Jul 23, 2010

Mother Goose and the Self Fulfilling Prophecy

"The wizard Brian Benderstein Snr on a wild goose chase"

Just did this for fun tonight before going out for dinner. I think I'm going to be late!
 In this one I'm working up 'self fulfilling prophecy." Brian Snr has been sitting in the drawer for a month waiting for his chance.

Thanks for looking.
PS it's only a pretend book!


  1. Ok, I´ll play along. Why don´t you make the rest of the illustrations to this pretend-book. Take them to a pretend-publisher, and before you know it, it might end up being a printed and published pretend-book!!!

  2. Hi Andy, I think Mr Brian should give Mother Goose, a "big hug" to avoid falling. I would say we should all give a "big hug" to avoid falling.

    (You know this Lakhsmita Indira? ... For me her name sounds like Mata Hari, She will not be a spy who wants to enter the club?)
    Let us be careful
    A big hug.

  3. ahhh, yes, this is cool, you should do them all! You've already made a good start at it.
    oh, and I always make myself late because I have just one more thing I need to do to a piece before I can quit and leave!

  4. Wonderful-- keep pretending!!

  5. A. B. Finnie??

    A, we already know
    Finnie...well, notoriously out and about..
    But 'B'???
    Are you a Brian? Bernard? Or maybe Boris???

    "Heeheheeeheheeeeeeeeh".....she laughs wickedly.

  6. No. No. Seriously, my friend.

    I like this Brian Senior. He seems very happy, isn't he?

    You should let him fly more often :))

    Me likey your book! :)

  7. Oh, and Benderstein? Careful, there. He could get beaten up with a name like that... Hahaa! :D :D

  8. pretended right, because it seemed
    to cover a delicious book!
    I loved the type of title
    hugs :)

  9. I'll bet this little guy's nose only extends every once in a while... :))


  10. Janne, thankyou very much you are very supportive and encouraging! Maybe I need a manager... :)

  11. Heya Roberto, thank you. I really like those last two works of yours. You are on a roll! Oh the club? I think Mita was a member before we got there!

    see you soon!

  12. Hi Karen, thank you. Yes I am procrastinator with a capital 'r'.... er I mean 'p'. ")

  13. Krista :0 thankyou! I am pretending I need a hair cut today!

  14. Amalia, oh I am giving away my secrets. But you know what? The next post, his nose will grow!

  15. Denise thank you again. :) Love your new pic!

  16. Laura, much obliged. If only it was true!

  17. Hello Mita

    It's just about Roberto hugging me and he knows you are jealous :) Just kidding!!!!!!!!

  18. oh good morning Andy (hmmm....), a pretend book? i think this is OKAY!!!!!!


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