Feb 11, 2010

2010 Show Review:

Hope you don't mind me putting this up. I'm in a small group of painters here in Newcastle. We've been painting together once a week for about ten years. There's only six of us, but we go by the name "Seven Painters." We  get publicity occasionally and it's great when we do because it gives us an injection of enthusiasm, so I thought I'd put this up.

There's only five of us showing in this one - hence the Magnificant Five. Luckily the show has been a great commercial success and is still running.

This is the review in last Saturday's arts section of  The Newcastle Herald - our big paper.

Thanks for looking! Please click for big if you'd like to read it.


  1. Wow Andrew - fantastic! I think you've earned the right to blow your horn just a wee bit! Congrats on the show and the justified publicity. Really nice pieces, so loose and different from your digital work. Read the article, you're an optometrist too - so we should call you Dr. Andrew! I'm just continually blown away by the immense versatile talents in the IF community - Bravo!

  2. Thanks Susan! Yes we were very lucky with the show. And it is amazing how talented IF people are - hope it's contagious.

  3. congrats with your show it looked like it would be successful with such fine work. Thank you for visiting my forum post and encouraging me to start blogging ... wow another step onwards ... i had an artwork in the newcastle gallery years ago before the bicentenial celebrations in Newcastle ... a lot of fond memories!

  4. Hya thanks for the congrats. So you had work in the regional? Now that's superb.!

    Did you get that illustration friday link?

    Just google it. They give you a word every week you have to illustrate. Nothing stressful. Just fun.




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