Apr 19, 2010

Illustration Friday: 'The Detective'

Hot on the Case of the Fossilized Dog

Just a quickie today. There's a story that goes with this, thanks to Ginger Nielson, artist extra-ordinaire, amongst others  for suggesting a continuation. Be back ASAP with the goods.

Thanks to everyone who commented on the last post, be back tomorow, ran out of time :( uggh BIg apologies. And looking forward to checking everyone's work... make sure they havn't been slack..!

Out of interest, the first image is using Poster Edges filter in photoshop. Adds a bit more hand made look?


  1. Awesome! Your 3d illustrations are incredible!

  2. wow this is incredible so life like. good job

  3. These are some of your best! Fantastic. I loved staying here and inspecting along with your detective. Every shadow, texture and subtle addition is perfect but never too much. You knew just when to stop.

  4. Hey Andrew! Another fantastic piece my friend! Your work is so amazing. I can't just look at it... I have to stare and oooo and awe... It's so interesting and stylish. That poster edges filter is cool! I could never quite figure it out... you did!!!

  5. cool, the story continues ;) I love the back view with the smoke coming up, awesome work Andrew

  6. to this mister:

    ...deas bualadh leat :))

    till we meet again mons!
    oíche mhaith,

  7. Well, I like this one. he reminds me of Gilligan!

  8. bravo, Andrew! This is a feast for the eyes, especially all the different views. I love the one with the arm outstretched and the close-up on the detective's face (great skin texture there!). The eyes have a real quality in them, the strain of looking at that mysterious pooch, I suspect!

  9. Vraiment très bon travail... j'adore les expressions et l'atmosphère... J'écris en français!! autrement je crains que mon anglais soit inspecté à la loupe!

  10. Your work is awesome-- there is always a mood--love the smoke!

  11. Wonderful work. Very moody.

  12. thanks for the comment. im checking out your tutorials today. i work with photo shop but i am indebted to the lovely accidents i get.
    !! you bend the program !!

  13. Just wonderful!!! I love all of them :o)

  14. Hi Andrew, there are a couple of awards for you on my blog :)

  15. yes... didnt you just curse me?
    why did you do that...?
    im reading "How to Break a Curse for the Beginner"... :((

  16. Quickie? QUICKIE??? Pfffft. Your work is astoundingly detailed. Gawd, that smoke is gorgeous. Your work is like that of a cinematographer, and these are the stills of a heavily-anticipated mystery movie.

    Say, you ARE playing detective, aren't you. I see you discovered the whereabouts of the doctor's hand.

  17. Awesome, awesome, awesome Sir Andrew! I was going to say everyting Bella said, now what can I possibly add to this discussion - BELLA! Oh well, that's what you get for being late eh? Oh, I know, I love the new photo of you standing in front of your awards - nice addition - speaking of which I still need to add your tim/renee award to my blog - will get to it eventually. Also thanks for checkingon me, I really appreciate your support. I'm trying to catch up, seems like it will take a lifetime!

  18. Fantastic perspective on these! Some of your finest work Andrew... Bravo!

  19. Wonderful, Andrew...wow, you are so very talented. I think this is one of my favorites of yours! Many thanks for the kind words at my blog..I've been so delayed at checking in on friends and visiting. Thank you for swinging by as it's always great to see what you've been up to. Hope you contribute to TheyDrawAndCook! : )

  20. Hey! is this the same dog that was raising his hind leg back at the cemetery??? Good thing Mr. Holmes is here to examine him... (or is it a pretend Sherlock Holmes outfit? hehehe). Well, I'm sure I don't have to say much about this, only that your marvelous details put the peacock to shame... Bravo, Monsieur Finnie!

  21. ...
    i hate that.
    you know what i mean.

    btw you can delete this comment if you want.
    im not yelling, im ok.

  22. and why are you upside down?
    I SAID:
    W H Y
    A R E
    Y O U
    U P S I D E
    D O W N
    ? ? ? ? ? ?

    thats me, yelling.
    no, do not delete this comment.


  23. oh good you didnt delete it.
    because im still hating it.

  24. i love how you've set up a scene and gone around it with the camera to illustrate a series of snapshots .... great works and the edges in photoshop add a special feel to the images ...

    I am still not quite sure what the Illustration Friday means but then i am a bit slow ?

  25. I heard there was a quickie here?

    What the heck happened? As if that nose job than did not pan out was not enough, you have to make me dizzy with that upside down avatar!

  26. You are a tease! I prefer the picture with the awards on the sidebar.

  27. I am starting to like the new avatar. He is very handsome. The nose job was a success! Hey, where's the visiting nurse or the home health nurse?

  28. Reg looks like he is worried about the Attack of the Stone Fleas.

    Word verification:stonico

  29. Hi Andrew, this is ace! Hehe, I also had a notion to do a detective in a deerstalker hat with a pipe, but didn't go through with it in the end! I like the connection to the earlier fossilised dog post too. Very good fun...

    As for me, I'm a bit chaotic at the moment, hope to get back to posting at some stage in my life. In the meantime, I'm perfectly happy looking at your work. See you soon...

  30. Hello, gee I just sat down to answer everyone's replies, and it was turning into a book.

    I must really apologise.

    Thankyou all very much for looking at my work and taking the time to check it out and comment.

    I'm sorry that I didn't reply to everyone. I do my tax every three years and never pay the water bill on time, so I'm just hopeless at keeping up.


    All I can say is thanks again.

    It amazing me how people see the details.
    And I've learnt a lot from everyone's responses to this. I'll try to keep work clean, but full of details. What a balance!

    By the way uilenspiegel Illustration Friday is available here:


    It's just a fun way of geting your eye in.

    see you :)


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