you're doped up on flu meds? Not bad! You should send some my way — it couldn't hurt. Anyway, I hope you're feeling better. These are wonderful, moody pieces. Looking forward to see what else you've been up to!

  8. Aaaaaw Andrew! You are so sweet and so inspiring. No wonder all nice bloggers like you. You are genuinely wonderful. Well, let me say this. Summer is very busy for work. My husband and I are up to our necks with work. He is busy with his own and I with my own. Anyway, I have this job, that for some reason, schedules major project implementations during the summer, and Christmas holidays. Sometimes Spring break. I had to work the vampire shift during our last project implementation before I could go on Spring break this year. WTH! At any rate, I am not going to bore you. Also, I promised to use all those art supplies I bought early this year. I promise to paint at least one painting every week or every two weeks. But I will visit you throughout the summer. I promise.

  9. Ah yes, storybook people also get eaten by wolves. YES! YES! Now that you reminded me, storybook people are just like real-life people. HAHAHAHA!

  10. Oww, you pool, pool, ding... I khope you fill bedda soonn. Solly, I hap da colld doo, see? Nasdy colld weadha heel andh am steel adhjustingd... :))

  11. Aah, that cold tablet is finally working! I can smell again!! Hehehee...

    Now, one question has been floating in my head every time I see you post a new work. Something is different, but I can't put my finger on it quite yet. Your older work is of course fantastic, but there's more depth to the latest images I see.

    Less shadows, more accenting lights.
    Mind blowing details!
    Characters speaking more directly than before.
    Emotions are more visible.

    Well, well, I think you might be softening up a little bit here... There goes the reputation! Hahahahaaa...

    Sorry, 'darn good babbler', remember?? (^O^)

  12. Hehehe. Thanks Janne, I know you aren't a witch - even if you have a wardrobe - isn't it too cold in Bømlo : Hordaland : Norway? For witches. I am hanging out to see a pic of your house....:)

    Ah Ces, I had a panic when you said that. Don't you go!!!!!!! *&^(*&^(*&(^^^^^^^&&&! Alright. Red headed wicth is watching from behind the curtains -window top right. You know she is on top, right? :)

    Hey Roberto - you have me on the go with your aliases :) He is a brave lad, you are correct! But I think if he goes into the house - he will be simple. !!

    Mita: Thankyou. I think he could be a Mike if we needed him to be. Seem he is standing on tiptoes - I wonder what he sees in that top right window>? :)

    Karen, thankyou very much. I was thinking about what you said with the lost and found edges so in that top image I actually got out some tools and made lost and found edges via contrasts of darks and lights along the roof line and add more depth to the 3d effect. So thankyou for mentioning that before!!!!

    Daniel _ they are on their way!!! I marked them as Nil By Mouth so the customs wouldn't get suspicuious!!!!! But it's great to see you posting. I admire your work greatly. Those diagonals!!

    Hey Liliana - you know, your work is amazing. How is the show going? I hope it is a fantastic sucess as it deserves to be.

    Ces: Shucks. You know one day I should right click save your images so I can view them off line. But I respect you too much to do that. I think I am stupid not too. Don't vanish promise?

    Amalia _ I thought you were typing like I do. Very badly, then Iread it aloud and cracked up. Thankyou.

    Oh my images? Thankyou for noticing. I think I am just getting more aufait with my tools? I am not sure. I hope you are right!!!!!

  13. Adrew Hello, well we here do not use kilts. European women do not really have, I think you must think I live in Europe, I am sorry to disappoint you, I live in South America, Argentina, well, I do not regret that no European women, because Argentines women are all very beautiful . Maybe if one day you could come, you would check it personally.
    OK, now talking seriously.
    Thanks for your comment which is really very smart
    I particularly appreciate when someone says something smart about my work although it is not a comment on praising my work. What I detest is the quick and mindless comment that says, "I do not like 'or' that I'm not interested" because that evidence intolerance, close to faccismo. Which also detest. an artist must be open not only to create, must also be open to opinions and feedback.
    Thanks again, and thanks for the link to your friend which is a great artist, I liked it.

  14. Andrew, my good man. Actually, I'm a babbler and a big liar. Your stories make sense to me (most of the times), but then, I could be wrong. I suppose some shells are not meant to be cracked? Or are they? :))

  15. i know!
    what is going on???
    does Blogger really hate me that much????

  16. ah well, thank you anyway for visiting me.
    where are you?

  17. J'aime la publication avec les petits lapins... j'adore même!!

  18. Hya Roberto :) Sorry I was getting twisted on Catalan and mixing it with Spanish and you know, confused for a moment!!! But the other half of me was speaking metaphorically, in that your romantic nature was one that we identify with the "European" way of doing things - It kind of means 'cultured'!!! I am sure that both the men and women of your country are very beautiful :) By the way, I enjoy commenting on your work because it makes me think. Hopefully the " thinking" will make me become a better artist - eventually.

    Amalia :) Thankyou. I have a problem with my brain in that it makes connections to disparate objects that appear to have no connection at all!

    Mita that last work is superb. Amazing is your work. I've come to the conclusion that the layers that artists like yourself and Roberto and Amalia (as examples) are what makes an interesting and good work. The images are like poems in that they have different levels of meaning - maybe Illustration Poetry? :) And yes google has gone down the gargler!!!

    Bonjour Martine! Merci beaucoup. Moi? J'adore les lapins aussi. Mais en Australie nous prenons trop de lapins, nous les avons sortir des oreilles!! I hope my French makes sense! Je parle Francais tres tres tres mal!!! :)

  19. 1.8gigs! You must have one very powerful machine. That image is worth every single byte, I must say. It's incredible! It's a fantastic house. The witch has a green thumb for roses. Tell me when it goes up for sale. The house, I mean. I want to live there. All that marvelous stonework! I love the depth in the trees and the spray of die-hard leaves. And the MOON! Oh boy, I am over the moon over your moon. I would like to rap my knuckles on that beautiful luna orb. You have a fantastic eye for detail, Mr. Finnie!


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