Dec 3, 2009

Monday Art Day: Elves

   "Tottletwot hated losing at chess almost as much as he hated rats. He was that kind of elf."


  1. Nice composition. I like the expression on the elves' faces, and the mouse looking on is a nice touch. Shouldn't those elves be making toys rather than playing games :-)?

  2. Lots of nice stuff going on here!! The lighting puts the focus where it needs to be, and the costumes are awesome! (did u texture those? wow). I also like how the elves's eyes lead the viewer to the mouse.

  3. Thanks very much Laurel and Justin. The composition was a lucky choice with the negative space etc. I tried the central elf more to the middle but it didn't work so well - less dynamic for some reason?

    Justin, I've bought some new software recently. Blacksmith 3d for 3d paint which is great for painting over seams on the mesh! with these little fellows I used stitchwitch to make the textures. It's on sale today. Still, at 50 percent off it's probably overpriced!

    thanks again :)

    lovely day here in OZ

  4. Hi Andrew, I love your style...this has so much depth, great characters too. It also reminds me that i'm long due a game of chess :)

  5. Thanks so much for the compliment, Andrew. And as for your illustrations, like I said on MAD, "WOW!"...They are more than engaging and have that magical air to them that are so important in children's books.

  6. Much obliged for your kind comments

    .... me too I am need of a game of chess! But who ever has time?

    Pat- my pleasure!


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