Jan 10, 2010

Tarot Card: The Chariot

No surf today so I spent the afternoon making this card, (then destroying it with a little patina.) .... Looking forward to investigating more Tarot. Please click for big.


  1. Not into Tarot Andrew?
    I've started a Major Arcana, 22 cards all originals and it's hard going, I think I have 7 to complete it.
    Well you did a grand job on the Chariot anyway.
    Thanks for dropping by :)

  2. Thanks Jane,

    By not 'into Tarot' I mean I am ignorant :)

    I was looking at (Aleister Crowley?) the book of Thoth last night, great symbolism, it's all very interesting, wonder if it ties in with Jungian archetypes, hmm rings a bell.... Good on you doing the Major Arcana, a lot of lot of work! Be interested to see how it is going. cheers

  3. I think you definitely have what it takes, seeing this one card. Beautiful work.

  4. Very cool Andrew, I especially love the ripped edges and metallic look!

  5. Thanks Ajikas and Susan.... I bought a bundle of new brushes for photoshop and have had fun playing with them. I think I should have made the shadow of the card smaller and addede some apparent thickness to the body of the card... know better for the nest one! cheers again

  6. it's pretty spooky but cool nonetheless. :)


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