Jul 16, 2010


Well, for those of you who don't know Monday Artday, the artist running it, a great guy called Mike Baker, has recently been battling doctors and scalpels and radiotherapy and sickness. He vanished for a while and I must admit, I'd thought the worst, but he reappeared a few days ago with Mark Twain's indomitable
"The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated."

Mike says: Life has been rough but I'm planning on sticking to it for a few more decades. I still have cancer. It's moved to my liver. The chemo is working but it leaves me sick, in pain, nauseous, tired, and with a constant bad taste in my mouth. And I'm bald. But I have friends and family supporting me all the way and I'll be whipping this stupid disease in 2010. One more operation and a few more chemo treatments.
He's a brave man and a good bloke and if you have a moment to spare I'm sure he'd love your well wishes.
You can put them here if you like.

Thanks a lot!

You probably wonder what this has to do with an elephant standing on a stool, being scared by a mouse.

Absolutely nothing :)

It's just that I was at work today and this little kid bit me on the foot while I was trying to get away from his brother who was carrying a small calibre handgun thingy in one hand and a kind of sharp stick with a pointy metal bit on one end....

And so I thought I'd come home and do this image.
To get them back, kind of.
The mouse is me.
The elephant is the kid who bit me.
His brother is hidden under the elephant's foot.......

No, that's not right!
I am the elephant; the kid is the mouse.

Hmm, silly me!
And the dogs? Oh they are just for 'cute." (To make up for Uncle Arthur's Doinke.)
Thanks for looking.


  1. Wow-- I love this! And those dogs are most certainly doing their job-- being cute! The big guy has such balance, I do say, and that little dickens is surely taunting, Nyah, nyah, na, na, nyah!!!

    I think it ought to help to cheer Mike up-- thinking of you, Mike!! Be well.

  2. Yes, I know Mike baker. I wish him well. I used to do Monday Artday when Bearuh was running it.

    Andrew, this is my new favorite. I like this over the panty-less girls. This elephant represents what my life is like right now.

    Have a good day, Andrew. Thank you for keeping us entertained and delighted with your creations.

  3. I love this Andrew; it is so much fun! You know how much I love circus and carnival themes... I was glad to see that Mike had posted so thanks for posting about it. I had only been checking in occasionally. Yep, this one is definitely one of my favorites.

  4. Well, Andrew, until today I turned on my computer and opened into Gmail, but from that moment I already have my computer configured so that when I turn, automatically go to: http://andrewfinnie.blogspot.com/

  5. Well, you know, I'm trying to stay away, but I heard the trumpet of an elephant in distress and I had to come running. Gorgeous skin. I would never try to smooth out that beautifully wrinkled skin with lotion. And I'm too busy admiring all the twists and turns and grades of shadow to notice the mouse.

    Goodness, sir, you are a powerhouse of creativity!

  6. What about Andrew?
    only five comments on this beautiful work, which is spectacular?
    People are still asleep?
    It will be because it's Friday?.
    Or are giving lollipops in other blogs?
    Have a good weekend.

  7. Hello, thankyou everyone for saying good things about this one. I wasn't sure about it - I guess I have no taste ;) Just kidding.!!!

    Krista, that is very funny. The Nyah, nyah, na, na, nyah!!! Oh I think the chair is about to break!!

    Ces and Bella, I am honoured that you have both come out of retirement to pop in! I was going to give the elephant an umbrella with polka dots :)

    Karen, thankyou. Circus is fun. I think doing them as images is more 'funner' than going? I don't know. Maybe I should go to the circus??? :)
    (Maybe I belong there)

    Roberto, thankyou very much!!! That makes me happy (Ps would you like a lollpop?)

    :) :)

  8. wow exllnt wrks man.....n lightin too

  9. Well, it's good to see that you have finally let Doink out for fresh air! Pheww!!! The poor guy must need a lot more than that... :D :D :D

    Now. Mr. Ellypants, I like very much. Looking very distinguished with all the wrinkles. They do that, you know? Wrinkles? You should see mine, they're quite something! Ha! :))

    And congrats on joining the circus, by the way. Make sure you keep the lions' cage shut! :D

  10. Always a treat to see your work, Monsieur. Especially on cold windy days.. :D

  11. Your job sounds seriously dangerous, Andrew. I'm glad you have a chair to stand on when the mice with pokey sticks get thick on the ground (or was it sharp sticks with which to make elephants stand on chairs; or was it...)

    Be well, Mike.

  12. hello silly you :D
    just wondering, why are they 6 images of elephant?
    heheh, sorry for the silly Q ;D

    i like the mouse.
    no, that's not right!
    i like the elephant.


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