Jan 30, 2010

Illustration Friday: Focussed

Image after Post work

Initial mage

Please click for big!


  1. Andrew! This is great! Wonderful work! Nice detail. It's funny, she looks a lot like my niece.... including the expression. You are amazing!

  2. AWESOME WORK!!! OMG the wonderful detail.

  3. Although I really like this composition, the "edges" in this one bothered me. I guess maybe I don't want to be quite so aware that all the different parts (hair, hands, face, glasses, collar, etc.) really aren't part of the same, organic whole. I'm totally enchanted with the whole scenes, where the figures are in what feels to me like a complete and real space.

  4. Thanks Jack and Vanessa and Coreopsis for your kind comments!

    This image was a kind of experiment in keeping it clean.

    Coreopsis, they are really good points thankyou. With your critique I have done some post processing, blurred up a lot of the edges, added more texture and dirtyied the image up a bit to try and regain the 'organic' feel. I've also played with the blurred edges to try and lead the eye.

    Everyone's comments are very welcome.

    thanks again:

    cheers :)

  5. Really Beautiful! What a fantastic character.

  6. Excellent. Great idea. Her eyes, glasses, and fingers in the mouth are perfect.

  7. Interesting take. Nice job on the psot processing!

    Makes you wonder who's more focused... the fly or the girl.

  8. Aha thanks for looking at my work :)

    I tried to be funny with this one, the cross eyed look, the crooked glasses, the fly on the nose... don't you hate flys on your nose?

    Cheers. I wish there were smilet faces here.

  9. wow - so well captured - great piece

  10. Had to leave a note on this one. The post process really pulled it together with an amazing aged atmosphere. Any tutorials on achieving this look? I could use this technique in my own.


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