Dec 16, 2009

Monday ArtDay: Family

"Jessie tried hard to like Uncle Nesbitt, even when his uncle pretended to be Santa Claus.  Uncle Nesbitt was 'one of the 'family' - or so his mother claimed. Jessie though, was never quite sure." (From: The Year Jessie Ran Away)


  1. Wow, Andrew ... tons of story texture here, and the illo is a nice accompaniment! Love the outstretched hands and mom's face, full of good parent stuff.

    p.s. ... thanks for feedback on my holiday card! Funny how both pirates and Santa wear that oversized buckle and say "Ho ho ho" a lot, huh?

  2. Andrew, love the atmsphere here - also how you captured the expressions - you can tell Jessie is hesitant, the Uncle is trying to be convincing and the mother looks so hopeful, even without the words - and the fact that you did that digitally, wow! Great work! Thanks also for your kind comments on my recent post. This interenational art community is so supportive, it's much appreciated! Also, have you ever checked out SCBWI? The Society for Children's Book Writer's & Illustrators? I have a blue badge on my blog that will take you to the site. I just mentioned it to another writer/illustrator (in Australia too) They are a wonderful resource & I believe are international. If not, there is probably something similar near you. I've found them invaluable and just signed up for a local group. Check it out! Susan

  3. Hehe, i promised myself last year I'd be more organized and it just hasn't happened! D'oh! Great atmosphere in this pic :)

  4. Wow, thanks for the kind comments!

    Yes Justin, it is strange how grown men like to get all dressed up and climb down chimneys and sink other chap's ships. Wouldn't have it any other way though, think how literature and culture would suffer so!

    Susan: thanks for that link I'll check it out. They certainly have a great reputation. I was worried they wouldn't be in Oz though.

    Calley Jane, get that whip out! (insert smiley face here)

    cheers again.


  5. Ah I forgot to say, thanks for looking at my work!


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