Jul 7, 2010

A Viking Funeral.

Well Oz lost a larrikan artist last Saturday night. His name was Brian Rohde. Brian had been a photographer, artist, sailor. He was never afraid to try anything new, never afraid to pass on his advice, and never scared to stick up for his opinions - whether they were right or wrong. We need more people like Brian Rohde.
It's very sad that he has gone.
There is a small thread about Brian here.
On his card he said he was an "Imagineer".
I think he was right.

This image is my dedication to Brian.


  1. It's always a sad thing to lose a great artist. And a friend.

    This is such a serene and beautiful dedication, Monsieur.

  2. Andrew, sorry, so is life. You say you need more people like him. A friend can not be replaced by another friend, but I believe that life is adding people around us that makes the friend who is no more is ever present.
    a hug

  3. Aaaaw! This is so beautiful. What a loving artisitic tribute. Long live Brian! A Viking! I love Vikings. Rest in peace Brian. Take care, Andrew.

  4. been 2 years?
    time flies so quickly.

    this is cool Andrew, i especially love the water!
    (i was gonna say i love funerals but it would sound awkward)

  5. Thankyou for commenting.

    I only knew Brian by the internet. he lived in Adelaide which is in south Australia. He wore that hat because it indicated his attitude to life- which was I think, strangely mad.

    But when you 'meet' people on the net, as I have met you, I think in some ways you form a stronger and truer opinion of them than you might in 'real' life.

    I'm not sure. But I think it is true?

  6. the water is amazing, what a beautiful tribute, and I agree, my online friends are as real as it gets to me and more supportive than my real world friends who honestly aren't really interested in my latest illustration, though they will pretend to care if I show them ;). By the way, have you heard anything out of Justin?

  7. Hya karen

    Thankyou. I must admit, the water paints itself - and it's the light which makes the water. So the light is to blame. I just take the pic and crop it :)

    Justin? Yes I wich he would post more stuff. I gave him a prodd last time he slacked off and he came back.

    I prodded him a few weeks ago (google Justin Segal - he is football player??????????) and he came out of hibernation.

    I need to make ana award. It is called the KIP award. The Kick In the Pants Award for great artists who are keeping their work to themselves. :) I already gave an unnofficial one to Joe Beale !! heh

  8. I think when you meet people on the Internet there are a lot of filters in place. I mean, you zoom in right to what you like about that person, Art, they way they write, etc. You do not have to deal with physical attributes, mannerisms that may be annoying or even charming. The Internet narrows the interests we have for each person. For example, we don't have to deal with political or religious views. We do not care whether the person graduated from college or has a PhD or merely a high school diploma. We are only interested on a few things, not the entire individual. I don't think that each blogger would like to share everything about them or make more things visible to the others. In real life we deal with actual behaviors that one must interact with actively. It isn't as if we talk to the person (comment) and that person can choose to respond or not (return comments later or tomorrow or not at all). In real life we expect people to interact with us.

    We do know a lot about one aspect, in our case it is our art.

    In real life we tend to want to know more about the person before we make a commitment. In the blogs we "follow", we link, yet there is annonymity and detachment. We are linked but not attached. In real life, we are actively engaged.

    In the Internet, we put our best foot forward. Closer relationships are developed away from the blogs.

  9. sad for the lost.. mind blowing art, as usual. :)

  10. Love this! Sorry to see the motivation for it, but I think we can only be grateful for the people who touch our lives. Brian should be happy on the other side to have so many good things said about him.

  11. Beautiful, heavy, and touching. The body language in your image is so very telling. I'm so sorry to hear about Brian's passing. I'm sure he would have been honored by your Viking funeral.

  12. Sweet of you to do this, Andrew.


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