Jan 14, 2010

Monday Artday: "Invisible"

Had a bit of fun with this one. This week's prompt for Monday Artday was 'invisible'. The woman is so incensed by the loss of a jar of lollies she doesn't see .... Partially inspired by Raol Dahl's autobiography "Boy", where he and his friends sneak a dead mouse into the wicked Lolly Shoppe lady's lolly jar. (Please click fo big) Thanks for looking!


  1. Wonderful Andrew, I have posted all your illustrations into Animanons media gallery

  2. You WOULD be a Roald Dahl fan! Actually, I am too. My boys LOVED his stories. Oddly enough, all of us liked Danny Champion of the World the best, the LEAST weird. I also love Quentin Blake's illustrations....

    This is a fun picture. It looks more like a constructed scene than your others, like it's a photo of an actual doll-house-like space....

  3. Great Andrew - love the expression on the womans face! Congrats again on Monday Artday!

  4. Amazing! You are so talented! The lighting in your work is fabulous!! Hey congrats on winning last weeks MondayArtday! Well deserved my friend!

  5. nivekgink: thanks for that, your new forum is looking great :)

    Coreopsis: my wife gave me a whole bundle of Dahl books for Chrissie. He is an intriguing author. His autobiographies really draw you in with their matter of fact conversational tone. I'm looking forward to more Dahl.

    You're right about this picture being more constructed. I had a sort of 3d Norman Rockwell image in my head when I started it.

    Jack and Susan: thanks for the congrats (and the comments)! It's great that people like Mike go out of their way to run sites like Monday Artday. Isn't it?

    cheers for now:


  6. By the way Jack, BIG congratulations on your book coming out! Woo! Hoo!



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