Jul 7, 2010

Australian Drop Bear Attacks English Tourist, Circa August 15, 1886.

It's rough on your feeings being a "Drop Bear" in Oz.
This post under the influence of pseudo-ephedrine. :)


  1. Good God! Don't you sleep????!! This is what? The 30th posts so far since you caught that cold??!

    Pseudoephedrine, eh? Hhm. How come I don't get the same effect as you do? You've been mixing it with something else, haven't you? Aaaa... I see...

    Well, under influence or not, I'm quite amazed, you know. I find my head shaking each time I see a new work, including this one. The face expression especially. :))

  2. Well, I think you produce so much that in order to have time to leave a comment we will add a few more hours in front of our computer!
    Always first class work.!!!!

  3. Andrew, I can't keep up with you! Every time I log on there is another post with new work AND I am late looking at it. Good grief man, get some rest! Maybe you should look into some homeopathic remedies and lay off the epinephrine for a few hours so you can sleep. LOL, just kidding, lots of wonderful work here, you are lucky you can work sick, I can't seem to do anything when I am sick. Drink lots of water with all that pseudo-ephed-stuff or you will be delirious from dehydration!

  4. I love pseudoephiderine but I prefer to eat peach ice cream instead of paint when I am under the influence.

    Hey! You swore on my blog. HAHAHAHA! I like it that you sounded distraught. Makes me feel very important. Actually I need your feedback. I want someone who can be honest with me and I like your pedantic analysis of my sguiggles and squirts.

    This koala bear is so cute but but pops up there looks petrified!

  5. how do you work so fast?
    seriously how?

  6. Heh, thak you for commenting everyone.!!!

    I must apologise that I am posting so much. I have all these creatures in my closet -screaming to get out.

    You see when I am too tired to make illustrations I prepare characters. Which means I design their faces paint their faces clothes etc. I then put them in the cupboard while I go and have a glass of wine.

    I am concentrating on building up a store of medieval characters - so this chap, even though he is wearing that hat, is actually medieval. And the Koala? People think that they are cute - so I thought I'd make him into the dreaded 'drop bear" - who drops out of trees on unsuspecting English Tourists :) hehehehe!

    Thank you for the advice on getting better too. Water - there should be more of it! :)

    And this is a true story by the way. In a moment the Koala, normally a quite animal, will smell the Englishmen's blood (like the fefifofum giant) and turned into a terrifying, wide eyed, canine teeth seething ball of fluff :)))

    Thank you again, seriously!

    cheers :)

  7. Andrew thanks for your kind words, but I do not think my last watercolors are saved from the fire that will light this evening in the fireplace when the sun goes down behind the mountain!!!!
    Thanks for your analysis helps me to the next works.

  8. Always amazing, mate! BTW, do you have any idea on Mike's condition or where he may be reached?
    And the new MAD site...legit, right? I'm always a little skeptical when things change.

  9. would you like to draw some moths someday?

  10. Hi Andrew, today I was a little spying your blog. is a way of saying, because I think the rules are these, if I put something in my blog-after-the blogs are public-then-all can enter, view and to said your opinion. (There is the option to moderate comments, already know)
    Well I was watching and discovered Underwater, very well done!
    but I tried to see the other videos and could not??
    I also saw your paintigs ... well, a pleasure.
    I made some attempts expressionists. I'll show something one of these days.
    Do not leave W & N neglected, she need pampering, from time to time, when she get angry, betray you!!! HA ha ha

  11. The expression is perfect! Thank you. This made my day.

  12. Can I just tell you that you are so crazy AMAZING!!!!!!! How on earth do you do it???? I know , if you tell me you'd have to kill me. he he he he!!! Hope that all is well with you. Take care.

  13. Hey Roberto, it's great to look at the works, because the harder you look, the more apparent their strengths - and I learn something. I'm sorry if they go into the fire. Sometimes if you were to look at them later you will see their other beauty?

  14. Pat!!! Thankyou. I had this chap, he had a fuuny face. What's he need? I asked.

    The answer was a drop bear....

    Mike, no nothng about Mike I am afraid. I fear the worst as I don't think he would let the side down for so long if he were able to do something. You know he was going for a big cancer operation?? :(

    The new Mad site .... I actually hunted down squirrel girl on the off chance she had the password for the site. Her response was to atart a new MAD. Only time will tell. It would be better if there were more than one admin.

    Hope you are working up some more great watercolours :)

  15. Hey Mita, I would love to do moths. What kind would you suggest? I live in a house where if you stand still the moths will eat your clothed (well the larvae will) :(

  16. Roberto, thanks for watching that Video. They are using in the Canberra technical college in one of their training courses. They were kind enough to give me money - which I spent!!!!

    I'll check on those other video's. To be honest, they are not very good. As I am not patient - as an animator should be. Close enough is never good enough for animations.

    I would like to see some of your expressionist work.! To paint in such a way is good, because your soul does the painting (mine are often black) :)

  17. M.M.E. Thank you. I really like the way you work with "The Keeper of the Jackalopes" and the style of the Peter Pan cut outs. It reminds of old fashioned and good. (which is a complement!)

  18. Hi Vanessa :) Thank you for your kindness. To tell you the truth, I am not really an artist like yourself when I do this. (more the pity) I am a technician and a filter with an addiction to pseudo ephedrine and the dream world?


  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. So you are a technician AND a filter? (^-^)

  21. Say, could you fix mine? It's been working too hard, I think it's exhausted. Or maybe we could trade? :))

  22. Thysania agrippina (White Witch Moth) and Actias luna (Luna Moth) would be great.

  23. ive seen one of the videos before!
    remember misery is a butterfly?
    okay no :-/

    why have you turned the comments off?
    are you sick of me?

  24. Well Andrew, I must first thank you, "talented artist" runs on your own
    Well, I've seen all the videos, one by one, and are very good, I must say I liked some more than others.
    Nosferatu, is short but moving.
    The film "Alice ..." yours too? ja ja an Oscar for all!
    Hiroshige, very good, also very touching.
    Fly I think, for me, is my favorite.
    Moonlight is pure poetry ..
    Celtic Voices, very good music!.
    I liked the music you have chosen all very successful.
    really, thank you very much, again, it was a pleasure to see this:
    I've noticed how sensitive you are as an artist;

  25. Holy cheese and antipasto! I think I've struck the Finnie mother load! I feel like Rip Van Winkle. There must be some sort of conservation-of-blog-energy thingy (and yes, "thingy" is the scientific terminology for it). You have enough new posts to make up for Ces's blog break.

    Mr. Finnie, I was delighted to see Hansel and Gretel again. The forest is spooky and eerie to perfection! And the top fisheye image makes me think that the witch is watching them through her crystal candy ball. Or the candy peephole in her candy door.

    You know, I've been eyeing the Grimm collection on my bookshelf. You make me want to revisit all those stories.

    And then your animation shorts! Briefs? Boxers? Anyway, they are wonderful! I can see you put a lot of hard work and hours into them. The one about poor R2D2 made me laugh. I'd like to see Jaime from Get Smart make a cameo in the sequel.

    The motion in the Claire de Lune piece was graceful in all the toppling. My husband, whenever he saw a piano, would stop and play the intro to that piece. So that made me smile.

    And the Drop Bear! BAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! I first heard about the drop bear last year. Hysterical! I often hug my food before tearing into it, too.

    Okay, onward! There's much to see here.

  26. Aaaw this is too confusing!


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