Sep 27, 2010

One for my Father

My father loved the Wizard of Oz.
In fact he had a collection of 'statuettes' representing the four main characters. 
In the past I have never quite understood the significance of these little creatures, but occasionally when I visit my family home I take a few photographs of them.

Dad passed away in 1994. He was a wonderful man, a gentleman, quiet in his ways but loud in his deeds.
One day I'll tell you more about him.

Time has passed. The statuettes still sit on a shelf in my mother's kitchen, frozen in time, gathering dust and grime and old fashioned  kitchen dirt. 
They sit there quietly, innocuous, part of the furniture. But if you should stop and take the time to look closely at these small mannequins you will find a suprise, You see, though perfectly still, these mannequins have a life force of their own.

Only three inches tall, they stare back at you, laughing, their eyes bright and amused.
It's kind of weird.
But I'm sure they are alive.

Last weekend I took some photos (see bottom images) - and they gave me the inspiration for the images at the top of the post.

Of course now I am older I understand the significance of the Lion, the Tinman, the Scarecrow - and even the little girl.

They tell us a story - and that story broken down to its simplest form, tells us that if we look hard enough at ourselves we will find exactly what we think we lack.

So I guess life is a quest - and that quest is to find ourselves.

Of the images at the top, the third one is the pure 'render'. That is, what I 'sculpt' or 'morph' from my 3d software. As you can see the feet go through the ground slightly, there is extra hair on the lions face, and there is something weird happening with the scarecrows cuff. Thank heavens for photoshop. :Heh.

Of course the movie poster is pure fiction. I had this idea of 'what if". What if the Tinman, the Lion and the Scarecrow were all still waiting for Dorothy to come back?

Waiting and waiting.

I'm sure dad wouldn't mind.
After all, I get to 'star' with Johnny Depp.
Who ever that is...

PS I'm not sure about Courage, Heart, Brains. English is strange, eh?

Mi padre amaba el Mago de Oz.
De hecho, tenía una colección de "estatuillas que representan a los cuatro personajes principales.

En el pasado nunca he entendido bien la importancia de estas pequeñas criaturas, pero de vez en cuando visito a mi casa de la familia que tomar algunas fotografías de ellos.

Papá falleció en 1994. Era un hombre maravilloso, un caballero y tranquilo en sus caminos, pero en voz alta en sus obras.

Un día le voy a decir más sobre él.

El tiempo ha pasado. Las estatuillas todavía se sientan en un estante en la cocina de mi madre, congelado en el tiempo, acumulando polvo y la mugre y la suciedad antigua cocina tradicional.

Se sientan en silencio, parte no nociva, de los muebles. Pero si usted debe parar y tomar el tiempo para mirar de cerca a estos pequeños maniquíes se encuentra una sorpresa, Ya ves, aunque totalmente inmóvil, estos maniquíes tienen una fuerza de vida propia.

Sólo tres pulgadas de alto, miran hacia ti, riendo, con los ojos brillantes y divertidos.

Es un poco raro.

Pero estoy seguro de que están vivos.

La semana pasada tomé algunas fotos (ver imágenes abajo) - y me dio la inspiración para las imágenes en la parte superior del poste.
Por supuesto, ahora soy más viejo que comprender el significado del León, al Hombre de hojalata, el espantapájaros - e incluso a la niña.

Ellos nos cuentan una historia - y que la historia de desglosarse en su forma más simple, nos dice que si nos fijamos lo suficiente en nosotros mismos vamos a encontrar exactamente lo que pensamos que falta.

Así que supongo que la vida es una aventura - y esa búsqueda es que nos encontramos.

De las imágenes en la parte superior, la tercera es la pura 'render'. Es decir, lo que "esculpir" o "metamorfosis" de mi software 3D. Como usted puede ver los pies de pasar por el suelo un poco, no hay vello en la cara leones, y no está pasando algo raro con el espantapájaros del manguito. Gracias a Dios para Photoshop. : Jeh.

Por supuesto, el cartel de la película es pura ficción. Tuve esta idea de "qué pasaría si". ¿Y si el Hombre de hojalata, el león y el Espantapájaros estaban a la espera de Dorothy a volver?

Esperando y esperando.

Estoy seguro de que papá no me importaría.

Después de todo, llegar a la 'estrella' con Johnny Depp.
¿Quién es ...

(disculpas por mi pobre español)


  1. Waiting for Dorothea, courage, heart, brain...and one horrible little girl...

    What fun is your country of Oz ...., the characters in my stories did not have this aspect, they were most serious ...., I liked to know these, in your kitchen, and as time has led to the movie poster...

    And like your dad, I liked and I like so much the wizard of oz

    Well, good night because here is a bit late now ,..., and.. , .. mmm, I not yet read the interview ...( time to time, I'll do it)
    Have a nice days.

  2. oh no my entire comment just disappeared! what's up with that? Oh well, I'll try to remember what I said and still be charming. LOL
    I love the tin man, he is my favorite and the bright colors on the scare crow are great. Hmmmm, I think I said something silly about Johnny Depp and how much my girls like him and maybe something about how lucky you are to star in a movie with him. ;) I think I also said something about this being a great tribute for your dad, I'm sure he would be proud... and um, something about the horrible heat there and how I hope you aren't melting and are having time to play in the ocean. yep, I think that about covers it, not so cutely written this time though. Evil blogger comment eater ruined my comment and now I have to go to bed. Early busy day tomorrow and still no time to draw! Argghhhh...

  3. Andrew, I can only tell you that you've touched my heart.
    These statuettes of your father must surely be the most beautiful treasure you have, although they are in the house of your mother.
    I guess they not only represent the Wizard of Oz, they are part of your life. and a man is his actions, and this tribute to your father, says a lot about you. I believe that starting today, for me, Andrew Finnie, no longer a name on a blog, no longer pixels on a screen, to be the name of a real man, flesh and blood who lives in Australia, no away from my home, we're all in the same world, no?. I can not really say anything about your picture with the computer, your ability to manage a program, etc, etc, because this attitude has surpassed all that.
    I can only tell you that I really appreciate you.
    Let me tell you that this is the best post you've done this year.
    a hug of heart, Roberto

  4. I am especially tuned in to "dads" right now, and I loved hearing about yours and The Wizard of Oz figurines. The movie poster made me laugh out loud. I'd love to see this movie (mostly because you're in it and not that Depp character!)

  5. Andrew,
    I also think life is a quest - and that the search is to find ourselves! every day is a chapter of this search, is not it?

    well, this illustration is a spectacle!
    the characters are very well interpreted!
    the Tin Man is my favorite - his clothes, or better, tin, is so beautiful, malleable, that
    I think he found himself... already settled and happy!
    they do not need more wait for the girl!!
    congrats and hugs!!

  6. Have you found yourself, Mr. Finnie?

    I must say, I was very moved. This is, perhaps, the most tender and straightforward post I have ever read of yours. I love that your father collected these statuettes, and I'm so happy that you posted pictures of them. Your father does sound like a very noble and wonderful man.

    Ah, your movie poster! Such fantastic details! Like the harlequin pattern and chain mail in the tin man! Their expressions! A magical rainbow at NIGHT! (A nightbow?) And Audrey Tattou! Hahahahaha, oh, she is lovely, isn't she? I saw two of her films in the past few weeks alone. Tell me, which character do you play?

    PS. Our dog is named Oz because when he was a pup, he would sometimes fall asleep behind the full length curtains, and we would go around saying in a deep voice, "Pay no attention to the dog behind the curtain!" Aaah, love that film.

  7. This is a lovely way to remember and honor your father. The idea to make it as a film poster is great too (the horrible little girl line made me laugh).
    Gracias por escribirlo en español también :)

  8. MAGNIFIQUE!!! J'adore l'entonnoir sur la tête!!! Le spectacle est à lui tout seul est
    sous mes yeux...

  9. Hi, Andrew!
    What jumps to my eyes especially in these images? Very interesting to see the raw render + the final movie poster. So you added a rainbow... :-) I was -- for some strange reason -- stunned by the photos, they have something... I think it is true, what you say, the statuettes are alive. Same as our fathers always are, in our dreams, in our hearts, in our genes... in this immense, multifold, deep world. Oha!
    Greetings from
    still accountless Amarantha

  10. Hey, Andrew, It's been a while since I last checked your blog, and I see that I've been loosing a lot! I loved this WoO idea! Keep up with the good ideas and unique style!

  11. I keep saying this but... your art is always so detailed! All that wonderful fur in the lions mane and intricate details in the textures of the tin man, it makes it all so eye catching!

  12. Oh, Andrew! This post touched my heart! I feel you closer now... Maybe because you were not joking and I could see another side of you. The original statuettes are really like alive (and VERY nice) - I don't wonder they have inspired you to create this wonderful poster (I like the idea of the rainbow). I laughed when I read the title and the cast but I must confess your name suits well to the group!! And who knows??? Maybe one day..., in some movie.... we will read : "specal 3D effects - Andrew Finnie"!!:0)
    What a father you had! The fact that he was attached to these figurines speaks a lot about him. And speaks about your family and the atmosphere that had influenced you, too!! And what a profound analysis of the book you've made in several sentences! I felt a desire to re-read it and, who knows!, maybe to think upon putting it on stage???
    My soul is full now! Good night!!
    P.S. Yes, life is a quest! And I don't know when I'll feel sure that I have found myself...

  13. Just gorgeous. I love how your work is 'illuminated'. And the eyes are my favorite. Love the story you tell of the little figurines.

  14. Tu relato es maravilloso (y tu español mejora), es bueno poder regresar a casa cada cierto tiempo y encontrar los detalles que nos mantienen unidos a los recuerdos y nuestros grandes afectos... es como dice el cuento: si miramos dentro de nosotros nos damos cuenta que nos falta. Me gusta mucho la manera que tienes de mirar el mundo y sorprenderte con los detalles.
    Un gran saldo para ti.

  15. "Heya, Bub."
    "Hey there, Bub!"
    "Whatcha doin' tonight, Bub?"
    "Oh, nothin' much. Just enjoying my clean and crisps. Which are not very crisp at the moment, I'm afraid."

    --The Bubcom, a device by which Bubs talk to one another. Invented in 1843 by a Mr. D. Flater.

  16. Hola Felica , I hope you are well. It is exciting that the time is flying while you wait for your gift from China! It will go past fast, like that bird with 7 wings I told you about!

    Hola Felica, espero que estés bien. Es emocionante que el tiempo está volando mientras espera su regalo de China! Será ir rápido pasado, como ese pájaro con 7 alas que te dije about!

  17. Karen! Well I am sorry about eveil google gargleing your comment. That's why I make sure never to spell things right, because when I do you can be sure it get's gargled. Oh Johhny? he and I go right back, ever since he used to clean my pool.
    I am glad I am not him. Rich handsome, intelligent,. talented. That would be the worst :)

  18. Oh Roberto, thank you so much for your kind words. Yes I am real. This morning I got up at 3. oo am just to check. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw grey side burns. I saw bed hair that stood up like the hair of a mating whizzenberry hamster, I saw something on the tip of my nose that at first I thought was a very small giraffe - but later turned out to be the back leg of a ---- well you don't want to know.

    But seriously, thank you for being kind.

    Hoy la luna brilla y todos tenemos las aves en el pelo!

  19. Hey Elizabeth :) Oh I am hoping the movie will be grand. I'm not sure what part I am playing. They did mention something about a gherkin I think. (or was it a munchkin?)

  20. Hey Denise, thanks so much :) Oh yes life is a quest. Theb trouble is, the more I look, the more I forget what I am looking for.

    It is like when you go into a room to get something. When you go into the room the light is on. So you turn the light off and leave the room, satisfied that you have accomplished your task, because you have done 'something'.

  21. Aha Bella! You have sent me on a quest. :)

    Courage! What makes a king out of a slave? Courage! What makes the flag on the mast to wave? Courage! What makes the elephant charge his tusk in the misty mist, or the dusky dusk? What makes the muskrat guard his musk? Courage! What makes the sphinx the seventh wonder? Courage! What makes the dawn come up like thunder? Courage! What makes the Hottentot so hot? What puts the "ape" in apricot? What have they got that I ain't got?

    You know, I have not found myself! I have no idea where to look. Thank you for noticing the details. !!!!

    So the dogs name was Toto, and your dog is Oz.

    I smile in your general direction!!!

  22. Helo Ana Hoy la luna brilla y todos tenemos las aves en el pelo! Bueno, yo he dicho que Roberto. Pero estoy forzando la verdad a través de un paño de cocina. Así me enteré de ánfora de Pandora, y hoy Lulu. Gracias:)!

    You know that sounds nothing like I wrote in English. !!!

  23. Martine, il est si bon de vous revoir. Je vous remercie pour vos aimables paroles. Vous avez une vie bien remplie. Je vous envie votre réglage jet et votre remarquable Leo!

  24. Amarantha, well it's wonderful to see you here. I am looking forward to seeing your work en situ! Thank you for your words on fathers - yes they are always there, somewhere.

  25. Tg, well now I know you are an Ian Anderson fan, that is so cool. Thank you. I played a flute for a few years - but the people in the next suburb got a petition up so I had to stop...

  26. Hay Vanilla, thanks so much. I really enjoyed your last work, the details in itself are superb. So much going on, a joy for the eye!

  27. rossichka, puppet mistress. Well what can I say, I have the urge to read the book myself. I can see from the excerpts that it is a bit surreal, like Waiting for Godot perhaps. Just a hunch, but probably wrong.

    Do you know negative space.? It is what you draw around an object that defines an object. Like the shadows of people burnt into the walls at Hiroshima.

    So sometimes blogs are like that.
    In that:
    You see the person by what is around them and by the shadows that they let fall on walls and on the earth, as they pass.

    Hope Bulgaria is beautiful today !

  28. Chris, thank you very much. I am glad to refind your blog. I filled out the questionaire I was aloud to write my own answers I hope!)

  29. Hola Antonio, muchas gracias. Oh, sí, nunca faltan en con ourseleves, es sólo que nos escondemos en nuestro interior las cosas muy bien, tal vez?
    Eso sí, hay que esconder las cosas, de lo contrario son muy vulnerables, tal vez? Saludos desde la tierra de Oz!

    well it supposed to say "We are never lacking in things in ourselves, it's just a matter of finding them. Yet we must hide things as well, other wise we are too vulnerable."

    Greetings from the land of Oz!

  30. Hehe Bella, for a suberb artist, you are also a wonderfully funny one.

    Bubcom - who would have thought?
    On second thoughts, I bet Mr Flater thought he would get away with it.!

  31. Tattou like a tattoo or like Audrey Justine Tautou?

  32. Anonamouse has dit:

    Oh I am caught out like a fish on the footpath :)

    Edda Kathleen Hepburn-Rushton perhaps?
    Just a guess. But her name would not fit in the poster.... !

  33. A better guess: Hubert de Givenchy :)

  34. Oh, Andrew! it is fortunate that you get up out of bed so early. (You know that saying ... "He who rises early, God helps" (Hmmm, in English rhyme does not work !!...)
    Well, forget it.

    Ah, today is the birthday of the Flintstones ... Fred does not seem so old (50) (here is Peter) and Wilma could still go to Australia to work with the whip and stiletto boots (I knew nothing about it, I'll keep that in mind).

    Hoy la luna brilla y todos tenemos las aves en el pelo!!!!!!
    this is very poetic!!
    You should have some ancestor writer.
    or at least some connection. Are not you the famous Huckleberry Finn-ie?
    Well, I'm so tired I'll rest a few days on the mountain, touring vineyards and eat grilled goat.
    (Anonimus, not is...?.... you already know who. I thought I saw the broom)

  35. Oh yes, is a self-portrait, (I had forgotten to tell you)
    (I'm the one wearing the boots) Do not tell anyone, is another facet of my personality. actually, I'm not ashamed, but I have an old neighbor that spy me behind the curtains of her window when the remis coming for me at my house.
    can you believe that there are people so inconsiderate!

  36. Ah, I notice that I have been late going to your parties lately which is just as well because I see the Bella Bella here. Such merry making makes me smile early this morning.

    I love the Wizard of Oz and watch that movie again and again even when it is not Thanksgiving Day. Alas, my favorite characters are The Lion (Bert Lahr), Glenda and the Lollipop Kids and I have a special affinity for the wicked witch. She was a school teacher and her face was burnt with the green chemical makeup. She was not paid well either and to think that she bore the brunt of hatred of every movie goer. Some role. Toto was paid more than the Munchkins. Buddy Ebsen was the original tin man who was hospitalized for poisoning from the Tin Man's first make-up solution. Such is the demented life in Hollywood.

    As for your movie poster, it is so much better than the original. You really must find a way to make your work out to the paying public. There are so many so called commercial illustrators out there who create cliched images that in my mind, I consider them inferior to the fine art oil painters. Then again there are so many frauds throwing paints on canvases and calling their work art.

    Save the planet from ugly art! Obliterate the pretenders and hoaxers and fraud. I love art but I hate so called art. I will use their work to wrap fish.


  37. wow.
    hello again Andrew Finnie.
    your movie poster!
    okay okay, now i understand why you had signed THE contract!
    i think i will love it anyway, you, Johnny and Audrey, even one of them isnt really your type.

    oh you're so famous, yes!

  38. Your father must be smiling down on you this week! :o) I'm sure he would be delighted to join in on the discussion that his Oz figurines have prompted. It's sometimes difficult to admit that the outside influences that try very hard to define us are really so much weaker than the individual strengths we carry around inside ourselves...and it often takes a lifetime of a journey to figure that out! Oh, if you could only imagine that battlefield! Hee hee! I didn't forget- I'm here to see the wizard! Hee hee! Always entertaining! :o)

  39. Seesh, this time I'm getting a penalty for being so late.


    Well. So. The classical search of human's exellence. Courage? Just a dash, please. Heart? Yes, my halo is getting dull. Brain? Now too much of that will practically kill.

    So which one is A.B. Finnie? Should I knock on the hollow chest and listen for the echoes? :)
    Hah! At least you get to star with Johnny Depp, but I didn't know Audrey Tautou had that much hair growing on her!! I'm shocked! Heheheee....

    This is superb, Monsieur. I still watch the film and pretend to be Dorothy, although why she would want to go home is beyond me. (^_^)

  40. Hey you know what? Like Rossichka, I also like seeing that other side of you...when you're not joking so much! Shows how sentimental you could be too. Haarghharghhaarrgghh..!!! :D :D :D

  41. Anyway, no, unfortunately, I did not get poked in the eye. Just haven't had the chance lately. :))

  42. Dear Andrew, I liked so much your explanation about the negative space in drawing and your perception of the way (one of the ways!) one reveals himself in the blogging space. I've never thought of it in that way!:))

  43. Hey Andrew, how are you?
    OMG! I loveeee The Wizard Of Oz! It's one of my favorite movies EVER!
    I really think that this is one of your best works :D
    I also loved the concept - really fun stuff he he he!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  44. Anon a mouse - just "the Count" is okay :)

  45. Heh Roberto, oh your secret is out? Yes it is true, I have a neighbour like that. Quite often she is wringing me to complain. hey she says, your curtains are shut....

    No just being silly. Today I arose at 5.30 am and started work. The kangaroos make such a noise on the roof I cannot sleep!

  46. Aha Ces, well I didn't know that! In fact I didn't know any of it! I think I must watch the movie again. Let me see, it was set in Kansas? It was the depression because it is B and w? And then it goes to colour because sudddddenly she has an epiphany and her eyes are opened...

    You know, tommorow is the big day. I take my delivery - thank you so much!!!

  47. Hello Destroy she said :) You know, I would have signed the contract, even if I didn't get a chance to play the love interest. Oh that Johnny, he is in for a suprise !! Heh - if only it was true.....

    Just kidding.
    I'm off to the bookshop to buy read those books!

  48. Heh Michele, well that is true! What worried me is that I will go upthere/downthere before I get to discover what it is I am meant to be discovering. Maybe I am doomed to go surfing for all enternity.... :) Oh what was the other song, they say he is a wizard oh wiz, ...?

    No it's ding dong the witch is dead, the wicked witch

  49. Amalia why she would want to go home is beyond me.? Well no truer words were ever spoke? It's like the little boy in where the wild things are.... Maybe she was hankering for her Kansas viddles?

    Oh soft side? I am soft on all sides, in fact I am a bean bag with legs, a soufle with hair, an chocolate flambe with large elf like ears....

    I am the bette noir of all English spelling disctionairies!

    I'm glad about your eye. You are too good an artist to be poked in the eye!

  50. Hey Rossichka ! In studying how things is wrote I see writers using negative space on occasion. It is hartd to do I see. John Le Carre will talk around a character to build that character up,. He will show us how people react to him, or show us the dent in the chair that the protagonist has made - without showing us the protagonist.

    It is a dangerous line to tread I think?

    Have you seen the three witches of eastwick? An old film with Jack Nicholson as the protagonist _ I think he is the devil. They build him up before we see him very well.

    Just like the Great Gatsby.

    Oh F. Scott Fitzgerald was an artist!

  51. Francisco, It was a pleasure to look at your work. I love how professional and creative it is. I find it eye opening in a great way.

    see you!!

  52. I can´t believe all the comments you have! 51!
    This posts raises so many questions. Like who is playing who´s character? Who are you playing, who is Johnny playing, and Is Audrey Dorothea. For someone interested in film, these are vital questions!
    And more importantly, did you use your (and their) portraits to work from, or did you work from scratch?
    Great work.
    And, it´s a film I´d really like to see!

  53. Ciao Andrew, oh I must say, I'm not very fond of digital mediums, but your Art is a real WONDER...I got no words.
    I love the Wizard of Oz so much...And the story of the four statuettes is so beautiful...It really moved me.
    I'm happy I found your world!


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