Dec 13, 2009

Monday Artday: Frog

"You're probably wondering why there are three illustrations for Monday Artday: Frog?", asked Brian, looking down at the wet green lump of frog he held in his palm."


  1. Your pictures are so three-dimensional, it´s almost scary. The dramatic lighting, and the details in the texture, draws me into the picture. It is clear that you have a background in traditional painting, working with light in this way. It´s almost like a Carravaggio-feel in the picture. Magic! :-)

  2. Thanks very much spindelmaker! On my home page that loads up every morning when I fire up the computer I have the old master of the day (or something like that) on the screen. Their lighting effects are amazing and I have been trying to emulate them.

  3. Love this one and the elephant illo....your pictures are worth a million words. I love the dramatic effects you use and you are great at facial expressions and body language.


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