Jul 3, 2010

Jack and the Bean Stalk

Well the first Giant post was a little too child friendly for me. It made me feel all warm and cuddly.
So I thought, who deserves to get it today?
Answer: Jack!
You know, Jack wasn't just a thickhead (he sold his mum's cow for a couple of beans) he was a recurrent thief and a murderer.
In other words, just a typical everyday fairy tale hero.
Mind you, the Giant's wife was playing up as well.
Can't say I blame her.

While making these images I decided that I like Jack.
He's feeling pretty confident in this shot, running off with the bag o' gold.
Reminds me of:

Jack be nimble,
Jack be quick,
Jack jump over
The candlestick.

Wait till he gets tto the edge of the table and finds out his ladder has vanished ------
It's a big table. He might be a flat Jack when he hits the floor.

Interestingly Wiki tells me Fi fi fo etc is the equivalent of "Oh poo!".
Sort of puts a new light on the evil giant if he goes round saying "Oh poo! What is that smell?'"
I like the traditional version better.

Thankyou for looking again.
Tomorrow for me is blog visiting day. Watch out!


  1. Ouch!..run Jack, run!...or it is going to be pretty painful.

  2. Andrew, well you handled the light, the color, the climate.
    Spectacular atmosphere.
    Giant Somehow reminds me of a cartoon character called RanXerox, from magazine of the 80s Metal Hurlant. It is not similar, but do not know why I brought it to memory. Perhaps because of the violence, RanXerox was very violent.
    Un abrazo, chau

  3. Well! "Oh, Poo!" puts a whole new twist on Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum! I don't think YOUR giant would say that! I love your image overall, but am particularly enamored of your cropped close-up. Nice piece!

  4. Oh, poo!
    My face is black and bloo
    Thanks to yoo
    Toppling that bowl of goo

    Now fetch me my stoo
    and put away that cuckoo
    Or else I'll swat yoo
    and you wouldn't have a cloo!!

    (So the Giant invited Jack to his little nosh-up of stoo, bangers, jellied eels and gherkins. Though they don't live happily ever after because The giant decided to use jack as the topping for his warm pudding at the end).

    ...Sorry, you don't usual make sense with your stories yourself, so I figured, may as well join the party. Hehe. :))

  5. Heeyyy!!! Your word verification was "ablesod"!!!! BAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAAAA...!!!!

  6. Anyway, I love how you seem to be playing more with lights. All the mists, sparkles and light streaks shining through look wonderful. Would you be offended if I use the word 'enchanting'? Better than 'warm' or 'cuddly', right? Hehee..

  7. Cool work!

    Are you really 98 years old? ;)

  8. well, you got your "creepy" back quickly, this is awesome Mr. Finnie! That is one creepy faced giant. Jack had better hope he runs fast or bread he will be. Bone meal bread, yuk! How did they come up with this stuff?

  9. How excellent with a little not-so-nice-fairy-tale. There´s too much "cute " in the world. Although I have to admit, it´s much less of a problem than all the evil that is also overflowing...
    What else?
    Oh, yeah.. Excellent work! :-)

  10. im wondering...
    how does the blood of an English man smell like?

  11. Hey, quick as aflash me here. 98 years old pascal? I forgot about that! Yes I admit it!!

    Hya Maria - nice to see your sparkling face! I think Jack gets away! I hope you don't mind - I did an underpants illustration a few posts ago and linked to your pole dancing image....

    Daniel, I just went and visited your scary Giantess - talk about scary! I think I'd rather be running from the guy above :) aaaaaaargh :)

    Amalia - your posts make sense to me, does that worry you? :) But seriously - you and Jack could team up on a rhyme book !!!! :)

    Mita!! :) Well, it probably smells like mine, but of course, me being half Irish, mine would be sweeter ....

    Not so keene about being eaten with jam and bread though :)

  12. Oh, yes, yes! I am notorious for going around, saying, "Oh poo, what's that smell? I should like to put that into my food and eat it."

    Whoa, what an awesome giant! He's not only big, but he's uuuuuuuugly. Man, look at those teeth! And he's very shiny. He seems to be very well manicured, though. He gets points for that. Plus, he has good taste in kitchenware.

    Jack always disturbed me a little, too, being the recidivist thief that he was.


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