Jul 2, 2010

Illustration Friday: Giant (The Witch, the Dog and the Giant)

The Witch, the Dog - and The Giant Locked in a Jar


Well in this story a small witch named Lynx and her dog Laiska go for a walk in the deep dark forest. There they discover the ancient vine covered stone ruins of a Druidic temple. And inside the ruins they find a kind but stupid Giant locked in a glass jar. The Giant has been there for three days, and not only is he getting hungry and running out of air, he really needs to make a nature stop. His captor is an evil wizard named Cedric Balsamic Jnr.

Should Lynx find the golden key that the giant needs to be free, the Giant promises her free piano lessons for the rest of her life.

Lynx, who doesn't like the piano at all, promises to do her best.

That night on the way back to her auntys Griselda's place (where Lynx is staying for the summer holidays), effected by a small golden topped mushroom she has eaten,  Lynx falls into a swollen brook at the forest edge. 

Her faithful Laiska, fresh from being rescued in  outer space by Robert Jordan Jnr, does her best to drag Lynx from the swollen brook. 

But in vain.

Lynx, dragged under water by the amazing amout of underwear she has been forced to wear by the SFYWWBU (the Society For Young Witches to Wear Big Underwear) dissappears under the swirling deep dark and treacherous waters.

Of course the plot questions at this point are:

Will Lynx be seen again? What will aunt Griselda tell Lynx's mother Jane? Will the Giant make the next football game at Sydney stadium? Will Laiska be captured by the evil Russians and sent back into space in Sputnick 67? Will Finnie fix up his typos? Or will he stop making up silly stories and go and mow his lawn?

Only time will tell.

(to be cont.)

This little girl was inspired by Bella's work. Amazing artist that she is.
The columns and vines by Maxfield Parrish - whose work I admire greatly.
The Giant? Well that's Ralph. I've had him for a while and never used him.
I plan to Ralph out this afternoon for a while so he feels better.
You can read about the SFYWWBU here.

thanks for looking. :)


  1. Yes Lynx does look a bit Bella inspired. Another fine yarn my friend Andrew! You must be a riot around the campfire! I think I dated a member of the SFYWWBU once... she may have been the president ;o) Love the look of the giant in the jar. Well i guess we have the Jolly Green Giant in a can.... Oooooo I just noticed that i am number one this week Woo Hoo!!! I'm always completely entertained every time I stop by.... Thanks Andrew!!

  2. Hah ha ! That's very funny Jack :) "I think I dated a member of the SFYWWBU once... she may have been the president ;o)"

    Thank you for your kindness!

  3. this illustration is fantastic in every detail!
    design, color, textures, prints, hair, the dog, foliage, scenery ... ultimately, everything!
    super! :)

  4. Bella Sinclair looks great in red hair! I also like how she tiptoes, very Bella Sinclair-creature-like. Ralph the giant looks like he needs fresh air and a good stretch. Amazing imagination! Absolutely fantastic illustration.

  5. Toujours aussi fascinant... et j'adore l'imagination débordante...!

  6. Alright Andrew, you are being very selfish now, I have had to be on your blog for the whole of the morning just to get caught up on all I have missed. This is great. I love the giant and the atmospheric/mystical effect. Ok, I have to go do something else now!

  7. Wow Andrew! Everytime I pass through here my mouth keeps opened for an hour...

    Thanks for your words!

  8. You know what I love most about this? it's how the whole air seems to be penetrated with mist and sparkles. Even the glass looks like a fine layer of extended veil (no, not that kind of veil! :)).

    Well, it's captivating.

    And as for your story telling, I've learned my lesson not to make too much sense of it, especially when there are a lot of misspellings involved. (^-^)

  9. Heh, thankyou all so much for looking at my work and taking the time to comment! I appreciate it greatly.

    I even fixed up the typos :)
    Well I think I did. :)

  10. By the way, thankyou for the kind words as well!!!!

  11. This is absolutely stunning. I would love to see the rest of the story. Where would such a giant jar come from? Must have been some massive pickles!

  12. Wow! Your work is so beautiful!
    The textures and colours are great!
    Thanks for dropping by to my blog and I really appreciate it!

  13. hello Andrew, the little witch with red hair is pretty :)
    but why isnt she wearing black?

  14. Hi Andrew, I think I dreamed that I left a comment here and I was convinced that it was, so much so that I felt that this illustration had already seen. So I came and saw that I had not really left comment, now I have doubts if I dream it or not. or if I'm dreaming I'm writing a comment.
    I have to wait and see if I wake up, then come to see if it actually left a comment

  15. the whole and the elements are wonderful,
    but the bowl is awesome ...
    congrats and a hug!

  16. WAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! So THIS is why Ces told me I dyed my hair red! Hahahahaha! Well, my friend, I am quite honored. And blushing, but partly because you have discovered my penchant for big underwear. And yes, 'tis true. I dated Jack Foster once. ;D

    Gorgeous setting! What an imagination you have. I can see this becoming a new favorite fairy tale.

    And I must say, I think I am enamored with Ralph. He looks appropriately warm and fuzzy. I do hope he gets out of his bell jar, though. Quite coincidentally, I hate spiders. And no, that is not a non-sequitur. Hear me out. I hate spiders, and I hate squishing them even more. So when I find them crawling on the ground, I place a large heavy bell jar on top of them until they.... well, you know. Poor Ralph. He is not a spider.


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