Mar 28, 2010

Illustration Friday: Rescue

    Hearing of the princesse's plight, the Huntsman asked: "And why has the dragon not been killed?"
   "Ahh," the Landlord said. "Many knights have tried and all have failed. The king now has no choice but to offer his daughter's life.
   The Hunstman said nothing further. But late that evening, unobserved, he went to the rear of the tavern, where his horse was stabled. From a pack on the animal's back he drew out a well oiled package and held it carefully in his hands. Inside the package was a worn leather sheath, tattered at the edges but still bearing the marks of the Huntsman's skinning tools.
   And inside that sheath was his father's old sword.

(borrowed and illuminated from Grimm's Faerytales.)

Ps: I'll be round everyone's blogs in the next few days, so get ready :)
The last image is what the image was like pre-post.


  1. Nice one! Really love the atmosphere, the crows and swirls.

  2. I really love this one Andrew, love the whole layout, excellent! Glad you put commenting back up.

  3. Oh my gosh Andrew! How do you do it? Amazing! Your eye for detail is great and the action is incredible. I love this one and it's so perfect for the theme this week.

  4. Hi Jonas and Karen and Jack

    Thanks very much. I appreciate that. I ended up doing the double page spread last night after a glass of wine.... A nice litle French Red :) So I better check it for spelling mistakes!


    andrew :)

  5. HA! You spell better with the vino Andrew! Wow amazing as usual and pretty scary - I love all the ravens! I also awarded you the Renee Award along with Ces as you've been very supportive and helpful to me these past months and I appreciate it greatly - Cheers!

  6. Most marvelous marvelous two-page spread on this. Besides the glorious action/colors/light/etc. is the overall texture, and the framing squares. Wow. I'm SO impressed!

  7. holy cow, Andrew! Every time I think you've done the best one ever, you manage to top it with your next creation! This piece is incredible — love love the red colors, and the details are to die for (literally).

    I'm awarding you the ZOmbie Chicken Award, Sir Finnie, and you deserve it! More details on today's post on my blog!

  8. It reminds me of the time when I use to play Runescape after school! lol
    I really admire your unique style, Andrew!

  9. OOOHHH WOW,C'est super beau!!!!The colors are amazing, I'm captivated.

  10. Aharg me hearties..... err sorry, I am wearing my pirate tee shirt. Susan and Justin... thankyou so much for those awards. You are much too kind to me.

    Mita! So glad you are back. Don't hide again, okay? :)

    Coreopsis and Celine and TG, thankyou very much for taking the time to look at me work and comment!

    I hope everyone has a great Easter :). For me I am going to a funeral which is very sad.

  11. This is good fun, in the sense that it's a classic fairytale but I think you must have had a wry smile on your face when you posted it! I also like the sizes of the characters, not too overwhelming and not too crammed into the picture. Your use of colour is very good too. See you soon, must be my turn to do some work now :-)!!

  12. I´ve been out of the feed-loop for a while, out travelling. And man, have you been busy! There´s so much beauty here, even the sparkle flies in circles!

  13. Wow, these are amazing as usual! Love the red and gold colours and how the two page spread looks with the writing on it.

  14. Andrew, you just fucking never cease to amaze me. Thanks for stopping by today.

  15. Hah Joe I see you have been very busy, In think you need another award! I may have one for you... :)

    Janne, and you too, I can't keep up with your work it is so good and so varied. I wish I could talk the members of my painting group into checking it out.

    Hannah, thanks very much, it's fun doing the two page spread mimicking real life a book. It's a great monkey you have !

    Greetings Pat, it's great to see you posting again. I'm looking forward to the story you will write.

    sorry about the delay in getting back, Easter ate me in more ways than one!

    PS Mita, I'll do a game one day. Open to suggestions , it may have a witch in it so I'll need some advice :)

    see you soon

    andrew the world's best speller


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