Sep 15, 2010

Magazine Interview.

I did this interview recently about my art. This magazine is called C3DE and is for one of the software tools I use called Carrara. It's a great 3d tool if you ever  are in search of one.

I'd be honored if you take a look. When you get to the landing page hit the square at the top left (where it says "Full Screen") and it will expand the page. The interview starts at page 24 and goes through to page 41. Clicking the pages make the pictures bigger.

Sorry, I ramble on a bit. I get excited when I speak about my work!

Yowza me entrevistó para una revista!

Hice esta entrevista hace unos meses. Esta revista se llama C3DE y es para una de las herramientas software que utilizo llamada de Carrara. Es una herramienta de gran 3d si alguna vez está en busca de una. 
Será un honor si usted echa un vistazo. Al llegar a la página de destino golpear el cuadrado en la parte superior izquierda y se ampliará la página. La entrevista comienza en la página 24 y pasa a través de la página 41. Lo siento, divagar un poco. Me emociono cuando tengo una audiencia:)!


  1. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I AM SO EXCITED. Your art looks fantastic on the magazine layout. OMG! OMG! But I am frustrated. I cannot expand the view to read the interview. I will try again tomorrow after I am fully medicated. As it is, it is late. BUT OMG! Your art is so fabulous on that magazine. I did not see the zeppelin before. The effects are so dramatic! I am totally swept away!!!!!!!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS, ANDREW!!! I am so happy for you!!! YES!

  3. Thanks ces, you are very nice to me you know?! I am excited too, but I a pretending to be cool about it, you know, it happens all the time etc ,,, as if :) :)

    Oh to make it big you click the button on the top left (not quite at the top) where it says "Full Screen". Then you can click on the pics to make them bigger.

    Hmm sounds like viagra for mice!

  4. BTW, I do not think you haf Ed Zachary disease. HAHA! CONGRATULATIONS on the spread!

  5. Congratulations! I hope you get a lot of new followers after this. :-)
    I´m quite impressed with all the technical stuff you know, you really read the manuals, didn´t you. Hm. Maybe there´s something in that. Like if I read the Photoshop-manual, I might actually learn lots of stuff I need instead of just MAYBE stumble upon it... (lazy!)
    Oh well. Have a great day! You´re a fine artist! Horray!

  6. Hi! Just wanting to say how eager I am to read your interview, but since I'm quite busy right now, I'll write agian later! Have a marvellous day!!!

  7. Wonderful interview Andrew! You're work is so amazing and I loved reading about your processes and the programs you use. I was actually surprised that Photoshop Elements is one of them... Great job!!

  8. Hi Andrés!. Well what more I can add?
    Nothing that has not been said!
    And seen ...
    Many times I'd rather stay with the first impression I had of an artist. seeing for the first time one of his works. because it is like the print in pristine condition for the first time come into my brain. It's when I say: Ah, but this guy is great. knows what he does.
    Let's see ...? continue to see what he does.

    and then, over time. I would not like my way of looking at your work is influenced by knowledge of that person. I mean? or am I getting into the mud?
    What I mean is that I congratulate you for the article in this magazine. but I do not know that you're famous, because to me you are. in my mind from the first work I saw. (And I confess that at first I did not quite understand your way of comment, and spent a while until I understood.)
    Now I already know that tomorrow is Monday. and tomorrow is Thursday. Monday will be the day after again. And to arrive at the weekend have to wait a month.
    (There is something I do not know. Is the length of the beard of the girl you ask me .... I was checking. In Bearded Girls Club in my neighborhood but they did not know tell me ------ -----)
    Hugs from the Hug Club
    When I know something I tell you.

  9. Wow, this is really cool! The "zoom" is a I can see your art with new peepers! Congratulations!

  10. Wow! I read it. I only understood every 8th word, but I'm so proud of you, Andrew! Very cool.

  11. WHOAAAA! Read the interview with eager gusto, and I must tell you how extremely impressed I am with your knowledge and patience and mad skillz. I agree with Ces -- that zeppelin picture is gorgeous, like a cinematographer's dream. And how utterly fantastic to learn little bits about you, like how you start dark or paint with your non-dominant hand. Fascinating! I'm sorry, though, I had to gloss over all the 3D stuff about mesh and things. Complete gibberish to me.

    I've been scrolling through your work of the past few months, and I'm a bit scared, quite frankly! You are in a dark, dark place, it seems. Deliciously malicious, hehehehe. But gorgeous in its fright, nonetheless. Even the cute large frog is missing a limb!

    Thoroughly enjoyed my visit! If I have nightmares of nude men and being impaled....well..... nevermind.

  12. It is true about the blog?
    I can not believe it.
    11,807 kilometers of thanks.

  13. Me resultó muy interesante tu entrevista, además de educativa, te felicito.
    Yo trabajo como diseñadora gráfica, aunque yo soy bastante más primitiva en mis logros... con tus explicaciones ahora entiendo como logras los resultados que tanto me gustan...


  14. Well see I learned something new about you, I didn't realize you were an optometrist on the side ;) Too bad you aren't here because I lost my grandson's glasses yesterday at the doctors office and it is a pill finding new ones that will work for him! Luckily my sister in law is an optometrist too and they still had one pair of frames that will work for him! I better not loose them again!

    Anyway, all teasing aside, the interview was excellent! How great for you, you are really famous now. Ces is right the illustrations look incredible in the magazine format. This may lead to wonderful things for you Mr.Finnie and then you can quit your side job and illustrate full time. Then you will only have to worry about being interrupted by the call of the waves!

  15. Hey Ces, I yes I have had Zachary disease since the transplant :)

  16. Hello Janne, Thank you ! I am starting to belive I have compulsive artistic disorder. I no longer read novels, just books on art.... oh well. Life is short, press hard!

    Actually, fo photshop, If I meed to do something I google "Something Tutorial Photoshop" and usually am spoilt for choice! Who needs a manual? :

    By the way, I didn't realize that we English speakers had a fascintaion with birds! I will keep an eye out. :)

  17. Ehi Laura, (should read "your recent illustrations") quelli che appena pubblicato illustrazioni sono superbe. Un po 'come Egon Schiele, per quanto la tecnica, come la sua pittura a guazzo, ma in forma di penna. Grazie per la vostra gentile vuole bene. Saluti da Oz. :)

  18. rossichka, как е животът в България? Надявам се да са добре! Аз съм просто четене нов превод на братя Грим. Затова ще се премахнат от Ада и Дявола скоро. Благодаря, че ме посетихте!

    rossichka, how is life in Bulgaria? Hope you are well! I'm just reading a new translation of the Brothers Grimm. So my images will finally move away from Hell and the Devils soon. Thank you for visiting! See you at your place :)

  19. Amariah, thank you for your kindness. Oh yes I bought a wacom a while ago and they threw in Elements 3, which is a tidy program. So recently I bought Elements 7. The only thing I would like at the moment is being able to apply filters to a smart object. Do you use smart objects? They are great as you drop another PSP file into the one you are working on and it makes it a vector layer which you can resize to your heart's content without losing resolution (unless you make it bigger)

    I guess I would like vectors as well actually. Like Adobe Illustrator :)


  20. Ah greetings Dr Roberto! Thank you for always being nice to me! You must be very intelligent! Oh my comments are strange because we have a way here where one always approaches things obliquely.

    It's like in my group of painters we say about someone elses's painting "Oh, I really like how your painting smells!" or ... "Oh the texture of the canvas is wonderful and the shape (of the canvas)is really very nice."

    Or, the ultimate compliment: "That looks great! .... I'm really surprised!"

    You need to leave a space between the word 'great' and "I'm" to increase the drama.


    Happy Market day. Tomorrow I go to see abstractionists at our big gallery. Well, I go to see their paintings...

  21. Hey Michele, thanks! It took me a while to find the Zoom, I admit I went and borrowed a strong pair of glasses at first :) :D !

  22. Thanks Elizabeth! Did I tell you I am starting to play with collage after seeing your work. And getting the low down on Golden was the big plus. So thank you again (I am now covered in three inches of clear acrylic media from finger tip to wrist)

  23. heh Bella, it's wonderful to see you back. I hope your summer was just grand. Oh the gibberish? I just threw that in for effect :) :) You know it's like sympathetic hyperlacrimation or baba ganouj , it's fun to say it out loud :)! In fact I used to order baba ganouj at restaraunts just for effect until one night they bought out a belly dancer and not the dip I was expecting...

    Oh dark places ? Me? Heh!
    To be perfectly honest the work I do to me is disembodied from the emotive content. It is pixels and verticie and polygons. It is like working with shop mannequins sans vestement.

    My wife is worried though....

  24. Oh Roberto, I see so much fine work on these blogs so I thought I would pile it up for my own personal reference. There is so much wonderful stuff that just flies past my eyes so I need to freeze it - I'm story your allegorical icons in my head. A painter I know well is charming is his naivity -in the true sense that his art is from the soul.

    Your art is not naeive, but is also from the soul, so there is a congruence that is fascinating to me.

    This is a complement.

  25. Hmm, let me rephrase that. I will tell him about your work because it will open his eyes to a knew way of seeing.

    That sounds bettr

  26. Antonio, hola soy yo, it's me, el hombre con los calzoncillos en la cabeza (quemaduras de sol se detiene). Usted es muy afortunado de ser un diseñador gráfico. Para hacer arte para ganarse la vida debe ser difícil, pero también ser un sueño. He escrito un pequeño artículo aquí haciendo el 3d. Puede ser que sea de interés?

    Hasta pronto:) Hope the day is good to you!

    Antonio, hello! You are very fortunate to be a graphic designer. To make art for a living must be difficult, but also be a dream. For the process there is something here that might be of interest?

    See you soon:)

  27. Hi Karen, gee thanks! Oh yes since 1991 I have laboured three days a week as an optometrist. I have met many fine people who have the hobby of crosstitch and longstitch!

    But seriously, I am very lucky. I only need to buy a TV once every five years and a surfboard every 18 months and I am happy.

    There is a man who comes to mow the lawn and I watch him through the window, and wonder what the air is like outside the house...

    Sorry, where was I?
    Oh i think we are hoodwinked by society into needing lots of things - and so we must all work five days or six or seven to get those things.

    Mind you, my friends all drive porsches, I wish to make amends :)

  28. Hello, Andrew, to understand what is written in English, I need several readings. For example, I read it first ... and I understand a quarter. then passes through the google translator, and I do not understand a quarter that I had understood before, "
    Then, I take my dictionary, English, Castilian, and vice versa and I understand the second quarter but not the first. At this time, I tell my wife that it is better to go to sleep, and stop reading the comments until tomorrow.
    but from what I understood, I must say thank you
    I promise, tomorrow, re-read everything.
    at least two quarters of the comment that I lacked. and leave a comment.
    Do not you understand anything of what I explained, no? Yesterday I try to be clearer. so no one understands me last month. so maybe next week. I have to explain everything again. for now you can ask about what I'm talking about.
    "It was clear, right?
    Only a few hours, I say thank you. then I'll tell you a lot, thank you very much.
    (Still out there the girl with a beard?)

  29. Well, now I only want to answer your comment on my blog-
    Really, your words have come to my heart, I have moved.
    because what you have told about saving our art to share with our friends. are expressions of sentiment, leading to the heart. thanks again-
    I'm not a workaholic, and I never been interested in money, but life takes you to get more and more responsibility. and when you're willing to work, you must comply. and again, and again, and so goes life.
    well, so I'm happy to do things for my friends bloggers, thanks, Andrew.

  30. Ah. I am eagerly awaiting the white album

  31. Andrew,
    Congratulations on the interview!
    flipping through the magazine is very good to see this small set of your work!
    I found interesting and want to read quietly to better understand your 'doings' in 3D, Carrara!

  32. I am soooooo impressed with all that you know. You are just one huge book of information and technique!!! How awesome. Congrats on this great interview. You do a lot of hard work dude! Amazing is all I can say. Keep it moving man. Thanks so much for your kind words. I appreciate them so much.

  33. Aah, Mr. Celebrity! I hope you had a good day. Now, I read the whole interview and every bit was just enlightening...except a few parts where you talked 'alien'. I've been living in the dark ages, if you remembered, so you may have to explain things to me in human words.

    But other than that, it was cooooooool!!! (^_^)

  34. By the way, if you're a nun, what am I????

  35. Andrew, actually I AM VERY CAREFUL and CLEAN and FAST, never dirty. I am just FAST, even at work. I can formulate a rule in minutes to an hour versus days and weeks with others. I just so happen to be FAST, but never DIRTY. Oh no, I shall never be dirty. I will tear a dirty drawing and burn a dirty painting that I cannot erase. I have done so, once, two years ago.

  36. Oh wow! Totally impressed with the feature article interview. I must admit the techie stuff flew by me like an omega, but everything else is just absolutely wonderful. Good luck!!!

  37. Well, Andrew. Congratulations again for the interview!
    Finally after reading and rereading.
    (Your comments, to me, are like a Debussy Prelude)
    I need to hear it several times until I understand it.
    Well, Thanks for being so kind!!!

    I hope you start good winter season, on 29 April. and you have good snow to surf the waves in Australia.

  38. Hi Andrew! I wishhhhh I could view your interview. I keep getting errors (my connection is slow). I can only imagine how awesome it is. Congratulations as I'm sure the interviewer was most impressed with your work and your commentary/description of your work. I thank you for your kind words - it means a lot, Andrew, it really does.

    By the way, your latest post was I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E. I can't say it are wildly talented and I am in awe with your work. Take care and I see Roberto bids you a great winter - I, as well!

  39. hello Andrew Finnie, congratulations, i know nothing about 3d carrara blablabla (you know me, i suck) but yea whatever im so bloody happy for youuuuuu!!!!!
    damn this connection, couldnt view it.
    what zeppelin is Grandewitch talking about?
    your airship?
    in the magz????
    this one?

    *congrats, once again!*

  40. Dear Andrew, it was such a pleasure to read your interview! Although I didn't quite understand the part for professionals, I followed your thoughts easily and I know for sure that you are an Artist who works a lot and develops his talent and skills enriching his pereceptions of the world. It's so nice to learn something more about you! I suppose a lot of people have liked your art and wish you good luck and new opportunities in future!!

  41. Hi Andrew, I just wanted to say be careful. Only just saw the program on Direct TV, "Life After People" (I do not know what it's called in the rest of the world) but showed that Sydney will be destroyed in no time!
    if you're out there you should go quickly!!!!. You can come to Argentina, apparently, as no one takes us into account, if there is a global disaster, we are not affected!
    Well, at least we have good meat and good wine
    JAJA(This is a joke to myself)

  42. Hello Roberto, ahh sorry to be so long in answering! After your warning....I have been hiding in the cupboard for the last few days, but had to come out, because my laptop battery finallt died and I realised it was so dark that I was watching the keyboard and typing on the monitor!

    Can you beleive that?

    That is very funny after you have google translated you understand less than what you did before.

    I notice goolgle changes the sexes around quite a bit so I will have to watch mine....

  43. Denise, thank you so much for reading the interview, I am sorry there is a lot of blabla. But it makes me sound intelligent :) ? maybe? Heh!

  44. Hey Vanessa, oh its great to come and visit you. I am awed by your talents, not to mention jealous!

  45. Amalia :) Hi it's me the Celebrity Nun, Sister Andreas Fault. Thank you for being nice to me. If I am a nun, then that makes you a priest? Father Amalia perhaps :)

  46. Ces, hi! I didn't mean to imply that you are an unclean artist :) You know when I paint I am like an old fashioned carpentyer. I get dressed up in my business shirt, pleated pants, and a lovely yellow tie with paisley spots ....

    Unfortunately I like to drag in my sleeve in the alizarin crimson.... ugh

    I hope you are well!

    see you

  47. PS Ces, how does an omega fly?
    Oh is that like 'what's a piecost?"

  48. Shirley, you knwow one day when I have a few weeks I will come and try and learn as much about you water colours as I can. I should really do it now I think.

    Thank you for trying to read the interview! I just say lots of stuff that is about the program I use.

    Congrats again in winning that EFIF contest!

  49. Roberto, oh there is plenty of snow for me to surf in. Must be your well wishes!!

  50. Mita, hello :) Oh it is the one, uyou have a very good memory. Thank you. As you know I blabbalbablabal, so you are not missing out on me! By the way, I really like the gas mask look. It makes you a woman of mystery :)

  51. rossichka ! Thank you so much for taking the time to read that.

    You know what I so is a lot like puppetry? But Only 'still' puppetry? So what I dod is like those old fashioned poses that dancers make, when they can't dance. ? Doesn't make sense, hmm. The dancers go out on stage, strike a pose in the dark, then they turn the lights on, then whene the audience has seen their pose, they turn the lights off, strike another pose, the lights are turned on etc etc,..

    So it's like slow motion puppetry!

    That almost makes sense.

    Hope Bulgaria is beautiful today!

    Today we have clouds and the wind is going sideways :)

  52. Hi,Andrew! Bulgaria is really beautiful these days, all sunny and just having welcomed this year's autumn! She has already began to paint the leaves and there's so much to enjoy!
    I'm not sure whether I have understood you this time...:-( You find a connection between bad dancers and puppets' movements? Well, by me it is possible when the puppeteers are not good, too. Otherwise the true magic of puppet theatre is the "lie" that a puppet is moving and living as if it has a soul... Hope you'll have a lovely weekend! When are you going to stop surfing? Maybe you'll miss it...


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