Sep 24, 2010

Old Fashioned




Oh just more self fulfilling prophecy! Thank you for looking again. And thank you for the poetry and prose on the last post! I have fallen behind again I am afraid. It's almost summer here and that bears ill tidings for my illustration work. 

Oh, sólo más profecía autocumplida. Gracias por mirar de nuevo. Y gracias por la poesía y la prosa en el post anterior! He quedado a la zaga de nuevo tengo miedo. Es casi verano aquí y que tiene malas noticias para mi trabajo de ilustración.


  1. Andrew, I do not know what to say.
    I think my vocabulary has done with all your artwork.
    (I still have those bad words ... but only use them when I hit with a hammer on a finger)
    There is a word, supersupersupersuperwonderful?
    I use it only for tonight, tomorrow will invent a new one.
    In addition you have done your job in two languages !!!!! you're a terrible guy!

    good weekend and hugs!!!!!

  2. Hey, Andrew: I love your old-fashioned submission for IF. Thanks for pointing me towards the acrobat theme from last week. I had never taken part in the IF parade, and I really enjoyed seeing the work of illustrators whose blogs I had never found before. Such fun.

    I will be submitting something for "old-fashioned," but I have mislaid my round tuit for the moment.

    I'm so jealous that summer is coming for you. We're having 97 F temps at the moment, but cooler weather is definitely on the horizon. I've even seen some changing leaves. I love summer and will miss it dreadfully.

  3. Eeeeewwwww! I know how to do that! I don't know if I will do it again. We all learned to butcher poultry, the old fashioned, humane way. I also saw pigs being slaughtered and butchered. I once visted an abatoir and the screams of the animals were deafening. I love being a pesca-vegetarian!

    Yest, I love your illustrations!!! The boy looks scared.

    Have a great weekend. I have an award for you.

  4. I love the girl running away from the duck!

  5. very nice Andrew, my husband really loves this one. I have been sharing your work with him because he was beginning to wonder about my reactions every time I log on and check your blog. I think he was a little worried about me until I started showing him, but now he understands ;) LOL, so now you have a new fan. He says to tell you that he especially loves the stone pavers in this one, but that it is all quite good. Coming from him, this is quite the compliment. He is my biggest critic,besides myself that is.
    I'm beginning to see the light of day from beneath the unending mound of work I have been doing and hopefully will be able to get some "real" work done soon. And now you will be off surfing all summer, but be sure to check back in and give me a hard time if I slack up again.

  6. Nice creepy duck-eyed viewpoint there, Andrew.

  7. Hi Andrew. I'm back.
    I slept the whole weekend!
    This is a terrible demonstration of the perspective
    Isometric, Dimetric, Trimetric, And Caballera!
    Escorsa addition, lighting and shadows.
    Well, actually, I have no idea what these perspectives, (those found on Wikipedia and it sounds good to name them, no?)
    I have some questions: The rat has no tail?
    At that time he had already Lloyds Bank?
    The butcher was an ancestor of Van Dame?

    No, it was a joke. I really did say these silly things because I have no words to describe your work. I think I would probably say: Excellent!

  8. Poor duck! But... this is life! I like very much the composition. The girl on the right, playing with another duck, somehow lightens the dramatism of the moment.
    I don't know what you mean when saying that summer will bring moments of illness for your illustration work, but I do hope that this will happen rarely - Summer is an inspirational season, a period full of energy and joy from life! We said good-bye to our summer three days ago!:((((

  9. You know, I remember seeing a man butcher a chicken in the market one time and it was not a pretty sight. Well, traditional markets here have showcases of 'slaughter acts', so it's always best not to wander off to the wrong corners. Heheh.

    By the way, it's nice to see Hansel and Gretel out of the forest again. Although they didn't seem to mind lingering in there before...

    Well, you're probably tired of this, but marvelous work, Monsieur. Always an expert on bringing out a little bit of belly churning experience in a very pleasant way.

    Ciao! (^_^)

  10. Ohhh, I cannot watch!

    Okay, maybe just a quick peek....

    Fantastic upward perspective here! And I see you even have a little spilled blood on the stump. Eeeeek!

    I's got old fashioned goosebumps from your very modern technology illustration of an old fashioned image.

    ps. When I was in advertising, I got to visit a meat processing plant that was very near the slaughterhouse. Oh, goodness, the screams of the pigs! They sounded practically human. It was quite chilling.

    Still, I love bacon and sausage and pork chops.

  11. What a powerful images!!! Fantastic!

  12. Love the perspective and colors, and especially the little girl with the goose. Winter is coming here, but if I can't have summer any more, I'm glad you get to enjoy it for a while.

  13. Excellent work, Andrew! loving the textured and mediaeval details.
    Is that Spanish? Italian? You´re a man of many talents!

  14. Ahh, another charming bed time story! When I was little my folks got some chickens. Just when I was starting to make friends with them one ended up on the dinner table. That night I dreamed my mother was serving up the family pet terrier. Like a Norman Rockwell painting, all except for Buster the main course!
    Back in the old days food preparation was a lot more hands on!

  15. Me encanta siempre tengo la idea de estar mirando desde dentro... tambien me toca la mirada del niño grande que se divierte en los espacios creados, dejando simbolos y lecturas en las formas...

    El verano trae frutas maduras, olores intensos... porque tu ilustración sufre con el verano??

    Muchos saludos para ti...

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Well, slaptyst my sizingo! YOUCH, my eye has been ponked by a flying rivet! I'm a-gonna need to borrow your eyepatch.

  18. Hey Roberto, I am the robot you have discovered me. !!!!

    Oh my research? I have a few books on clothing through the ages. Clothing I just love those turned yp shoes and feathers in hats and monk hoods - not that I do monk hoods. The man with the axe is a Norman - the goose the angles and the saxons. His mail suit is actually of rope - as befits his present profession of slughtering the innocent and defenceless - (just like the angles and the saxons did to the celts ) :)

    Last night we had goat tagine. It was soft and tender like a dream. I am sick of drinking water though.

    And my goldfish are getting jealous.

  19. Haha Elizabeth I have a roun tuit in my bottom drawer but have lost the key :)

    Thankyou for your collage inspiration. You and the wonderful Janne Spindlemaker have sped my along a new track.

    My studio painting mates think I am going od thouh! Heyh. Oh by the way, that wasn't encouragement, it was the truth!

  20. Ces, well you are a very beautiful person thank you so much!

    I cannot imagine you chopping heads off. Me neither. I have five fingers on each hand still, but I am sure one would be gone by the end of a day chopping geese heads!

    see you soon!!

  21. Hey Karen, thank you! Oh your husband has style and taste! But that goes without saying eh :)

    Summer is here, but I will be too. I hope. Fingers crossed. Surf and a run in the morns and then a little illustration in the afternoon.....

    Oh what a life. If only it was true!

  22. Hi there Shawn. Thank you for visiting, it's good to see you out of uniform. It's a good idea the goose height eye ball thing. I will pretend that's what I meant :D :) :)

  23. Oh rossichka!

    Summer means that I must go outside, in summer here young men's hearts turn to... to melanomas!

    In summer all australians are covered in white zinc because of the hole in the ozone layer. We all drink beer and bang our thongs together and make unpleasnt noises.

    In fact we are all coming to visit you in Bulgaria, so watch out!!!!!

    Heh, just kidding. Thank you for your insightful comment. The girl and the duck goose - oh they are the subplot to add texture - I hope they worked!


  24. Amalia, so I have been discovered and you are aware that Hansell and Gretel are not rally brother and sister! Wait till the milkman finds out.

    Different cultures are great aren't they? In Australia we belive that milk comes from botles and the pointy things hidden in the lamb chops we eat are fibre and not bones ------- :) !

    Oh thank you for saying kind things too. Of course I am sick of it but I will force myself to listen..... !!! Just kidding of course. Congrats on your Ces award you desrve it!

  25. Oh Bella I am sorry that your eye has been poked. That reminds me of ... but I cannot say!
    In the land of the poked eye the unpoked eye is king?

    Yes pigs I believe they scream.
    As I would too.
    I always forget that w e are animals, yet it's so hard to get away from when it comes to the scrunch! Lucky fish don't scream, there would be far less fisherman - or perhaps there would be only deaf ones!

  26. Juan, thank you o much. Yet after seeing your work I feel humbled actually!

  27. Janne :)
    Oh those invading Norwegians went to Normandy went to Britain and came to australia. Maybe we are related? :)

    Ahh you spelt medieval with a dypthong! Just wonderful! :) Oh It is Spanish I hope. There are many wonderful Spanish people with wonderful blogs that translate their work into English so i try to return the favour!

  28. Oh Thankyou Linda, I'm glad you like the girl - she is acting out her own life for us in the background. It is very kind of her I think? Today we have 27 degrees, the wind is howling off shore the surf is pumping and the water temp is still only 18 degrees - which keeps the sharks away (they go to New Zealand to eat Kiwis)

  29. Heidi,

    Oh that would be a sight to see. ! You have just given me an idea which is so much of a worry that I think I should not do it (the neighbours might miss their dog////) :)

  30. antonia :0

    Antonio! Hola me gusta la elección de las imágenes en su blog. Aún así las aguas son profundas. ¿Es esto cierto para usted? Gracias por mirar mi trabajo. Sigo siendo un niño en el corazón y la mente. A veces es una preocupación para mí! Su poesía es muy fino por escrito.

    Esto lo siento una mala traducción! Se traduce 'la' a 'su'. Y está bien "a" delgado ".
    Pero mis calzoncillos están todavía en mi cabeza!

  31. Roberto,

    Ah yes, you were asking about my favourite meal. I am sorry I cannot tell you otherwise I would have to destroy my pizza oven.


  32. Andrew, You are soooooooo gosh darn funny I can't stand it!!!!! he he he he! Oh thanks so much for you comments for my birthday! I appreciate you coming by to do so. This is awesome! Certainly old fashioned. My grandma use to just pick up the poor thing and ring it's neck! Ta Da!!! Dinner's served he he he he he! Oh it's so much nicer to go to whole foods and get one now he he he he! Thanks for taking us way back!!

  33. Hi Andrew.
    JA JA JA, I'm happy, because (you saw that I left a blog comment and then I erase it?) JA JA JA ... Now it happens that I invented ephemeral comments! (TM) I write a comment and delete it after a while, if you've read it well, and if you did not you read ... as well. (Not that fun?)
    But I see that you've read. Congratulations! You've won a day at the beach in Australia (with expenses paid)

  34. Hi Millie
    Well, I'm not that man like you think (or as I hope the ladies think I am)
    I love to go out one evening with you to take a bag to an old, or make a trip for her to fall, let us agree. maybe next weekend ... although I do not know, the ladies call me "dear Roberto." I think I would very sad to see them is bleeding knee.
    HA HA, I like that you looked at my blog from top to bottom (I have received complaints that I have been to look at other blogs !!!???) I like because I put what I put on my blog. for people who come to see. I am glad that you've seen the video. and bottom faces.
    Down there will do something soon.
    Today is the birthday Google!! (Mine is about, I hate to have a birthday).
    Well, again:
    A Riesling river down from the mountains, cool and crystal clear to the surfers in the sea!
    We could spend an ugly face some lady, jajajaja

  35. Now, this is not the first time I've tried to post a comment on this piece so I hope this finally sends!
    Well, I just love art set in old times, there's something rather wonderful about a place that has been and gone long before us, you captured the theme of old fashioned so well! The perspective is great, it's so difficult to make artwork from this angle! And it allows you a little peak at the buildings in the background which look fantastic!

  36. But you are SO prolific. I can't imagine anything as minor as summer slowing you down. Wonderful picture! The colors are perfect for the subject. Muted. I really like the kids' reactions, and I don't think of this as a "ewwwwww" subject at all. Very natural. How long does it take to make a picture like this?

  37. Hi Andrew!!!! long time no visit!!! I love these latest pieces...I have no idea how you make them so is truly an art!!! I am so two dimensional with my work!!!

    Hope you are well and enjoying this amazing Autumn!!!

  38. Hi, I hadn't the time to read your interview, but I will, and I'll tell ...
    This illustrations are fantastic, this old butcher ,...,with the goosw in his last moments ... (remain in the retina of the child ...), but I know that there in Oz, everything is slightly different.
    Well, congrats, I'll come back when I read the interview, i'll do it because I'm very curios.

  39. First thought: "Everything has to be learned!" Doesn't it? I prefer to learn the way the girl does, poor poor boy!

  40. Hey Mr. Andrew! I guess we have to shre you with the warm temperatures... (not too much I hope) Remember to wear sunscreen and carry your sketchbook with you!! Love the Old-fashioned Butchery! Is that Jack gazing at the chicken? ....hehehe. Love the costumes and tone! Never thought I'd be inspired by a dead chicken, but you have inspired me . well I have to go see why the neighbor's dog is barking.... see ya!

  41. Andrew Finnie, its been a looong time! :)
    finally im here and ive missed your posts, forgive me.

    what is that?
    is that blood????
    can i see more?
    and whats 1066 supposed to mean?

  42. Heh Vanessa! Oh happy birthday! yes to be rung by the neck till dead... I;m sure that happened to some of my ancestors..... not that I am a goose or anything :) (Oh I hear murmering down the back )

    Or maybe rung by the bell until deaf?

  43. Haha Roberto, in real life you must be tres amusement - you are s acream in blog land. A 'scream is good of course.

    You know that movie a Fish Called Wanda. There was an old lady with a few dogs - small cute and annoying (the dogs were ate least). Everytime one got killed it would be so funny!

    Maybe there was only one dog that got killed three times?

    Well I didn't laugh. I thought it was sick :)

  44. Vanilla! GHowdy :) That is very kind for you to post again. I hate it when I write something and it gets googled er garagled. Thanks for noticing that angle. The angle comes with the media I use - you can have wide, telephoto, normal, subnormal, you can even remove the floor if you need to get lower!

    Hope you are well !

  45. Theresa sorry to be so slow and thank you for your vote of confidence. I have pressures from reality to not do this work, that's all. Sad for me..... ugh :)

    Oh this work? Time? Hmm, if I was to start from scracth which means to design the chracaters, paint thrir faces and their clothes (imagine painting a flat map of the world then wrapping it around a globe) etc it would take nine hours.

    But when I am really tired I spend time making characters - like a puppettteer would make characters - and so the boy and girl have been Hansel and Gretel, Rex is a character I have not used before I don't think, but I made him a while ago to experiment with using a cloth rope texture instead of his chain mail.

    The ground is one I use a lot... so that is premade.

    The lighting for the scene and setting the scene up (like a stage) is about three hours - rendering the scene (takin a picture of it with my computer) can take ten minutes to five hourse (depending on complexity and how soft the shadows need to be) and post processing on photoshp cab be ten minutes to an hour perhaps.

    But keep in mind once I have set everything up then I can generate multiple images from different aspects and change the light etc quite quickly.

    Sorry to ramble. How long is a piece of string? :) :)

    Glad you are working up your software images so well!

  46. Diana hi. Did I read you just got interviewd? If so big congrats :) Oh the reality of the images is an accident - it reveals too much of their genesis I think. !

  47. Felisa Hola! Oh the retina, I like that, burned brightly like an afterimage. But it's so true, our negative experiences are the ones we remember oh so clearly - did I tell you about the time a friend dropped my new surfboard on the concrete at south maroubra carpark at 9.30 am Sunday 1st July 1975....?


  48. Amarantha! Oh you are right, the girl she too is learning a lesson - and so to the tail less rat :)

  49. Hello Jack, I hope you noticed that it wasn't Jack's Old Fashioned Butchery!!! Heh. Be careful of the dog my friend!

  50. Destroy, she said, did I tell you about The ravishing of Lol Stein?. For me it was too voilent, almost a malady of death. But you are right, the blood is for a good friend. Admittedly the tempo of the piece was moderato cantabile, but it has picked up recently, courtesy of the beat of the Indian song. :)

    Wonderful to see that you are back on track (but not like a train I hope!)


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