Jul 24, 2010

Illustration Friday: "Double." (Double Walker Doppelganger)

Hello. My name is Heinrich Doppleganger, it's Sunday morning - and I have a bad hangover.

 The little boy in this pictures is my son, Woody. 

Woody of course is famous for being the model for Pinocchio in The Adventures of Pinocchio novel.

Carlo "Collodi" Lorenzini (the author) only met Woody once. But that was enough.

Collodi didn't discover everything about my boy though.

For example, he never discovered that Woody was in fact a real live boy with a bad skin condition (rosaceau oakenwoodiosis) .

And of course Woody's nose was fake. Everyone in the village knows that!

We'd had it made by the local carpenter Padacious Pedro, to replace Woody's original one - which had been bitten off by one of the village maidens (the priest's illegitimate daughter I believe) during a prolonged attack of 'petit mal".

Collodi also didn't discover that Woody was a wonderful poker dancer.

And that he was in great demand with girls of a certain height, weight, religion and inclination - who all thought he would make an ideal marrigae partner (marrigae being a dance) - and would come in handy if they ran out of wood during those cold winters we get around here (Vladastan).

And about me?

Well according to this site, "Doppelganger" is German for "double walker" - a shadow self that is thought to accompany every person. Only the owner of the doppelganger can see this phantom self, and that it can be a harbinger of death. 

We all have to go sometime. Just be careful when you are looking in the mirror.

Thank you for commenting on my self fulfilling prophecy. Be back soon and thankyou proper like. :) I'm having a bit of trouble trying to reply today ugh. 


  1. Getting better, Andrew!!
    This surpasses the previous work, I think. There is a limit to your growth?
    I think we should all be used and we should not wonder more than what we see in your blog. Or, should speak for myself, that I am staying with my mouth open with each new post.

  2. Heya Roberto

    thank you very much! Well your last wtow roks have me tickled you know. I will b e there soon!

    Here is the story . I am dopple ganger. Or he is me?

    Hola. El meu nom és Enric Doppleganger, és diumenge al matí - i tinc una mala ressaca.

    El nen en aquestes fotografies és el meu fill, Woody.

    Woody, per descomptat, és famós per ser el model de Pinotxo en Les Aventures de Pinotxo de la novel.la.

    Carlo Collodi "Lorenzini (l'autor), només es va reunir una vegada Woody. Però això era suficient.

    Collodi no descobrir tot sobre el meu nen però.

    Per exemple, mai van descobrir que Woody era en realitat un nen de veritat viure amb una mala condició de la pell (oakenwoodiosis rosaceau).

    I per descomptat del nas de Woody era fals. Tothom al poble ho sap!

    Ens ho havia fet pel fuster local Padacious Pere, en substitució d'un original - que havia estat mossegat per un dels pobles de Woody donzelles (filla il.legítima del sacerdot crec) durant un atac prolongat de "petit malament".

    Collodi tampoc descobrir que Woody era un ballarí meravellós del pòquer.

    I que estava en gran demanda amb les noies de certa alçada, el pes, la religió i la inclinació - que tots pensem que seria un soci ideal marrigae (marrigae ser un ball) - i seria molt útil si es van quedar sense fusta durant els hiverns freds tenim per aquí (Vladastan).

    I de mi?

    Bé d'acord a aquest lloc, "Doppelganger" en alemany significa "caminant doble" - una ombra que un mateix es creu que acompanyen a cada persona. Només el propietari de la Doppelganger pot veure aquest fantasma un mateix, i que pot ser un presagi de mort.

    Tots hem d'anar alguna vegada. Només aneu en compte quan vostè està buscant en el mirall.

  3. By the way Roberto, I followed your lead and used the boy's direction of gaze to help the compositional flow


  4. Thanks Andrew, I appreciate your words, it's always an honor that people who knows much about painting, drawing and graphics in general, like you, look at our work.
    Everything is a learning, and we learn from each other, do not you think so?
    We must never say that something does not interest us. What today we are not interested maybe tomorrow is something to be watched.
    Thanks again, really.

  5. Awesome work as always but I have to admit I'm a little creeped out but you ment that right?

  6. Roberto I think its great to learn from other artists! Even if we learn what works - and what doesn't!

    Kylie. Thankyou! Oh the creep part? Sure :) It just comes with the territory. Personfied dolls, body parts, ghosts, scary clown faces, dungeons, creepy light, lost details in the shadows... we're all kids lost in a dark cave back in archetypal human memories (well I am :) )

    Blame Jung. he dug it up I think.

  7. Oh I left out the pseudo crucification which gets that emotive correlative happening with us Christians - and others?

    And the jack in the box? Another example of being afraid of the unknown (like maths exams)

  8. Andrew, you are a twisted crazy talented guy. I love it!

  9. PS I mean that it only the best way possible!

  10. Huffff.

    Alrighty. Where do I begin? Or maybe I shouldn't?

    Well, it seems that your head (read:mind) is naturally expanding in an accelerating speed. Best to duck under water when it's time to burst?


    But seriously, doppelgänger, huh? Well, a wise human being would surely steer clear from one, but wisdom seems to be scarcely available in my cupboard these days. Better go down to the shops and buy some. :))

    And congrats to Woody for being in demand, of course. Now who could ever resist a poker dancer? Better than that clown, who looks like he's in misery...


  11. All in all, this is yet another fantastically confusing, creepy and fun mind jogger. The thoughts of your recipes and techniques made me all dizzy already.

    Four thumbs up?? :)

    ...but I wonder what Woody is hiding behind his back? :)

  12. Hello A.B. Finnie! Another ingenius, twisted, amazing, and .... dare I say it....? DARK work. OK, so I used the "d" word.... sorry. It's like Pinnochio meets Freddie Kruger.... Nightmare on a Vladastan street? Hey thanks for adding me into your work Andrew. That "Jack" in the box has me written all over it :o) I guess if Mr. Doppleganger wouldn't have made his scotch's "DOUBLES" last night, he may not be suffering from a hangover this morning. Thanks for being so entertaining my friend!

  13. Oh I'm learning 2D animation through a program I bought called Anime studio debut. Its so cool.... ever heard of it? I'm teaching myself... so it's a bit slow going, besides my teacher doesn't know what he's doing! :o)

  14. Hey, you should see this one:

    Honestly, you guys could be buddies! :))

  15. Ohhohooo.. sorry, sorry, this will be the last of me! You have got to see this too:


  16. check your mail, Andrew :) we have a surprise for you!

  17. Congratulations Andrew, tomorrow, Monday morning I lift my glass of champagne (not French champagne, as you can see I follow your instructions), I gave my dog Tino to drink 5 bottles of CLOS DES GOISSES de PHILIPPONNAT , which I kept for if one day you came to visit. He is so happy wagging his tail like a fan ... and hug me three times and told me he is my best friend, and he loves me.

  18. Oh, I forgot.
    I congratulated you on your illustration in Mr. Spoqui.

  19. well, this illustration is impeccable!
    but if I had seen as a child would be very impressed and scared!
    the way I was scared ...
    was? :/

    a big hug!!

  20. A touch of horror is always appreciated when it comes as part of a great piece of art as this one and the pictures are amazing , it's really interesting to see the work in different angles.
    Magnífico! :D

  21. hello Heinrich Doppleganger, we are so much alike, look at this:
    (Your friend Roberto made it for me, taken when i was drunk)

    Theres something eerie about those images, but thats why i keep staring.

  22. im in the pole dancing class with Sir Regie if you need me ok.

  23. Amazing on so many levels... the macabre, the humor the intermixed moments of surprise, dread, and the surreal.

  24. ok, this is full on creepy, you got your twisted-ness back pretty quickly there Mr. Finnie, you seem to be able to switch back and forth pretty easily now, kind of Jekyll and Hyde-ish I think ;) ... and I am two days late commenting! what it up with that? You keep sneaking them by me somehow! LOL. I think an elephant could sneak by me right now, too much Sudafed or something, I was taking care a sick child and now I am sick.

  25. Andrew, please, you write on the blog of one you want, and signatures as you want, you should never say sorry to me. Here, I'm strange.
    The mistake was mine, since I knew nothing of Sir R. and thought it was someone trying to get into the game. (But without the right cards) I understand myself. I apologize.
    Another issue, tell me please: Why you write me in Catalan? A language is fun, but unfortunately I understand unless to English, ja ja! maybe I can understand some Chinese.!

  26. Twisted and beautiful,as usual!
    Thank you for your comments and observations! Yes, it seems my blog is hard to find, I've already been told so. It's probably my server's fault: it's not as international as "Blogger". I might change of server but for now I'm happy with its friendly-user quality. And don't worry about the comments on my blog: to have just a few, wonderful people like you stopping by every once in a while is enough to make my day!

  27. ok Mr Finnie, get your spectacles out, I need you to check out the picnic ants again! Thanks in advance!

  28. oh by the way have you seen this guys (http://nenent.blogspot.com/) work? just thought you might like it

  29. Great job!
    Picture perfect and amazing!
    Your talent is fantastic!
    I loved!

  30. WOW, amazing yet again, Andrew. Your work just takes me into another world...I am transported to a different time and place and a feeling of an adventurer when I view the details in your art. The images can jolt because of their arresting qualities, and then delight...truly something very different from any other artist I've come across.

    Thank you so much for your kind words..it means a lot to me to hear from my artist friends and through all of these many months blogging, I feel that I couldn't have brought this to life without all of your support and feedback. Thanks my friend!

  31. I've always loved Jack in the boxes, but disembodied doll parts creep me out :) Wonderful escape from reality as always Andrew!

  32. Andrew, thank you very much for your concepts.
    Sometimes when you do things passionately (happens to me) does not think about what is being done, draw or paint almost mechanically, the result is changing as the work grows.
    then all those things you see in my paintings, I think they are possibly the purest graphical subconscious. (I hope Mr Google has translated correctly). Thanks for letting me see myself.
    The girl with the table is my eldest daughter in NZ where she lives.
    Oh. please, I can not believe what you said about the change of icon!!
    Thanks again. (Can I say: a hug?)

  33. Stop ruminating spit it out already!

    Heheh. :))

  34. Hi Andrew, recently I read your comment about the beer, look here and you'll see how we drink beer where I live, haha.

    Ah, Japanese flyer was no fool!
    (Japanese girls do not have moustaches?. They are very rare then!)
    Argentine men are afraid of women with a rolling pin, but when we arrived late and they are waiting behind the door. But now there is a new design for smooth rolling pin, can give you in the head three times you feel no pain.
    I think the winter is going, today there was a maximum temperature of 8 degrees.
    see you soon.


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