Mar 20, 2010

Monday Artday: Castaway

Please, if you get a chance, stop by Monday Artday and wish Mike Baker (Monday Artday's Life Blood) a speedy recovery from his cancer operation.

You can post your well wishes here.

I'm sure he would appreciate it muchly!

As far as the pic? Brian the Teddy is wearing fur by Rabbit, patches by Andrew and stitches by Mrs Partlefast (who lives in flat 12a in the block of flats across the way). As you can tell Mrs Partlefast stitches by feel, rather than sight. Don't worry about Brian the Teddy's wounds, I think his story will have a happy ending. As a matter-of-fact, I can see a pirate somewhere in his future.  Of course, the future is bleak for the upstart White Bear - who appears to have the shadow of a Raven across his brow.

Once again, thanks for stopping by and thanks for clicking the image.


Andrew Finnie


  1. Arrrr, here's wishin' Teddy much luck and grog and swashbuckin' on ye high seas. Would like to know more about Mrs. partlefast....very cool piece once again Andrew!

    Hey did you know that when you do a search in google, you can go to languages and one of the choices is 'pirate' it's a riot. They also have 'Elmer Fudd' hee hee!

    Will go right to MAD and wish Mike well.

  2. Fantastic piece, Andrew — love the two bears and the contrast between them (the color difference too is really powerful — love the pale bear especially). The ravens have become a real touchstone with you in your work, very powerful stuff as you and Mr. Poe know. How are things going with the book, now that the images are done? Are you shopping it? Thinking of self-publishing on Lulu? There are so many possibilities (but I really look forward toward seeing the final product!). Cheers!

  3. Heh Susan, knew you were a good artist with a sense of hunour, but that is very funny! Thanks for wishing Mike the best.

    hya Justin.

    Nice to see you fireing on all 12 cylinders again. yes, the ravens are becoming too much a trademark? Funny you should mention the pale bear - as he is the guy i didn't texture!) I have several books of teddy bears at home which I bought for 3d work - and got strange looks fom the book shope lady when I bought them! The book is good thankyou, but I am a fiddler! Unfortunately when I shoppe it you won't see me here, as I won't have enough time to do both. So I am having too much fun playing at the moment. It will be sad when it stops :( I promised myself I'd do it in March, so am running late by 20 days. But I recently did 'sell' (rent for a year that means) an animation, accidently!

    All the best and cheers.


  4. I love this. I love this very much. This is such a gentle image and I love that mouse looking so tenderly at Teddy.

  5. Thanks Ces, you are very kind. I have to watch being kind and tender - it's against my nature as a rapscallion scoundrel :)

    arrgh me heartys as Susan said. here's to a bucket og grog .... hic, hic... up


  6. :)
    my fave is of course the raven.
    im pretty much obsessed with raven.
    i think no Andrew, dont let the story have a happy ending!

  7. speaking of tarot, the tarot says something about me this morning (i took 4 cards Major Arcana for relationship): the lover (oh, yes, believe me or not...), nothingness, beyond illusion, and the rebel.

    yeah, whatever that means.
    come and play tarot with me.

  8. Hello Mita, :) Glad you like the raven, it's a good thing to be obssssessed with (gee there is a lot of sybilance in obsssessed!) If you check the next picture, the poor teddy bear is having an unhappy ending so far.

    And the tarot... I'll have to check that one out....

    looking forward to your next work


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