Aug 6, 2010

In the lost valley of Vallenstaren, deep in the Forest of Guggle....

In the lost Valley of Vallenstaren,
Deep in the Forest of Guggle,
 In the ancient tree-house Fallofolia,
Lives a forest gnome named Ghent.
He is 912 years old;
He loves Knitting socks,
And has a penchant
For swallowing other people’s gold fish.

The last two images were the original gnome, before he was "child friendly". There's another version of him higher up. I don't know; should I make him more approachable? I havent decided whether he will be part of a story... you know, "grumpy old gnome sees light and lets Reginald the goldfish go."

Thankyou for taking the time to look and click.

Oh, oh! Nearly forgot the gold fish!


  1. What a beautiful place he lives in! So magical with those blue dragonflies <3
    funny he has a chandelier outside...he must love spending time there :D

  2. i really have enyoy with your work. thanks.

  3. You know something? This particular post somehow opened up the door into my childhood memory. Although I don't recall having been told any story of a socks-knitting grumpy old gnome who has a special craving for goldfish (hehehee), the scene you've created here matches the world I had explored in my mind more than a million times as a child.

    Well, maybe because I was crazy mad for fantasy movies like this one:

    Please check it out, you'll see what I mean. :)

  4. Anyway, my good friend. I must say this. You are definitely weaving a fine silk of your own fairy tale. I'm still holding all those four thumbs up, you know! :))

    And, oh! Now I see that insconpciss...inconscpu...ackh!! INCONSPICUOUS, e-mail address! Hehehee... :D :D

  5. Oh, one teeny thing... I was wondering. Why do I see an image of a man going: "AAaaaaaaakch!!" right in the middle of the goldfish bowl???

    No, seriously, I do!!!!!!!

    Hhm. Maybe it's time for my eye check up. Know any good doctor around? :)

  6. I am sitting here with my mouth agape causevi am once again floored by your amazing work!!! You talk about my singing, but you sing as well with these flawless and exciting illistrations. Oh my goodness!! How simply delicious. Thanks for your very kind and teasingly funny comments. You made my day! Have a good one.

  7. Hi Andrew, I love this, it is magical. I really love the first one. I have always loved the idea of little houses in trees, "fairy doors", giant mushrooms, and all. I used to paint a lot of fairies. As a matter of fact I have a giant unfinished canvas of a scene with a fairy door. It just sits there begging me to finish it. Great lighting and I love that glowing font.

  8. I was sucked into your drawing immediately... It's beautiful.. I could almost reach the door and feel the soft sun on my skin..

  9. Hello Andrew! The Gnome is approachable enough - after all he's not a Good Magician... But what can be seen from 1000 km distance is that he is alone! And that the animals have no fear from him. Why??? I like the perspective with the enlighted labyrinths... I like the amazing details such as his extraordinary shoes; the hearts, carved on the shutters; the buckle on his belt... Lovely dragonflies!! And one more thing - he IS a part of a story. That one you've begun in brief... Just continue it! I don't know what you are working exactly but I do hope that images like these are not created just for fun or for entertainment - they must be seen by much more people!!

  10. Hi, there. I am loving looking at these images. That cockatoo is wonderful. What's is below him to the left? I'll have to magnify.

    I think the gnome is supposed to have a menacing feeling, yes? I do admit that I like the upper images just a bit better because he looks more alive in them. In the lower one he looks almost doll like. However, I don't know what you mean by child-friendly. Should he be more huggable or more relateable? All I know is, when I was a young one, I loved ominous things and could believe more in them than in the smooshy things.

    wow, that tree...
    I'm delighted to see your work and love those fish!!

  11. Thanks, Andrew. Nothing important. Just a silly old man.
    Tonight I'll take a glass of Margaux Bianchi, which I have saved, and tomorrow I'll get up with the intention of returning to your blog and leave a few words.
    Thanks again.

  12. How I'd love to visit a place like this! I'd quite like to meet Ghent and see this magical place that he lives in, though I'd be a bit concerned of him swallowing my goldfish. I just can't stop staring at these entrancing images, there is so much to take in, each time I look I see something new, I think this is the best thing about your work, I am constantly drawn towards it and unable to take my eyes away because there are so many wonderful things to look at within each image.

  13. This is feeling like the friendlier section from a Bosch - like environment. With all respect intended, of course! ;o) I have to come up for air after looking at those goldfish...Beautiful!

  14. Well, Andrew, I can only tell you that this character looks like me!
    I really liked the "Day-Night" as in Magritte's painting!
    Great atmosphere surreal!
    Thank you very much for your comment. I'm already used to reading your comments on my post, and if missing, my post is not complete.
    Thanks really.

  15. No need to be child-friendly ;-)
    Although the goldfish are mesmerizing! And the tree is so fine for the soul it should be sold in the apothecary.

  16. Hi Andrew,
    once again, the illustration is perfect!

    gnome Ghent, has a spectacular home!
    we lost the details of decoration ...
    I love the chandelier! ;)

  17. hello again :))
    im here.
    looking at your illustration.
    i was amazed by the first image, oh but then i saw the dragonflies. I believe that blue dragonflies are very useful for those who are distressed by the fact that their loved one hasnt made contact with them since their death so this is perfect cos that Ghent guy just seems to be distressed, yes? :D

    i missed Reginald the goldfish!

  18. by the way thank you for visiting me the other day when i was distressed :D

  19. Ana! Hi I was looking for things that the average gnome would have outside his house shovels? maybe. Buckets? maybe, Chandelier?

    But of course!

  20. Felisa thankyou very much. And I like your dog and cat!!

  21. Hey Amalia! Oh Legend is a grande movie, I just love the insects in the forest and that scary scene in the kitchen.... must watch it again

    Oh the man, yes he is staring out. He must be my stalker. I've been advertising for one for about three weeks but i thought the paper would let me know if they found one.

    So there you go! :)

  22. Vanessa, well I too was floored by your singing. I'm the kinda guy who aint got no rythym and aint got no swing. And you look nothing like your little Icon!

    cheers from OZ

    P it's nice to meet someone so talented.!

  23. Hello Karen, thank you very much and thanks for picking one out. Fairies eh? Well being a bloke I have to do gnomes heh :) But I am getting in touch with my feminine side. How about a gnome in a tutu? Now that's a thought :) !

  24. rossichka

    greetings. Well thanks for being so observant! You have an interestingly wonderful way of viewing a piece. Oh yes I am encouraged to make a story, thankyou. At the moment I am making 'puppets' and places. One day I will put them into a story. That will be work? Who knows.

    My stories are bad ... e Jack got up. He was happy. It was a wonderful day. He was so happy he put on his good boots and wore clean underwear. Because the day was so beautiful he decided he would go and visit his good friend the witch Pistulata - who he was secretly in love with.

    But Pistulata lived across the road. And the road was busy. Very busy. Far too busy.

    In fact it was the busiest road in the whole of Valenstarn.

    And this was to be Jack's undoing.

    to be cont


  25. Ah FongXuanqi! Hello that is a very kind thing to say. You are very romantic in your senses I see. Especially in your post about the crying cow.!

  26. Hello Parabolic Muse, well thank you for coming to visit, and thankyou for your astuteness and cho0sing images over other images. Ah yes, child friendly. I have no children. I treat children like adults and so do not have the correct filters in place. Sometimes I make them cry, which is funny - especially for me.

    Just kidding about that.

    So do I try to scare kids in my illustrations? Oh I don't know. It just comes out that way.

    By the way. I like your blog. You have good brains!

  27. Hey Roberto. On wednesday I went for a surf down the coast. When I got there the surf was perfect, a little bit big, but fine. There was no one around for about ten miles which is how I like it.
    But I didn't go out because I was sick - self inflicted sick!

    So I was ashamed. Instead I went home and did some illustrating. I have given up grog now and after only six days I already look twenty years younger... yes the lady in the mushroom shop thought I was only 62!

    I told her she should get out more ...

    Glad you are feeling better

  28. Vanilla, thank you! I see in your work almost enchantment, as if we are entering another world, in fact I think we are!

  29. Janne, hey thanks! I think all it need is some rocks from Norway? Err sorry I meant some of that beach sand !! :D

  30. Denise thank you! You know in some of your illustration work I see those wonderful textural patterns. The flat versus the three dee. I wish I could achieve that. Maybe one day?

  31. Mita! Hi :) I am glad you are not distressed. It sounds like old wood which has been used as coffee stand. And I am glad you are back. Blue dragonflies? Well I never knew that. I can feel a dragonfly and ouegee board coming out....


    By the way the Zebra Caged is one of your best.

  32. Hello, Andrew! Your stories are not at all bad! With the first sentences only we have the inception of the action, the place of action and the characters with their main characteristics!... Have I already told you that you have a gift for choosing names for them?:) Keep enjoying yourself in whatever you do!:0)
    And thanks for your nice words...

  33. rossichka

    Hi! Sorry I did miss this! Thank you. I appreciate your thoughts on this. Plot, backstory and character are hard things that sometimes come easily. When they do it is a blessing.

    My weakness is middle and end. Especially denoument.

    But I guess "they all lived happily ever after (except for the bad people who rotted in jail)" is a good denouement?

    cheers again :)

    Oh the nice words? Just being honest that's all!


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