Mar 17, 2010

Illustration Friday: Subterranean

"In the Cave of The Dwarven Kings"

Well there's a story that goes with this, not my story....I just have to write it. Thanks very very much for all the comments on the last post. .... cheers andrew
 The images expand if you click them.


  1. What tomatoes? What tomatoes? Are you a tomato farmer? Come back. I have not since you since the three men tried to drown themselves on a tub!

    I love this one. He does not look scary. He actually looks cute.

  2. i know what happened to him.
    it had something to do with rabbits, didn't it?

  3. i thought you've planted the pomegranates.
    thats why i dont eat the pomegranate seeds.

    ps: bean righean na brugh, yes i am.

  4. Great style and colors!! Are you working with Photoshop? Is it all digital collage? Love the light.

  5. This is amazing. Such a fun concept, and the lighting is fantastic!

  6. Cool lighting! There sure is a lot to look at. I think the spider webs really add depth to the piece.

  7. This is really amazing, good work!

  8. Wonderful job, love the fantasy touch with the light flare.

  9. Nice, I love the lighting and the webs. Thanks for the input on my newest piece. I always appreciate your point of view. I always forget something and for some reason didn't even think of a shadow this time, kinda duh on my part. You must have missed my comment about the Sunshine award.

  10. Great style. Love all the lighting!

  11. the light work is simply perfect! Really inspiring for beginners like myself

  12. Very cool Andrew! Looking forward to the story. I always love your work, but his is the most natural looking face I've seen yet - bravo!

  13. Hey Andrew! Are you a subterranean tomato farmer? Another beautiful work! You amaze me how you utilize the light and mood in your work! Hey, by the way I'm having my first give away at stop on by.

  14. I think this one sparkles! But it is on the side of wonderment. Not really scary, but I would be cautious approaching this fellow. I love the warm tones you create and the touches of detail that draw the viewer in to the worlds you create.

    We are too chilly still for tomatoes, although we did have a few last summer. This year we will grow upside down hanging tomatoes.

  15. Are you done planting tomatoes? Come out and play! Come out and play!!!

    What is Mita talking about eating rabbits? Don't eat the bunny!

  16. Great fantastical feeling with the lighting and the sparkles!

  17. Hey :)

    I'm back a bit quicker, those tomatoes needed a lot of planting!

    Thanks vdelgado. And Ces, that's very funny about the three men trying to drown themselves.

    And Mita, was I was once fast and now I am slow. It did have something to do with a magic ring he found sticking out of the road... and you are right about the rabbits of course :) Or could it have been a hare looking for the faerie queen of the palace?

    Hya Isabelle. Thanks! I am working with 3d work, then bringing the resulting renders into
    photoshop elements and adding a bit of flavour and patching them up. I'm glad I have seen
    your work. I really like the Book Cover you did (Flight of the Wooden Dancer?) and your
    Subteranean piece. Beautiful work like yours encourages me to persue collage.

    Greetings Steven, thankyou! Your spotted egg work looks like a grande lot of fun.

    Hi Rmsmi. Thanks for the comment on the spiderwebs. They were the last thing I introduced, almost an afterthought, but they seem to add a bit of nature and temporal existence to a piece. I think Hemingway used to call it 'the telling detail'?

    And Cheoriand Johana and Karen - I was thinking about the shadow, it looks great without it.
    And thanks for the award. I have to decide what to do with it!

    And Pencil Pocket the style on your site is enviable.

    And T.G. Jack and Susan and Ginger and Krista how do I insert a smiley face?

    For the light spots in this one I used fIlter>render>light onto a layer that was filled with black then changed the paremeter to "Screen" and moved the layer round till the lights were in the right place

    cheers again

    PS Ces, bunny for dinner !


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