Jan 17, 2010

Troll Under the Bridge

Well this is Tim again....

Poor Tim has lost a bet with his worst enemy, Reginald. The bet? That there isn't a troll under the bridge. To win the bet, Tim has to spend the entire night on the bridge, or risk being made a fool of in front of all his friends, including his toffee nosed childhood sweetheart, Rosatilda, .

Troll? Troll under the bridge? Hah. There are no trolls anymore.... are there?

Thanks again for looking


  1. There is definitely a troll under the bridge, in Fremont anyway. I have seen it. Nice guy.

  2. Poor Tim, not too bright is he? Love this, especially the water. Took a look at your other alternatives Andrew, I think this one is the best!

  3. Thanks Ajikas and Susan for your comments. And Susan, thanks for checking out the variations. I don't know if they are a good idea to post, or not? Any thoughts welcome!


  4. Hi again Andrew, I posted some thoughts on your variations blog...

  5. Thanks Susan :) I forgot to rig it upto my email!!! so I didn't know. Cheers


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