Feb 28, 2010

Monday ArtDay: Snow Sports (Another night in for Mike)

Actus Personus:

Big Mike: a large conjubial man with a zealous air.
Richard the Bear:  a stuffed bear with bright eyes.
Ralph the Faithful Friend: unseen and unheard.
Zelda: the Alien: a glass eye.
The 'Wife": a tall dark, sensuous and patient woman.

After a hard day down at the Bigtel insurance office Mike and Richard just loved to watch the Slalom re-runs on Saturday night Foxtel.

'Richard', Mike would often tell his wife, 'wasn't really a stuffed bear.... Richard just looked like a stuffed bear.'
 'In reality,' Mike would explain patiently to his wife, 'Richard the bear was a kind hearted alien from the planet Zog who, five hundred years ago, had been placed in a mind warp by Nimueh, the evil sorceress, and imprisonned on earth in a stuffed bear's body.'

During their drinking sessions down at the 'Cricketers', Mike often admitted to his best friend Ralph that  he wasn't sure his wife believed him about the bear.
Sometimes after dinner he'd catch her staring at him as if he were crazy.
Mike didn't care (well that's what he told Ralph anyway). He knew he wasn't mad.
Just wait till he spilled the beans on Zelda, the alien who's soul was locked in the glass eye of their new rocking horse.
Then his wife would really think he was off his rocker.

At least Ralph believed, thought Mike. Now that was important.


  1. Hello Andrew! Yes, yes, the little birds told me about you... the man with the 70 pages illustrated novel quest! (^____^) Wow, I don't even have words to describe what I think you're doing, not to mention the technique you're using to finish it! Well, maybe it's because I suck at using softwares and all those high-tech gadget thingies.. So good luck to you, your work is brilliant and hope I'll be seeing you over at my corner!

  2. By the way, I'll be careful not to use 'lovely' and 'beautiful' when I come visit...heheheh...:D

  3. Ah here is a captivating story based on the characters alone. A man with a stuffed bear... what else is stuffed that he has? Hmnnn?

  4. What a great story :-) I like your Carravaggio-lighting. It brings out the drama! I have to admit, I sympathize with his wife, admiring her patience.

  5. Hya Amalia, thanks for stopping by. Your work is very (insert synonym for wonderful here) I can't stick you on the group of artists at the left though I would love to you because nothing happens when I try, so you are at the bottom of the page with some other wonderful links

    Hya Ces, I wonder what else he has that might be stuffed? Ah yes, I see he has more than adequate pecs.... better fix that :) :)

    Hi Janne, yes I sympathisize with his wife. Imagine how many times this scene is repeated around the world each night. Of course not every "Mike" has a stuffed bear ingabited by the soul of an alien from Zog.... well maybe they do?

    The lighting comes from one spot just above the Tv with a small blue cast. There is also a weak light near the side of the Tv to simulate reflected light...

    The background is a seperate render which has been composited (like blue screening), so sheds no light on the scene

    cheers :)


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