Apr 23, 2012

i love my opioids

sorry to be gone again 
s day came and went.
stands for shoulder day. 
now i have so much to say
and only two fingers to say it with.
heh ;0
s also stands for
subscapularis tendon 
ever heard of it?
me neither 
well not till a few weeks ago
when subscap breaks
they can reattach it with screws ?
(s stands for)

thank goodness for surgeons

afterwards they put your arm in a brace so you don't tear the tendon away
again - which would be silly (another 's' word)
so these images were done left handed. 
like the typing.
the monkeys are puzzled for illustration friday.

the next couple are for height .... well at least i think they are 

i'd be lying if i said that i knew what mice had to do with anything, but i just had the urge to entertain the cat... anyway, my brace comes off in six weeks, so if i comment on your blog in a taciturn manner it doesn't mean i didn't want to grargle on like i usually do

i'm using voice control for keyboard shortcuts but un fortunately the dictation software with vista doesn't like my australian accent

but before i go a brief commercial break

i really want to tell you about endone - it's an opioid they give you and it's just unreal,
trouble is,
you need to lie down in bed and put a seatbelt on thats firmly strapped to the matress,

before you 'drop' the tablet and then hold on to the sides of the bed
its like dreaming in blueray with dolby 7.9 surround sound


but seriously, thankyou for visiting, i hope you are well



ps heres a pic of a subscap tear that i didn't make (image from here )
and some great yucky pics here of the biceps tenodesis 

thanks to everyone who wrote and sent good wishes :) much appreciated!

Apr 2, 2012

The Master Race

Well, if you've been around blog-land for a while, you might have guessed, from certain slip-ups on my part, that I had blue eyes.
And that of course makes me part of the 'master race'.
You might think it's easy being part of the master race - but in fact it's a lot tougher than you think.

For one thing, if you leave me out in the sun too long, my beautiful pale alabaster-like skin goes an interesting pink colour.

And if you take me out on sunny days you won't see how blue my eyes are - because my face will be screwed up against the glare so much you'll just see slits.

Of course people with blue eyes are higher up on the evolutionary scale than people with brown eyes. 
Everyone knows that. 
Well, everyone who's never had a chance to read a book on iris evolution.

The truth is, us blue eyed people ... well, we're... er....  mutants. 
Plain and simple. 

You see, originally we humans had three layers of pigment on our irises.

The bottom layer was blue, the middle layer some yellowy browny hazel colour, and the top layer a deep velvety chocolate colour.

And somewhere along the way we blue eyed people have lost the outer two layers of pigment.

You can still see it sometimes in a bio-microscope - you'll see little islands of brown sitting up above the sea of blue. (Here's an image from this site to illustrate).

Well, while we are on the subject, did you know I almost went to Vietnam?
If I'd been three years older my number would have come up.

So the chap in the top image is me, born three years earlier, in another country, to people who still had three layers of iris pigment.

He was lucky enough to return home.

Thank you sincerely to everyone who commented on my last post. I've been working my b$#@5om off trying to finish a project before "S" day - which will happen in about two weeks.
I'll be round to visit soon.

And let you know what "S" day is on my next post :)

see you!