Mar 12, 2010

What goes around, comes around, Rub a Dub Dub

Well I've been thinking of getting some of my illustrations out in the real world for a while. So this one is painted on canvas about 92 cm by 120 cm. It's a still a WIP as I have to solve the compositional problem of the candlestick maker's face and right hand, plus sort out the sky a wee bit. I also have to take some reference images for the hands and clean them up a little - not too much as I want the faces as the main details. I've been using some new glazing techniques with the acrylic and working opaques into the glazes while they are still wet, so it's been fun. The little chap's face on the right, the baker, isn't quite so much in your face in real life. Thanks for looking, be back on line in a few days after my vegie garden is planted. 

Below is the painting at the studio. Apart from the clowns in the background, the other paintings belong to another member of our group. 


  1. Your illustrations are fabulous. It is great to see them. Would you ever consider taking progress pictures so we could see the layers you work in? I love to see how people work.

    And how lovely to be planting your garden!

  2. This is going to be very nice Andrew, I really like the water and the barrel. I enjoy your nursery rhyme pieces. Good luck with the planting, I am jealous, I haven't had a garden in years.

  3. Wonderful! Must be nice to have paint all over the place again. Don't forget-- clean your brushes or you'll ruin them, and put them back in the jar bristles UP.

  4. Andrew, keep painting and showing us the wip ...this has a great start...that sea is ominous..your acrylic looks like oil from here...fabulous glazing control.

  5. I really like the colours and shapes of the characters...
    And you have 1000 profile views I just noticed :-D! Good stuff and great to see some painting.

  6. I listed your blog as one of my favorites Andrew, there is also an award if you are interested.

  7. Oh this is so difficult because I like both the acrylic and the digital. And I wish I could hear you recite the pom in your Australian accent. You have to make a video of you working and exlain what you are doing so I can hear your voie and listen to your accent. Oh goodness, I sound like a groupie but honestly, I love an Australian accent. Our project manager was Australian and I listened to every word he said! Hahaha!

  8. How great to see your painting! And how fun to compare to the digital version. They are both great, my favorite being the painted one. Even though they are the "same", they´re very different. Particularly the age of the men. In the digital tub, it looks like three boys, and in the painted tub it looks like three men. Enjoy the fresh air and earth!

  9. Very cool Andrew, I like both versions. In your acrylic painting the guys look slightly less happy! Good luck with your revisions and your garden. You're lucky you can plant one - we have waaay too many critters. We've tried everything to keep them out, but nothing works. We just don't have the patience to bury fencing underground and as a whole enclosure, which seems to be the only solution - oh well, at least the farmer's markets will be back in June.

  10. I'm having trouble reading the blackboard...

  11. You've inspired me to try acylics.:-) Nice work love the colors..

  12. Love the acrylic in particular - especially like the ripples in the water and expressions.

  13. Hello

    Sorry to be so long away. I accidently went down to Canberra to see the Musee D'Orsey show which is currently in OZ... 3 hour queues, gee, you wouldn't think Post Impressionists were so popular.... I ended up becoming a member and buying a season ticket just so I didn't have to wait.

    Elizabeth, thankyou for the kind words. I'd love to do a demonstration one day, currently I just sit and push buttons till the thing either looks okay or I run out of patience.

    Karen, thanks :) Last veggie garden I had was about five years ago. It turned into a witches gharden cause I planted Giant Marigolds instead of dwarf ones to keep the nemotodes down, then the rascally rabbits found the garden....

    Hya Krista! I'm bad with my brushes, I leave them soaking for days on end.... I wouldn't want to be my brush. But I have so many brushes that I rotate them.! No good brushes but my windsor and newton sables, and they don't go near the acrylics!!!

    Thanks Cathyann, I've been making sure I glaze with medium/ varnish between each coat of paint. Makes a big difference unless you clog up the weave.

    Hya Joe, that must have been me looking at my profile checking for spelling mistakes. Thanks for the comment on the pianting, I painted myself into a hole with the fellow at the back tho, should do thumbnails :) :)

    Karen, I just read that. Thanks for the award.

    Oh Ces, you are a charmer :) I sound just like ummm.... name an australian actor who speaks with an australian accent? Jack Thompson when he isn't being a Texan perhaps.

    Hya Janne, how is the encaustics? I just remembred what they are, I wonder if you can use them with acrylics, probably not as wax is hydrophobic?

    Hi Susan, thanks very much! I live next to the bush, but we have myxamtosis and calcivirus which kills the poor rabbits - if the foxes and the sea eagles don't get em. But we have possums... so will see what happenes. Last time the only thing that survived were the garlic chives. Hmm. Must mean something,

    Mita! Hello, love your last work, though it is very sad. On the blackboard? Have you been goode? I think it says. "Andrew, don't forget to modulate your colours." Just a reminder to myself to add either tonal or chromatic modulation to my expanses of unbroken colour. The other stuff is scribble and notes.

    Hya Celine and Hannah. Thankyou for that :) Celine, if you try acrylics, have a go with a wet pallette. You soak newspaper then place grease pro0f paper over that, then place you paint on the grease proof paper. Stops it drying out. Still there are days here where you can't paint in acrylic because of the heat.

    cheers again and my apologys for being so late in getting round to everyone's sites.

    By the way, this post was spill chicked by a dislixic New Zealanda


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