Jul 9, 2010

Hansel and Gretel and The Path with No Crumbs

Been 'working up' Gretel and Hansel. I'm trying for a medieval feel - clothes, shoes, hats.
But they are both still too fat for my liking. At this point in the story the whole family is supposedly starving - which is why the kids are being dumped in the forest. But when I make their faces thinner they lose a lot of appeal.

So I kept them fat. The wicked witch of the forest will be happy!

The quote is from Grimms' tales. We all know that the brothers Grimm were a boon to western cultural history, gathering as they did folktales from so many different countries.

Their first few editions, I am led to believe, were the clean versions - "clean' meaning unsanitised versions full of innuendo, bloodshed and old fashioned rollicking peasant ribald goodness.

Later editions were sanitised to be more suitable for children and the buying public.

Sad, but good. Because, if they weren't sanitised, maybe they would have gone out of print a long, long time ago - and we would be saying "The Brothers Who?"

I included a selection of images to show you where I worked from.

Thankyou for looking. Please click rof gib if gib is your thing :).

You know, your comments make me feel great because you take the time to say something about my work.
So, though it might sound weid, in your honour, I have turned the comments off for this one.

Hopefully this will give you more time to work on your own art.
And it's also my way of thanking you for your past comments.

Does that make sense? I hope so. :) :)