Dec 6, 2009

Monday Artday: Feast

Well this is my second go at Monday Artday. The topic was feast. It taught me the lesson of a good compositional shadow. (Please click for big)


  1. I noticed the shadow from the serving tray first then the chair later...I think especially the dome shaped shadow gives this work far more impact than if it was merely cast in a usual manner.
    And the guy's's really cool...the girl is vulnerable...adorable.
    I'm going to have to pick your brain from time to time if you allow me.
    When I get the pencil sketch a little more finished I may ask you for a critique...I certainly think you're qualified.
    Later, then.

  2. Thanks Pat, the shadow was a happy accident, but I am happy.!! As far as the c and c, I would love to see the finished pencil work.



    BYW I wrote this for yourself and Susan Beth

  3. happy accidents are wonderful things, eh, Andrew? Like Pat said, the dome-shaped shadow really adds interest and drama. Love the inward-turned toes on the little girl ...


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