Feb 26, 2010

Illustration Friday: Perspective

I made another version of this one because I thought the original one was lacking. For a new perspective, I put Jack in (goatee and specs) to help Rodger and his friend along the path. (Please click for big)

The original version: Had a bit of fun with this one. Originally the rider was going to be the devil; but I cut his tail off.
So I went a different way. I think this would be a fine 'ad' for a Bank that I know. Consequently I went for a bit of 'realism'.......

The man is all dressed up in his finery, he has a confident stare; but something, somewhere is lacking. Luckily his donkey, whose name is Rodger, knows the way over the rocky ground ahead.
Or does he.....?  Only time will tell.

Thanks for all the comments on this one. I reduced the pecs (thanks Ces) and sat the pointy rocks better in the landscape...

(Thanks for looking and please click for large)
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"Rodger the Donkey"


  1. I have surpreme faith in Rodger — donkeys are a lot smarter than they look! It's those rocks that are scaring me! (the little triangles remind me of something I saw in a "Gumby" episode, I think!)

    Great cloud background too, Andrew! (did you model that as well, or it particle fx, or is it photoshop?)

    Thanks for the comments on your 6 lies and 1 truth! Ha ha — that was tons of fun and I'm honored to have guessed it right!

  2. Hya Justin

    I have faith in Rodger as well! Well sort of.... :)

    Yes you did a great job of guessing well done!! I am impressed.

    The clouds were painted in photoshop. Much better than Carrara .. and quicker. I have a 'cloud' brush which is great!

    cheers :)

  3. Hey Andrew! Funny stuff! I love Roger! Hey if you put glasses and a goatee on the rider... it looks like me! :o) That's probably how I'd be riding old Roger too! Great stuff Andrew... as usual!

  4. Very funny! I love the light atmosphere! At least the donkey seems to know which end is up!

  5. Of the two I think Roger is most likely to have a five year plan. Which I understand is the height of organization. As usual very well done.

  6. very nice Andrew, I really love the clouds

  7. Andrew, I love your perspective but I hope it is his pectoralis muscles that are bulging on his chest.

    Are there holes on his socks? His ass is backwards on the ass.


    I will be back at 2.27

  8. Hello, thanks for all the comments Jack, Krista, Lucretia Karen and Ces, very much appreciated!

    I wasn't sure on this one so I took on board a few comments! And made a second one as well giving Jack a starring role :) I need to look at Maxfield Parrish some more...

    I reduced the pecs (thanks Ces, yes they are holes in socks!) added shadows to the pointy rocks to sit them better (thanks Justin)

  9. One of my favorite things about your art, Andrew, is how it always takes me to a place I´ve been before, and it sort of gives me a complete experience or feel for the story. I am sure you could write a whole book on each and every one of your illustrations. Fairy-tales for all-grown-up-kids :-)

  10. These men look like they are the type to sit down, drink latte and discuss philosophy. They look like they have read Ode on A Grecian Urn and The Decameron. They also look like the know where the country of Andorra is located! I would like to sit down with these men for coffee.

  11. Rodger is my fave! heheh... :D
    I'm intrigued by your 'perspective' and I'm still trying to figure it out...

    Ces, may i join you for coffee?

  12. dont forget to fly today ok!!!!

    see you Andrew :))

  13. Your comments made me laugh! You and I are the same. I can't spell/type. I can spell when I write long hand but the keyboard, too many letters and keys to press! Hehehehe. Hope are doing well. I love your illustrations. I still want to watch you create these.

  14. OMG Andrew! Did you use my kid's PE teacher as the model for Jack, minus the glasses?!!! Check out the link below, he looks just like him!


    This is such a cool illo, those clouds are gorgeous! But I feel sorry for Rodger - he's too patient, he's getting manhandled so much he needs to haul off and kick the stuffin' out of those two!

    Thanks for your visit today. I know I've got a long way to go in photoshop, but I don't think it will ever replace my traditional media. I'm starting my lessons with a friend this Friday, so that will help. Have a great week!

  15. Hya everyone, thanks again for your kind patient comments. I've just been out flying in the big southerly we have at the moment - well no I am telling untruths. I've been flying in my head, making The Crooked Man.

    Janne: thanks for that comment/ I really do need to practice my writing and as Ces knows, my spellink... :)

    And Mita, glad you liked the Black Unicorn

    And Susan, that's really the famous Jack Foster, artist extraordinaire,

    and Ces I made those men drink Latte ,but it turned out to be a tea party..

    see you soon

    cheers :)

  16. Ah yes! They are definitely gay. So gay you can bet your pants on them, yet they somehow know where Andorra lies. This is so cool. I like Mike and Richard and Zelda above!

  17. Coffee or tea YES! With you, Mita and Susan. A grand time that would be! Have a wonderful day Andrew.

  18. wow...this is really cool, andrew! and thanks so much for the visits! "))

  19. These are all great! I think I like the simplicity and strength of the first version best but the revised version tells an interesting story as well. Your illos are always fun to analyze.


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