Sep 8, 2010

Just Desserts: Something from the New Project

Hello, sorry I am quiet quite quiet. Just like little children, it means I am up to no good. :)
Here is part of  Horror of Horrors, where a main character gets his just dessert(s). Of course I was tempted to make a bowl of children as dessert, but  child soup followed by child dessert was beyond my culinary skills.
Thank you for looking. PS: Illustration Friday prompt was "dessert' so of course I have twisted it to mine own evil ways.

Hola, lo siento tranquila muy tranquila. Significa que estoy para nada bueno. :)
He aquí parte de Horror de los horrores, donde un personaje principal recibe su justo postre (s).
Gracias por mirar una vez má.
PS: Viernes Ilustración del sistema era "postre" así que por supuesto tengo mi propia retorció malos caminos.
PS: Ilustrasi Jumat prompt adalah "dessert 'jadi tentu saja aku punya cara memelintirnya tambang jahat sendiri.


  1. Wow Andrew, love the muscles showing on the figure of the Reaper, female by the look of it, which makes it even more unusual. That's quite a creative creature with a pig body, guinea pig face and horns. This is going to be one interesting book when you get done. Thank you for the incredibly kind comments you made about my latest post. I appreciate your generosity. Ok, back to work, I was missing seeing new work and you usually post multiple feasts for the eyes, so I am still hungry for more. Hmmmm, must be a new tactic. I like it, leave them wanting more... yes, that's good too.

  2. Hi Andrew. Well. I'm starting to love your creepy characters. I think I have dreams with them (could you draw for me some gruesome Miss, please?). No need to tell you that you are the king of dark atmospheres.
    Maybe you have the same Dreams of Reason which Goya had. How I would like to have them. A little of that pepper does not hurt for me my.
    A hug!!

  3. Hello Karen, thank you for being so kind yourself. Your new work has lifted the bar so it's a pleasure to comment on it!! Oh the female grim reaper - it must be my subconscious rising above the waves I think :) :) For me I am keeping quite and trying to work towards a target rather than just have fun .....

  4. Hola Roberto! Oh it is the weekend here in OZ. It starts on Monday afternoon and ends on Monday morning.... heh. From Monday morn till monday eve we have to have a siesta to recover from the long weekend we just had. We will have to blame the English for transporting so many convicts!! Heh :)

    No but seriously I'm glad you like the characters. I will rustle up some grim girls. I have just men here because there are lots of them naked (in the book - they are in good taste naked) and I thought that it would be in bad taste to have girls sans vestement along with the skinny dipping men considering my target audience....

    On second thoughts... :)

  5. Andrew,
    despite the time being the horror of horrors,
    the scene is very good!
    the death is so feminine, that manages to be beautiful! ...
    get our wannabe hero get away with this situation?

    greetings! :)

  6. Hya denise, now that's funny I am just visiting your blog! I am used to being out of synch with the rest of the world (our country is upside down)

    Thank you for looking at this. Yes Death has very small feet. I was surprised because I have heard that when she stands on your chest they feel very heavy.... But I hope it is not true?

    hugs from Oz :) :) (don't tell Roberto!)

  7. I am growing very curious about your horror book! :-)

  8. Well, every time you post a new piece about your book I can't help but wonder what will happen next! All of your pieces of art have so much detail in them, even simple things like the numerous tiles on the floor add so much detail to your images!

  9. Ah. But I also slept the siesta. I went to bed on Tuesday morning (this is what is called siesta am. if you go to bed at 3 in the afternoon, then is siesta pm. it is not hard) but still could not wake up. I'm actually driving my car with my eyes closed.
    Ah, yes, yes, I understand about the girls without clothes. I did not want your picture come to that extreme. That the Gods of Olympus. do not allow it!
    I just imagined some ugly girl. for my dreams to have a woman included. (Now I'm dreaming so much with your horrible characters, my wife accuses me of having dreams with men!)
    Good. I leave you. because I reached a corner and the lights already in green.CHAUUUUUUUUUU ... BRRRMMMMMMM TU TUUU!!!

  10. hi Andrew, such a funny horned rabbit-pig-hamster live there, it's too cute...
    And the bird in front of it, is also a funny pet...What are they doing there?
    There're pets traffic on this storie.
    Beautiful horror.

  11. Don't know why, but I'm really drawn to the background in this. Love the tiles, door, etc., but I guess I've grown to expect great characters from you.

  12. You create a perfect horror scene...that muscle body is incredible....

  13. Me encantan tus mundos, están llenos de pequeños y sorprendentes detalles, que por si solo forman pequeños e independientes mundos...

    Cordiales saludos para ti.

  14. As intriguing as these characters are, there's that door...I'm almost afraid to ask...

  15. Hello Janne,

    Oh curious?

    So am I. I wonder what will happen.... no actually I know what will happen in the plot. I don't know what will happen to the book. I think it will self explode - I have a propensity to illustrate everything :)

    I hope Norway is warm today. Here I have taken to wearing my summer board shorts ... :)

  16. Vanilla :) Thanks for noticing the tiles. Oh the floor is the most important part in a lot of things. It catches the shadows and places the actors in situ. And the floor can show age and patina and add a temporal sense ....

    (I just made that up but it sounds good :) )

  17. Hey Roberto, oh you made me laugh again. Now that is funny.

    Oh yes I dream about my work alot. Today I dreamt of skulls and how to shade them and what shadows to put in their eyesockets. They were skulls in a field and they had the colour of soil, they were like medieval houses, of the earth - as the French say "terroir"?? : - very peacful skulls they were.

    When I start dreaming of naked men though - I will go for a long walk along the cliff tops near my home ---- :)

    cheers from Upside Down Oz.

  18. Hey Felisa Pet traffic, good idea!
    Oh the bird is a black cockatoo. They fly in gangs, they are GangGang Cockatoos, and make this dreadful screaching like lost souls. Their wings flap up and down very slowly and they float through the air, rather than flying. I think they come out of holes in the ground connected to Hades ---

  19. Linda :) Thanks that is very kind. I spent a lot of time getting the background right and setting the lighting up. The door is why they are all there - doors are like roads - hopefully they go somewhere...

    If only I can figure out how to open it!!

  20. Hey thanks Heather. I should be honest and tell you it's a trick! (But I won't be honest). I was tempted to leave death as a skeleton but hopefully the flesh will give a gore factor to keep the kids happy.

    Me? I watched a fake autopsy last night and I still feel sick... Ugh.

  21. Saludos Antonio, gracias amablemente.

    Oh, tengo esta teoría en las ilustraciones necesidad de subtramas que la recompensa al espectador y que alientan al espectador a pasar más tiempo con la ilustración. Espero que funcione. Pero es divertido de hacer. Espero que el día es cálido como el mío!

  22. PS thank you for my Spanish lesson. :)

  23. Heh Michele, Oh I once read that if a gun hangs over the fireplace in chapter one, then by the end of the book the gun should be taken down and fired... and so hence the door...

    Mind you I belive everything I read, which is a worry :)

  24. So you are upside down? I wonder what that could do to my brain... heheh.

    Well, it's a wonder how that brave boy could be standing there without so much as peeing his pants with the kind of company he's having. This book must be for the tough kids. Considering the Mortal Kombat generation we have now, I think you might just strike gold.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

    Don't forget I want a black Porsche when you're rich and famous! (^-^)

  25. my sympathy for all your characters :D



  26. Hi Andrew. how fast was the weekend!
    Today is Monday again!. Again put on my suit and tie to go to the office! This life has me exhausted.
    Luckily, I woke up from the siesta. I dreamed I was walking near the cliffs that are near your home. and a gust of wind threw me a million miles from your home. just when you were about to open a bottle of beer. This is a message from the destination? Do I need to leave the alcohol. definitely?... And when I fall off the bike and my knee hurt. how to heal me without alcohol? ... I have a DG6 or Merthiolate. (And does not burn).
    I wish you good week start.

  27. Hey there!
    Cool stuff in here... great blog!

  28. Hey! I see a surfer lingering on the beach... nice pair of shades there! Hehehe... And I like that you added a Indonesian translation somewhere down there!

    A hug to Leviticus! (if he's real, that is!)

  29. Oh my goodness!!! It;'s been ages since I stopped by and I am in a giggling fit after I clciked on your picture link. I can't take anything seriously after that! HAHAHAHAHAHA! I shall return to study these posts. Some amazing scenes here. Your mind is full of wonders! Amazing. Hieronymus would be proud!


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