Oct 20, 2012


When I think of the word "Multiples" I think of Marcel Duchamp.
And sure enough, a short google turns up the fact that Marcel Duchamp allowed Multiples of his "Readymades" to be manufactured.

Which has got nothing to do with what I was really going to tell you.

When I went to college to study "fine art" (as opposed to what I do now :) )  I had quite a few wonderful teachers.

One of them, an amazing artist named Jill, still comes to all our shows.

She is the kind of person who doesn't mince her words - the kind of person we all need to look at our work and tell us the truth about it. If your work is beautiful she will look you in the eye and tell you that it is.

If she doesn't like the work she will take you over to the painting, look you in the eye and say: "What were you thinking?!"


I saw Jill in a gallery a few years ago and she said something that has stuck in my mind..

It's hard to explain, but it is about the learned aspects of admiring art and, in particular, viewing our own art with a critical eye.

And she explained something that should have  been quite obvious - that if we are exposed to an artist's work for long enough and told that it is good, or we see that the artist is a commercial success, then gradually our subconscious valuation of our own art changes, in that when we do a painting which reminds us consciously or unconsciously of a successful artists's work, then we value that painting more.


That in short, we feel that the work is a success because it reminds us of a successful artists' work. It's a pitfall waiting for all of us unwary "artists".

So ... it's been a common technique in Big Australian Art Contests over the last few years to do large realist portraits then throw drips of paint all over them to give that "loose" look.

It's like the "I don't really care" approach - when you do really care, because 50 grand is at stake.


So I threw some drips in this week..... can't say I like them very much :)

But they must be good : everybody's doing it.



  1. Oyah, such a handsome boy!

    If everybody is doing it, then it is just a fad, like bell bottoms or disco or macarena. What happened to those?

    Why can't you just do what you think you like to do or feel like doing?

    Never mind me. That is why I keep my day job. :)

  2. well, interesting post. I have to think about it. Thanks.

    BTW, this little red plain looks more comfortable than Felix B. balloon capsule :)

  3. Oh, what a sweet face, I'm flabbergasted. Are you sure you're the real Andrew Finnie? Just kidding. I love it, he is a handsome boy! and I love the plane. You do cute real good ;)

    As for the drips, well, if everybody is doing it then I tend to stay far far away from it ;)

    You're on a roll and I haven't gotten a single new image up, but you'll be proud to hear that I am posting by the end of the day, no really, I am :D

    No need to pull out the whip! Though I might could have used the push these last few weeks.

  4. Sometimes what's supposed to be good or not seems to be the Emperor's New Clothes effect. No one wants to admit they don't like it if it means they're seen as an ignoramus. Interesting variations!

  5. I bet you have never ever ever in your life been described as a drip.

    Drip or no drip, this is a darling boy. It just makes me want to go, "Wheeeee!" I like that he has a heart on the side of his plane -- the number of hearts he has broken? He's gonna have to find room for a lot more of those!

    Up up and away!

  6. Hahahah! It is past midnight here and you just made me laugh with your comment about your whig! You are a riot. Thank you for that. Take care. Good night. Tsup!

  7. Oh dear...that DOES sound a dangerous attitude. I suppose that would be true even for an artist who nobody has said a word about, but that you really admire, though I would HOPE that the reason you admire that person is because something in that person's work speaks to you, and the same things could possibly speak in your own work. I get more and more opinionated (about both my own work and others) the older I get, and that doesn't seem all that bad.

    The drips don't actually do a whole lot for me in this. I really like the happy look on the kid's face, and the diagonals of both him and the plane. It's unabashedly sweet. It could be my brother as a child, if he'd had a plane. (He did become an airline pilot, and at this very moment is half-way across the country picking up a plane that his uncle is giving him. His uncle built it himself, and is too old to fly it anymore, so is giving it to my brother. It sounds a little scary and dangerous to me, but alas....). But the JOY is there in the picture.

    I'm glad you have comments on. I've looked at a number of your posts that I really wanted to say something about, but the comments were closed.

  8. Honestly, Mr. Finnie. I wish you would stop leaving your head in my drawers. It's beginning to creep me out.

  9. Comment ne pas craquer ?!... Autrefois on aurait dit : "Un beau prince charmant est arrivé sur son cheval blanc...". Aujourd'hui en admirant tes oeuvres, je dis il est arrivé avec son bel oiseau de fer marqué d'un très joli coeur !
    (As-tu remarqué que mes petites femmes portaient toutes des petits coeurs rouges ?!)

    J'aime beaucoup cette dernière publication accompagnée de tes belles réflexions. Je suis certaine que Jill ton ancien professeur s'entendrait bien avec mon ami et mentor Georges Frixtalon... mêmes idées, même franchise !

    Je te suggère de prendre ce bel avion et de venir jusqu'ici en France... je ferai pour ton boss un billet d'absence justifiée pour besoin artistique pressant!...

    Léo et moi te faisons de gros bisous

  10. love this little boy:)His expression is full of adventure,ready for everything's coming:)

  11. Hmm.... something about the boy and his plane together is toy-like to my mind. The drippy version says : don't think that. Always interesting, what you post here, Andrew. Makes me think.

  12. Truly true words of wisdom Mr. Finnie! I can't believe I've gotten behind on your posts. Just goes to show that the world conspires against my amusements. I especially love the monkeys :D


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