Jul 12, 2010

Troll under the Trees


Well yesterday, in the pursuit of happiness and the Australian Dream, I went for a drive to Lake Maquarie Gallery.

There I found a series of prints made by Australian Artists, who had allowed themselves to be overtly influenced by Japanese prints.
So I oohed and ahhed and was pretty mesmeirised. And even bought the book.
So, this afternoon, when I decided to do some scary trees, I revisited the troll under the bridge.
And this is what I found.
That the Artists who had visited Japanes prints had 'contaminated' my mind.
Well, I hope they had. :) Of course these aren't Japanes prints. But it was interesting to see the influence that they had had.
The small image above this text was the one I was in search of - as far as scary trees. But I still can't get it right!
Thank - you for looking.


  1. Wow! These images are really awesome!

  2. Hi Andrew, I told you you're a "Maker of Worlds
    And the worlds, whatever they are, are wonderful.

    (Ehhh, I only saw two), there are more out there?

  3. "Maker of Worlds", well put Roberto! I like that and I like these. Nice work, the Japanese print influence works well for you. These are truly beautiful and the lighting came out amazingly well.

  4. OwOw! the troll is there? I can't see him... I'm looking, I'm exploring those fantastic images... hmmmm... such beautiful light!

  5. Simplement magnifique... les trolls, j'aime ça! On peut parfaitement les imaginer, cachés, malgré la lumière...

  6. Pause. Yet another pause.

    I can't seem to make up my mind whether to wander inside these trees or not. I might get lost and never find a way out. :)

    Thank goodness for the light. It gives just enough vision for me to see where I should go and enjoy the blissful aura of the trees. :)

    Mesmerizing, Monsieur. The reflection on the water is divine. :)

  7. Hi Andrew!!

    I love scary trees! These are very cool, the lighting is about right...

    I haven't had much time to check blogs these days let alone do any artwork, but I'm happy to stop by your blog again, especially after your comments, hehe...

    I will be back again soon, just gotta apply more nail polish...


  8. Aha, gee thankyou for liking this. I wasn't sure about it, making the boy so hard to see, and the troll almost not there. But the leaves on the trees on the right, when they started appearing (it's like throwing a photographic paper in developer in the darkroom) they started looking like Henri Rousseau (Le Dournier)

    So I might go hunting the "Customs Officer" for some inspiration.

    Full circle.

    thanks again everyone for commenting on my work (PS Joe, good to see your head, just don't get arrested again :) )

  9. i like the softness of the whole thing...
    and also, your colors are great!!

    ps: that Joe guy really is funny

  10. Oh he is. I wasn't sure about the fingernail polish till I saw it matched his toe nail poilish :) ;)

  11. Sorry Mita, I forgot to say than kyou!!

  12. Amazing again! I had to click for the troll! Delightful.


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