Mar 24, 2010

Monday Artday: Monkey Variation 1

"The Medici Family Organ Grinder"

Might work this one up some more, put in some paraphanalia, not sure though. I'm trying to keep the images reasonably clean for a while. But, like Nero, I just can't stop fiddling. I made this with a strong tradional A-Frame composition. Somehow it reminds me of a lot of crucifiction paintings. Different subject matter of course.

For big, please click.


  1. The Medici family, they would have had their own organ grinder I suppose. I like the clean look, Andrew. I also really like the boy with the frog and the monkey seems to be looking at him very intently. Nice details on the cart also, I love the worn paint.

  2. Ho, ho...Andrew. You just keep doing good shit. Thanks for stopping today...and on Mita's blog...did you comment in Brogue?

  3. Thanks Karen, I was going for that nice worn medieval feel. The man's face when I morphed it was made to be a beautiful Italian youth, so that was alos fun patinating his face. I'll post the un aged face when I find it.

    Hya pat, i like the new pic! On Mita's blog, I think it's an old term for the faerie queens in their underground palace/ or on the side of a hill. It kind of matched the illustration, I think. Buried but not dead? It's good to see people's work and look at the underlying currents. Especially with so many different cultures. Grab them before the net makes us one homogenous whole?

    Good to see your new work!

  4. I like how the gentleman looks. what a cool dude!.

  5. Good luck you will need it I am artist and a illustrator and make no money at it .

  6. Hya Celine thanks very m uch! :)

    Dolls like us, thankyou for the luck wishes. Money? What's that? :) If I did it for money then I wouldn't do it.


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