Mar 6, 2010

Circus Dog Training Camp

      I once had two dear friends who, in turn, had a dog - a Dalmation named Casper. The dog, of course, like all well bought up dogs, thought it was human. They all used to walk together - the two humans and the dog - on the beach near our house.
     Then, after a few years, things changed, as they do, life went on and careers flourished and..... a long, long time ago they all moved away.
 Since then I believe they've had three human children. So this 'illustration' is for Casper, who by now has probably moved on to the after life - and discovered that he is really a dog after all.
And it's also for my friends' three children - imaginary or not.
What's the circus have to do  with it? .....Good question.... give me a moment and I'll make up a story.


  1. I love dalmations, these pups are quite handsome - a toast to Casper! Here, here!

  2. They are quite handsome, too handsome to be real, which is a shame... I needed a few for my circus... cheers

  3. Oh, they´re adorable, Andrew! I find it quite fascinating when it´s it´s the personality or character that is important, not the details of gender, religion or species one happens to be :-) I´ve heard of many couples with dogs who get a baby, where the dog thinks he´s the "big brother". That is just so funny & sweet.

  4. Thanks Janne, it's amazing how life is so similar across the world, isn't it. I tried not to do this one but it kept calling me, like a birthday card!

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