Mar 2, 2010

Butterfly Hunting on an Oliphant. The Story of The Witch and the Princess.

Two sisters, one rich, one poor, one a witch and one a princess, hunt magic butterflies from atop the safety of an oliphant.
What's an 'oliphant' I hear you ask?
Well they are kind of like elephants, but more patient, and definitely not scared of magic butterflies...
So who is the witch and which is the princess? Now that would be telling....

Many thanks to Ces and Her Dishes  for suggesting today's topic :)  Please click for big.


  1. Ooooooh Andrew! What magic wand you wave! I still want to know how you do this! This is just the most intriguing art works I have ever seen. This is so cool.

    Thank you very much for this. If you don't mind, I would like to post this on my sidebar. I have so many sisterfriends in the blogs who love elephants, in fact, it is a recurring theme on my blog. I also love butterflies and once posted an illustration of the teenage me with 100 butterflies.

    You made my day.

    I am having an awful week due to so many pressures of a major project implementation, (just the usual stress - hehehe) and here I come to your blog and you make me very happy with your work.

    Thank you very much!
    Thank you indeed.


  2. I just finished viewing the underwater animation! I am running out of adjectives to describe you and that is unheard of. I always know a word or two. Okay here's one - Nonpareil!

    Have a wonderful day Andrew. Thank you again.

  3. Wonderful story and images. Very beautiful and exciting. I really like the work. It's simply magical!

  4. Beautiful work Andrew - this is unbelievably magical! The details and the texture on that pachyderm is stunning! Thanks for that suggestion Ces, oh that gives me many ideas!

    Oliphants are from Lord of the Rings, yes? Hmmm......made me think of Shelob - although no one I know likes spiders like I do.

  5. Oh wow Andrew...this piece is enchanting...what a magical feel...I love the light and the darkness...what a great the piece and among the sisters....great work!!!

  6. Andrew this is really nice, beautiful colours and shapes, makes me smile! I think your work is getting better and better.

  7. thank you for checking out my work andrew! i always love to come in here and see what you have whipped up for us....i know its always going to be something magical!!!

  8. Hi Andrew! This is really a great work!! I like the light very much! How do you make this kind of illustrations?
    I worked it on unsealed paperboard, directly with acrylics...
    Thanks for your visit! See you!

  9. Hello everyone, Thanks for looking at my work and your kind comments - they help me to try harder and hopefully improve my 'practice.'

    Ces, thanks for checking out the animation. I normally make wierd stuff, so this is unusually normal. Canberra Institute of Technology is using it in some of their lectures for inspiration - which is good :) I would more than honoured for you to stick the elephant picture on your blog!

    Thanks Susan and Joe and Celine and Jaimie and Diana. I find all your work very pleasurable.

    Have you seen Cesar's work? It is whimsical but also poignant.

    Cesar, thanks for sharing your process. I asked because I have recently gone back to using varnish between all my layers of acrylic and find that it slows the drying time immensely so you can blend better. But you get a wonderful glow in your work, and I suddenly realised how much I like looking at acrylic on paper.

    For me? I work in 3d, with 3d meshes that I set up and light and render like a photographer in a studio. Then I bring them into photoshop elements and bend and twist and dirty them up to try and hide their genesis.

    sorry for the long post

    thanks again


  10. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    excuse moi for visiting so late.
    im looking for my magic wand and there it is!
    you stole it didnt you? hahah :D

    this is so magical, Andrew!
    may i fly with them those butterflies?
    didnt you know that misery is a butterfly?

    Bonne nuit,
    a tout à l'heure peut-être?

  11. It is like you're just waving a magic wand and making these pictures happen. It's both the light, and the characters IN the light. Glowing, magical, evocative of another world. In this one, I don't know which girl is the witch and which is the princess. It could go either way--with the plain dress and the rich colors....It bothers me a little how stiff their arms are, which makes them seem like dolls rather than real people, but other than that, I'm there.

  12. Mita, you are excused... of course :)

    . Now I see what you have been upto I am wonderfully impressed. No, I didn't know that misery is a 'butterfly', but now my eyes are opened I can see that yes. Lucky these girls are not catching any!

    Coreopsis, great to see you back making art. You're very observant with your comment about 'in the light'. And their arms, especially the one on the right, I had a few goes with her left arm especially....

    thanks for the constructive words, very much appreciated

    cheers for now

  13. Divine Imagery Andrew!!!; the tale that accompanies the image definately leaves you wondering :)


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