Jul 21, 2010

Airship Quickie: Practicing my Crookedness, The Genuine Sieve of Eratosthenes

Well, thankyou to the talented and intelligent anon-a-mous artist who suggested "airship." My brain, unlike a sponge, is actually a sieve, and so this one nearly fell through. Fortunately the holes in my brain sieve, were, unlike The Sieve of Eratosthenes, too small to let an airship through. And as you know, an Airship is not a prime number.

Consequently I have...... an airship.
A crooked one at that.

And a crooked cluster of medieval buildings, similar to those which might have clustered around a crooked Notre Dame before Baron Von Haussman cleared the place up.

Just before I finished this image, the airship was very straight and in the plane of the viewer - and boring. I tried to distort the perspective, and that helped slightly - to make it look like it was moving away. Then I hit it with a very small amount of wave distortion. And that fixed the problem and made it sit in with the style of the buildings.

And lastly I added the birds. As an edit after the fact. What a difference a flock of birds maketh! So I included the image without birds (small image) for a omparison.

Gee, it's amazing what you learn when you should be cooking dinner - specifically I made this while I was waiting for my free range chook to cook ---- well, I nearly burnt the house down actually. But that's another story. I guess you should never hide newspapers in the oven when guests stop by on an unannounced visit.

Thank-you for looking at this. I was trying to make a post a day in July. I think I'm upto 20, and today is the 21st.... slipping!

Anyway, tomorrow is visiting day. Watch out :)

PS: thanks To Elizabeth  Seaver's advice on UV stabilisers I can start work soon on some digital transfers.


  1. An airship is not a prime number?! You've burst my bubble!

    Try hiding the newspapers in the dishwasher next time you have unexpected company...less smoke and bother.

    Entertaining reading and viewing as always, Andrew!

  2. Andrew, sorry but one airship is a prime number, like three airships, five airships, seven airships, etc.
    Two Hugs (which is not a prime number).

  3. Wow, Andrew! Another great piece. This image reminds me of why I wanted to go into children's books as a profession: the environment you've created, ie the medieval cityscape, is so inviting, so compelling, that I simply want to leave this world behind me and step into the world you've created! Prime numbers and Greek sieves aside (I had to Google your reference), this is a spectacular piece!

  4. I've been thinking all day if an airship is a prime number when it is on the ground or when flying, because I want to be precise, and have not found an answer. Maybe while the airship is flying is not, by the density of air.
    I will continue investigating.

  5. Grâce au dirigeable on peut s'envoler vers d'autres rêves...

  6. this is cool, I love airships, hot air balloons, anything that floats, but alas I am afraid of heights, maybe this is why I am fascinated with them. Still working on the new ant and nursing my child back to health...

  7. Hello Elizabeth, oh yes, I am worried... that an airship is not a prime number but I think Roberto has proved me wrong! Heh, that's funny about the nwespapers in the dishwasher/ I'll try that.!

  8. Hey Roberto, you know I think you are very right. Thankyou for the non-prime number of hugs!!! Cheers by two from Australia where it is sunny today - I am not sure on the air density though!!!!!

    Escolta Roberto, tu saps que jo crec que són molt bé. Gràcies pel nombre d'inferior qualitat de les abraçades! Ovacions per dos d'Austràlia on està avui assolellat - No estic segur sobre la densitat de l'aire si !!!!!

    I hope that makes sense!

  9. Daniel, it's wonderful to see you posting some more of your amazing work! Thank-you for looking at this work of mine. I was lucky the medieval landscape came out so well. I just crammed everything together and twisted it around so it was all bent - and crossed my fingers!

    Apologies for the Greek Sieve stuff! I was just looking for the name of the holes in a sieve - and came up with that. You think the holes in a sieve would have a name, wouldn't you? But as far as I can see, they don't!

    I hereby give them the name: 'sieveholias"

  10. Martine! Ahh I love how your mind thinks, Leo always cracks me up. I am going to study your art you know, it's so vibrant it makes me happy!

    Martine ! Ahh j'aime comment votre esprit pense, Leo toujours fait me rire tout haut. J'étudierai votre art que vous savez, c'est si vibrant qu'il me fait heureux !

  11. Karen, hya I'm glad you are still working on that piece. It's turning out a good port-folio work.
    I wish you well with sick children!

    I am too afraid of heights - but only when I look down. Of course, being a man, I cannot admit that. So the last sentence does not exist.


  12. In its long awaited first flight, i heard that the children from the local orphanage will participate in the ribbon-cutting ceremony.
    Including Little Betty.
    The poor leper girl.

  13. *Poke* Heheh.

    Having a good day?
    I will, if you give me a free flight on that airship...


  14. I like your 'crooked' piece of art...

    Imperfection gives such a depth in character, don't you think?

    Well, see ya! The Kraken needs feeding...
    Unless you want to give me a hand? :)

  15. Andrew, I have heard my grandfather mention that in 1885, when he lived in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, one day came a strange air craft commanded by Captain Robinson, will be the same?
    This picture will not have been taken at the end of the world? You know Cape Horn, where all year is terrible storms.

  16. Andrew, you are hilarious. Always blurring the line between intellect, genius talent and the looney bin! ;)

  17. its been a long time.
    youve done so many amazing posts.
    im sorry i missed them.

    just keep doing ok.

    see you tomorrow.
    i mean,
    another day.

  18. i see that you and Roberto hug so often.

  19. Bad luck Andy, Lakhsmita has discovered that you and I are in the ICHA (International Club Hugger Anonymous).
    From today I will leave my comments like Anastasy de Bourbon (to hide)

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Lakhsmita not be jealous because she wants to belong to the Club?

  22. aawww Roberto just called you "Andy"...so sweet...

    ok sorry, im outta here.

    oh but, can i join the club?

  23. Heh, I'm sorry I just read everyone's comments and I am too busy laughing to say anything reasonably intelligent :)

    thankyou for the pokes and hugs and noting the fine line between sanity and not sanity :)


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