Mar 30, 2010

The Sky Is Falling


   Okay. I've never been one for making speeches here, so please bear/bare with me as  I consult my online spellatharus (kinda like a pleothorus but with less splines) to help me make my Chicken Little speech....


Clears throat softly and sips from water glass held firmly in left hand.

  'Hello, well a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be awarded The Sunshine Award by Karen of  Puddle of Crumbs. Thankyou Karen!
   Apart from being honoured I am very flattered. Now if you haven't checked out Karen's amazing art, I'd click on this link so that you can enjoy the visual feast that is Karen's work. 

   Now, while I was ruminating on what to do with this award (yes I have seven stomachs with which to ruminate with) - that is, to whom to pass it on to, I was extremely honoured and surprised to be given The Renee Award, not once, but twice. Firstly by the incredible Ces, secondly by the just as incredible Susan. Now this is a very serious award and I thank you both - though I know in my heart I do not deserve it.
 I never knew Renee, only of   her. I would recommend a visit to her site - Renee's story is very poignant and makes me both sad - happy that she had such wonderful friends.  Please meet Renee here.

And for Ces and Susan's enticing artwork, you'll find them here. Ces and   Susan. Who needs the Musee d'Orsay when you have artists like these?

And yet, just this morning when I was still realling/reeling from everyone's kindness I discovered that I have been further blessed by Justin Segal with a Zombie Chicken award. Now this award is very interesting, as some people regard it akin to the famous Chinese blessing, may your life be 'interesting'. You can see from tiny Tim's  face in the next picture, that he too has heard this famous chinese blessing.

And lastly, I'd like to thank Tim for being kind enough to pose with these awards as I am too shy to stand on that side of the camera - especially after my nose job went wrong. Of course, if you click for big, strange things will happen - but hopefully only the pictures will get bigger, not my nose."

Happy Easter Everyone. Safe Holidays!


  1. You are so funny. I love your great sense of humor. Okay. I love what you did to Renee's award. May I please post it on my blog? Please?

  2. Ah, Andrew, you do deserve them sir! You are a gracious and kind friend with a wonderful sense of humor. Each of these awards is well deserved! I too love what you did with the awards. Fabulous and fun! I too would like permission to post your version of the award.

  3. Oh boy, poor Tim, he has to do everything! Looks like he's having fun (I think). What a crazy sense of humor I love it! Of course you deserve these awards Sir, I mean Dr. Andrew! How did you do all that it's amazing!

    Can I post your version too?! It's just too cool to not share!

  4. :D heheh... so nice...
    congrats!!! ;D

  5. Hi, i like very lot the illustration with the cockatoo. Very nice work.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog.

  6. Hah! Mita sure makes it looks like a chat room. Doesn't she? How are you Andrew? You have been very quiet. What happened to your handsome avatar?

  7. Teeeheee Andrew, you are making me chuckle! You know, you gave me that award and I never said anything about it because I started questioning myself. I actually stayed up all night to read all my previous posts to see if I ever lied. Nope, not a single untrue word. I read all 800 plus posts. Hahaha!

    And you are right about Mita inappropriately saying bloddy in my blog especially after seeing her bad butcher job!

  8. ARgh I got lost in blog land. Heh, blogland is like a big escher drawing where the stairs go round and round and meet up at exactly the same place they didn't start from.

    Sorry to be away. I had a very sad funeral to go to a long way from my home, and spent some goodtime with my family. So no blog.

    Ces I would love it if you post it on your blog thankyou ")

    Karen and Susan, thankyou again for your kindness. Of course you can post it on your blog. In fact I would be honored.

    Aha Mita, so I am silly am I? Ho, hahahargah! Umm. Let me see have you heard of the spillglewort lamscaper rodent?

    No? Well, I will have to tell you about him one day. In Oz we make a sort of relish out of him, which must be dried on the radish side of a bluebottle farm before it can be consumed. Unfortunately we can only use it on the third Thursday of months beginning with the letter 'T', and only with our famous mushroom sausages - more on that later.

    Martine: thankyou. I am glad I found your paintings. They are beautiful.

    Ces: My handsome avatar? Oh that one. Shucks. :) I was getting too many emails from strange men... well I think they were 'strange'.... Just joking.

    sorry to be so long again.

    I have some awards to give out, hmmm,,, hmmm, looks out of corner of eyes craftily.

  9. yes you're right about the babel fish.

  10. Huh? Andrew, Have you gone academic on me? Whu? I was not joking. I stayed up all night and read all 800 plus posts. i did not say content though. I just counted the posts and it helped because there was a total count on the header. Hmn...

  11. My, my, my, we sure have been busy accepting awards, haven't we?? HAHAHAHA... you sure have a way with humor! Were you by any chance a stand up comedian at some point? Maybe in another life? Well, I had a good chuckle reading this....

    Just curious, I was wondering what your studio wall looks like? ;0)

  12. Goodnight professor. Thank you for cheering me up today.

  13. Great awards post, hehe! I hope you're ok, sounds like you've had a tough time?? Anyway it's good to hear you're back now.

    Thanks for your comment too, oddly enough I had just been thinking about Breughel - I think I was more inspired by him than I originally realised. Anyway, hope to see some more of your work soon! All the best.

  14. If I design a personal award for you will you be my resident lexicon professor?

  15. Argh, I just typed the longest reply and clicked on Joes picture aaaaaaaaaaaaargh and lost it. Not that Joe isn't worth clicking on!

    So I'll just type less than a thousand words :)

    Hello Mita, yes it's true! Irish is officially english as far as Babel fish is concerned. That's mean's I will have to start calling "Tursday' , "Thursday'. How annoying is that?

    Greetings Ces, it was a pleasure and would be a pleasure, but I don't deserve another award - especi-ally as my only talent is to invent new spellings for old words - like 'expeshally' :)

    And Amalia, thankyou for your kindness. The trouble with comedians is that they spend a lot of time not geting other people's jokes because they are too busy being serious. Ahh, and my studio wall is a blackboard, full of scribbles, that only have meaning to me - as my writing is so bad no-one else can read them ....! (including me)

    Thanks Joe, your work is great, you know that? And Breughel, what an artist eh? But he was an illuminator in a way cause he told so many stories in once piece of art?

    see you :)


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  17. Don't be a tease. Don't post a new illustration that is very cool and not let me comment on it.

  18. Aha. I am silly aren't I! I forgot to click the allow comments button. Thanks Ces, I appreciate you telling me!

    I was in too much of a hurry to go for a surf!

  19. Hehe, so I suppose it's my fault you lost your reply? :-)

    Anyway I hope you're feeling better now, I hope you get happy news from now on. I appreciate your comment too, you always make me feel encouraged to do more work! And your posts are looking good... your humour shines through and gives your images life.


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