Feb 25, 2010

The Illustrator as Stretcher of the Truth

Well thanks to the crits (thanks Janne and LDahl and everybody who commented!) I worked up the image some more. I got rid of the 2d birds and organised a flock of real Ravens to invade the artist's mind. Plus a few skulls to represent 'you know what". And some sparkles (where oh where would we, to be lost beside the sea, in darkness, to be sparkle-less ?)

Below is the full page set up. Thanks for looking! Both images are quite large so if you'd like detail please click for big!


  1. Andrew, I love the addition of the skulls and the wavy text. I also hadn't noticed the black cat in the doorway - everything came together beautifully, especially with all those sparklies!

  2. I agree, lovely, she has such a thoughtful and dreamy expression

  3. This is really a masterwork, Andrew — I think the added ravens bring a lot to the feel of it (ravens have a lot of visual and emotional power, don't they?!). Really, I'm always astounded at your level of productivity — it's quite a process birthing each of your creations!

    Thanks for the detailed feedback on my "Winter Games!" sketch. It makes posting this stuff all the more fun.

  4. hi andrew,
    is this me?
    where is my wand?? :))

    i love ravens.
    i love cats especially the black ones (every witch like me need one!).
    i love skulls.
    i just love everything in this illustration.
    you are so great!

    thank you very much for the mail, i told you it was just my way of saying i thank you!

    Ces said that she wanted to see you as a unicorn!
    could you draw it perhaps? a bit? to make us happy? :D

  5. As intriguing as ever. The tone is so mysterious, yet not at all disturbing. There is a sense of peace here. Beautiful colors, composition and design.
    I like the way some objects are faded into the background. This is a place I would like to visit... but with a friend.

  6. Ars est celare artem. Crede quod habes, et habes.

  7. Aha Friday already! (well here in the land of Oz!)

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I've been really having a lot of fun doing this work, at the expense of 'real life' (But what is 'real life?' It's what goes on in our heads, isn't it?)

    Susan and Karen : thanks for that. The gesture of the left hand was a good accident. It's a kind of Buddha blessing gesture.
    And the face... i made it thin but not tight. The glasses helped her serenity? I put the cat in and the pot because I have this theory that you need at least three interesting separated points in a composition for the eye to travel from. They make a triangle with the writer's head (well kind of :) )

    Justin: It's a pleasure commenting on your work. You work has a temporal (as in time)sense in that you indicate that there has been a 'before' and there will be an 'after'. Thanks for the comment on the work. It took me a few days to sort it out, rather than the normal five hours. We have Raven's in australia. They are very intelligent as well as social. Bird's add a sense of spirituality (not in the religious sense necessarily) but they are sort of like lost souls floating through the etherspehere - sometimes at least.

    Mita- of course it is you! Thanks for the Unicorn prompt. On the way :)

    Ginger: thankyou. I have been searching/meaning to do this for a while, to blend things in and out. Robert Ingpen is a good influence for me http://www.palazzoeditions.com/index.php?item=75#desc "The Wizard's Book of Spells"

    LDahl Gratias tibi ago! My Latin is bad but better than the online translators I have discovered.


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