Jan 24, 2010

A Nightime Visit

"In the light of day a visit to the Three Pigs Memorial Garden had seemed like a fun idea. Now Jessie wasn't so sure...."


  1. Yeah, looks kinda spooky, but at the same time all those stars make it look magical too. How do you make the pig monument look like a photograph? Really nice Andrew!

  2. In regards to your self-portrait, I'll comment here. It was really cool, love the underwater theme, and the music was great too. At first I thought it was Hans Zimmer, but glad you posted the composer. Does they have anything on itunes? Wow, branching out into animation too!

  3. Hya Susan,

    Thanks for being kind enough to comment on my work again. I typed a reply yesterday and lost it .... somehow!

    The pig monument is a mesh that I have painted with a granite texture. I think it was lucky with the lighting that it came out that way.

    Thanks for watching the animation. I had somone from one of the technical institutes ask to use it for an inspirational video, so I thought it must be okay I'd put it up here. The music is by a mutli talented chap called Derek Smart who spent a very long time making a computer game that did not sell very well. Unfortunately. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Derek_Smart

    I'll be back in action soon. Tonight we are opening our latest painting show and I'm feeling nervous. I think (Hope) about 300 hundred people will show up. I'm busy putting some of the artwork up on our blog but have run out of time!!!!


    I chew off more than I can bite...

    cheers for now

  4. that is simply fantastic - what a world you have constructed - full of magic and intrigue - wonderful work Andrew - and thanks for the recent comment on my blog - you made my night ; )

  5. Thank dthaase! It;s a pleasure to comment on your work, it's not only unique, it's also asethetic and thought provoking


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