Dec 6, 2009

Illustrated Friday: Crunchy

"Reginald wasn't afraid of anything, even Dragons.... Later, after all the feathers had finally settled down, his friends admitted he'd always been a 'bit of a goose'.'" (Please Click for Big)


  1. This is wonderful. I love the golden color scheme, the circular format, and the general sense of mystery and magic in the picture.

  2. Really love this one, Andrew! ... did u model the dragon and goose?! The color palette and lighting really give this one the sense of being a glimpse into a faraway, magical realm. Nice!

  3. M A G I C A L ♥ ♥ ♥
    Fantastic illo!

  4. Amazing Andrew! That dragon is fantastic! Poor goose.

  5. Thanks very much everyone :)

    Laurel, the circular format was a lucky guess. I had it square and it was almost working but not quite.

    Justin: I've been modelling stuff for nearly three years, but for this one I went over to the darkside!!! Ho ho. Here's a brief animation of the last dragon I modelled. He's swimming, not flying!

    Thanks very much for your kind comments sandy and jack! Yes, his goose will be cooked I think!

    cheers again

  6. Absolutely beautiful! You wouldn't catch me near that thing!

  7. :( poor goose! that's a scary looking dragon ...very nice and magical illo!


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