Apr 20, 2019

Happy Easter

Imagine if there were no Christ and no Christian Church, how many amazing works of art would never have been made, how many Cathedrals would never have been built, how many wars would never have been waged...
Or instead of being Christians we might be Mithritites, studying the path of Mithras and killing bulls at 'Easter'.
Bloody business, being human, regardless of who your God is - and that is usually a quirk of birth.
This is a variation of a small portion large digital work I made a few years ago. 

Happy Easter. 

Hope your God is treating you well.

Apr 16, 2019

Rocket Man over Medieval City

More digital work …

The first with minor adjustments:

the second before c and c

c and c is your friend :)

Apr 11, 2019

More on The Pulp Fiction Cover

Don't blame me. Blame Pulp Fiction Inc.

Start of a Pulp Fiction Cover: "The Lady Killer Wore Beige."

better to make it big than make it small


"Two Pines in a Yellow Forest" - digital work 2019