Aug 16, 2010

To Hell With The Little Devils (Smartcar)

"To Hell With The Little Devils"

This one for Outsmart 2010.  The idea is to inco-operate a Smart Car into the double page image. La idea es inco-operar un Smart en la imagen de la página doble.Thanks for the heads up Maria.  I never knew what a smart car was before. Please click for big :)

Thanks to everyone who commented on the last piece!!  I'll be back asap and thank you again in the correct manner :) Presently I am visiting Bosch - he is not a bad cook, and I have borrowed some of his reci-pies. Luckily Brueg-hel lives down the road, and he might need a visit too....  Gracias a todos los que comentaron la última pieza! Estaré de vuelta lo antes posible y gracias de nuevo de la manera correcta:) Actualmente estoy visitando Bosch - no es una mala cocinera, y he tomado prestado algunas de sus reci-pasteles. Por suerte Brueg-hel vidas por el camino, y él puede ser que necesite una visita también ....

But seriously. Detail below. It's just lo res, as per destructions. Es de baja resolución que se acaba, según el escrito ".


  1. Well, Andrew, I still do not change the meridian and therefore I am here. at 7.55 PM. leaving you my comment.
    How was the word that you told me?, Well, I tell you now of you. More: This is great!
    I went to link to Outsmart and I can tell that your work surpasses any of the ones I saw. I've even seen "more of the same." and some "things" of advertising catalogs of the 80s.
    How about Bosch? is in good health? a little old man, right? invited you to tea?
    I pray that the next time you visit he will send my greetings.
    a hug.

  2. I am eager to say "I am a friend of Andrew." I can?

  3. Fabulous illustration. Where is the Smart car?

  4. I just love all the chaos these devils are generating...they are all over the place. Perfect attitude for devils!
    And the guy with the double guitar, soo cool :D
    Que sorpresa ver algo de español :)

  5. Heya Roberto, yes but of course I would be honoured to be your friend :) Oh yes the outsmart illustrations are mixed. I like them all I think because there are so many styles to look at. So many approaches. Ah yes Bosch is good. I noticed that the devils in his house have ovens inside their stomachs... strange smells though emenate from within :)

    Hell's Kitchen?

    I wonder why they put people on wagon wheels in Hell? So they can look up to Heaven?

  6. Karen :) Thank you very much. Oh the smart car is at bottom right. It has Hell Tours on the door, so might be hard to see? I did another illustration from another angle and posted it.

    Wonderful oils you are doing.

  7. Ana! Hi, well he is in Hell because he used to annoy his neighbours when he was a kid with his guitare playing Stairway to Heaven" over and over :) and over...

    Thanks for looking at my work again!

    The Spanish, well lots of Spanish speakers translet for us poor English speakers I see.

    Oh lotes de hablantes de español en el mundo! Yo no sabía, porque yo soy un ludita idioma!


    I rely on google which is dangerous!!

    I might say today is a nice day and get

    "Estoy usando mis calzoncillos en la cabeza"

  8. I was almost afraid to click for big and find myself possessed by the devil.

  9. Well, you've really 'outsmarted' the devil himself with your stupendous genre work this time. Although I don't think I've ever seen so many horns in one genre work before! This is some other kind of genre, no doubt...


    And I can't help but think that those are the most fashionable looking horned creatures I've ever seen. The coat? The shoes? Good enough on the runway, especially for Versace... Quite a frightening scene it would make, though. :)

    By the way, the guy driving the car reminds me of my uncle. I'm sure he'll be happy to know that... :))

  10. Hey, have you seen this guy's work?

    He is 'crazy' goood.... :))

  11. oh ... but it is not the Pan mdriving the Smart?
    and all these little devils... is a pandemonium!

    well, joking aside, the illustration is perfect!
    and you'll still visit the Bosch and Bruegel?!
    I can not wait!
    hugs and congrats!

  12. One of the few Norwegian rock-operas, called Which Witch, states that there are 2,665,866,746,664 little devils in the world. So you´re gonna keep yourself busy, if you´re gonna get rid of all of them.
    You´ll find it on Spotify. Here´s another link to another song from the opera (it´s from the 80s, but you might find it funny):
    One of Norway´s pop-artists through a couple of generations. I´m not sure what that says about Norwegians....
    I´ve worked with an outdoor staging of the musical, so I´ve had the pleasure of making a bundle of devils!
    The whole atmosphere was pretty much like your picture. Except for the smart-car. Fun! I mean, fun to work with!
    I really like your modern-day version of the Medieval nightmares! ;-)

  13. Genial,going to take around on tour with the smart-hell-tour company, I don't like the crowld, it´s awful to be with a lot of mad-tourists around you. Inside a little car, with the little devils, is perfect, a little company no so much lucrative. :)
    Of course, it's neccesary take on trust the little devils company.
    Very good works.
    I really enjoy it´

  14. Enjoy with your visit down the stret in Brueg-hel home.
    Send ours regards.

  15. ok, wow, I'm too stunned for words, too many devils, scary dreams now...

    great work Andrew, I like the top one best, it shows the smart car best, which I guess is the point. Thanks for the visit, you made me laugh and it hurts to laugh, but I still enjoyed it.

  16. hello andrew, where can i get this car?
    i kinda need one.

  17. Aaahhh, yes wagon wheels ...
    I guess they made them go round and round at full speed, so people who were tied to them. was dizzy and did not realize the suffering of being in hell. It's a possibility, no?
    Something like a children's game we played was called "Search Oil" we put our hands and forehead on a stick and we turned at full speed. and then we went walking to falling. And everybody laughed at us. What fools we were! Now the boys will be playing with the Playstation!. He that falls is virtual!

  18. Andrew! Wow!Amazing! Cool!.... OK I'm going to write a complete sentence now. Your work just left me speechless. I like what Amalia wrote about being afraid to click for fear of demon possession. Hahaha she's a riot. I guess I'm going to have to find out what a smart car is. At least now I know what one looks like ;o) great and entertaining as usual!

  19. Holy Hieronymous! First you sported horns. Now you are cooking poor old wrinkly men in in hell's cauldron. Very interesting concept this smart car.

  20. Amalia hey there, now clicking for big will give you horns so be very careful. You know what happens with horns - it makes washing our hiar hard and its lousy trying to get hats.

    Thanks for that link. That guy is sick :) I can see why he reminded you of me :)

  21. Denise heh. That is very funny. You have a better grasp of English than me!! Mind you my native language is Australian. Oh yes Bosch is next. I am enjoying eating from his breakfast bowl. !

  22. Janne hi! Thanks for that link, that bloke must have been good looking at one stage? He looked better with the hat on :) :) Now I live the hat. I enjoyed the movie to, till I turned on the sound :) Just joking.

    Those costumes you made are superb. It annoys me no end that you are so talented!

  23. Hey Felisa! Oh crowds yes, it will be crowded in Hell when I go for a quick visit! The only thing that worries me about going to Heaven will be the wide empty spaces up there :) Just kidding. Have you taken a red string for a walk recently?

  24. Karen , I'm so glad you are feeling better. Maybe you need one of those things you han from the ceiling with upside down.. hold on, I'll put you in an illustration :)

  25. Ahh Mita, I'm so glad you are back from Hell. I left the instructions for picking up your car at your blog. You might have to wait till I pick the tickets from the hat. Hehe :)

  26. Oh Roberto, it' so good of you to remind me of my childhoof memories. Search Oil eh? We used to play a game called 'I don't care who I bump."! You walk around arms crossed while chanting monotonously "I don't care who I bump" while bumping into the other kids...

    Hmm might explain my brain damage eh?

    cheers and cab sav from Oz :)

  27. Shucks Jack, now I know you have good taste! You must be a wonderful scintillating person in real life. Your work makes everybody smile - except me. I always think "Hmmph, why didn't I think of that! Hmmph, There goes that Jack again, making everyone laugh!" Hmmph"

    Heh. But seriously. I learn much from your work. How to be succinct, how to fill up empty spaces with just the appropriate design. Well I wish I could learn it ...


  28. Greetings Ces I always want to call you Ceslina. Glad you are back you know. I missed your work.

    I told you there just lumps on my head? Not horns?
    My dentist thinks they are reverse wisdom teeth. Can you belive that? It's from eating too much gravy when I was a kid. I used to mix gravy with everything, even my coco pops. Gravy and Coco Pops? Bliss!

    Oh I made myself hungry.... :)

  29. Andrew, to me the same thing happens, everyone laugh at me but I have not fallen, I can not fall over, is that I'm always on the floor? Maybe that's why I always thought that all people were taller than me.
    I have been researching and there is another theory about wagon wheels, they tied them facing the sun, then, after a long summer day, when the skin was red, they used these people to advertise with sunscreens UV filter.
    Well, it's a valid theory as any other
    When Albert Einstein (a rock) proposed his theory of relativity, no one believed him.
    Well, here it is time to go to sleep. I will go to rest, and tomorrow back to the keyboard.

  30. Gravy with Coco Pops?! That might explain a few things! I like the last one best and the detail of it. Your use of color and composition are wonderful, and as always, so many things to keep looking at. Tell Bosch hi!

  31. No, no! What is brain damage?.
    people who see everything green has brain damage. We see, all ripe fruit color. is a color like hope, is a good color, you do not know?
    Hugs and Chablis from my home


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