Feb 19, 2010

Stretcher of the Truth

Every Sunday night, straight after baked dinner, the boys and grandpa Oliphant would head out into the shed for a few hours. There the old man would regale them with tales of his younger days, when he'd been the Captain of a the 'Mary Ellen', cruisng the North Atlantic in search of the famous cut throat Pirate, 'Yellow Beard.'.

Recently I was delighted to receive an award from the talented artist Susan Beth , something about being a bald faced Liar. :)
"Who me?". I asked silently. But I quickly realised that all artists are 'stretchers of the truth', that it is our job to help the viewer to suspend disbelief, and  to let them enter the world that we have created, and perhaps even lose themselves in that world.
Hence Granda Peterson is a true "artist". (To be continued, where I will carry out my duties in passing on the baton)

Please click for big. Cheers


  1. Great illo to go with the award theme Andrew! I'm glad you see this really is a compliment! I love Grandpa Peterson, I wish I could hear his Yarns! Looking forward to your list!

  2. Ah but how could it be a lie if there never was truth at the beginning? It's all Fairy Tale, not Tall Tale but how many times have we "lied" to hide what we really want to portray so we don't hurt others' feelings? Picasso did not care in La Guernica. He bared it all.

  3. Sometimes we tell the Super-Truth. It gets peoples attention. Fairy tales are more true than the pablum fed to kids now. There are monsters out there and bad guys and life isn't fair. Fairy tales say even little kids have their share of nightmares, but with bravery, luck, wit, and sometimes outside help, dark things can be overcome. I think children loved them because fairy tales let them know they weren't alone with their fears and they could cope, because the people in the tales found ways to.

  4. Hya, very interesting comments. It's illuminating to read viewpoints that show the intelligence of the writer (s).

    I'm not surprised! Artists, like musicians have well developed brains - maybe 'different' brains to the general populus.

    All those unusual synaptic connections.

  5. I'm interested to see what yarns ye shall spin my friend. You are not only a very talented artist... but humorous and intelligent as well. Who would've guessed :o)

  6. Thanks Jack! I see we are twins then! ;) Cheers


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