Dec 8, 2009

Monday ArtDay: Frog

"Tim has a suprise visit". Please click for big and you might find the other frog! Thanks for looking.


  1. Love the magical sparkle in this Andrew and yes, I found that other frog - great textures in the stone too!

  2. wow, Andrew -- nice! The Santa and little boy almost become the secondary story, because my eyes feasted on that giant frog and didn't want to let go! I like it!

  3. Hey Andrew, thanks for following my blog. What program are you using for these? Is this Poser or Daz or something similar? I use Daz for reference sometimes. It's a really great tool.

  4. Ahh thanks very much. :) I had a lot of trouble with this one, trying to get the frog in... Maybe there should have been as a lead in on the bottom left? And the cat almost vanishes unfortunately, because I was trying to make that part of the story.

    Mark, I'm glad to follow your blog! I'm using Carrara for my renders, nice and quick it is with a reasonable curve. I use poser for making new characters, Carrara for morphing them, anim8or for props, stitchwitch for clothing textures, blacskmith 3d for painting 3d textures, uvmapper for boring old unwrapping, photoshop elements for post production. Have you heard of Ron Deviney's Brushes? Very good they are!


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