Mar 20, 2010

One Tree Sun and Moon, Tarot Card Box

This is the landscape from the last image of Red Riding Hood. It reminded me slightly of a Japanese print. The bottom two images were on the path to the finished work.

I often ask myself what will I do with my finished digital work? Hmm. So we have a mockup of a Jewellery Box.... or better still a Tarot Card Box - then there would be something to go in it....

Please click for big and thanks very much for looking.


  1. Andrew these are beautiful images. The box is one of my Favorites! Why not create one on Zazzle or Cafe Press or some other place where you can sell the work on an object. There is a mystical feel to the piece.

  2. Thanks very much Ginger. I will check out those places. I don't really think of things like that, but it would contribute to the cost of paint I think :)



  3. Those images with the trees are so so so beautiful! They're pictures I just want to get lost in. (I really like the box too).


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